Tuesday 20 December 2011

A Tuesday Tale - When you do NOT want to know

At the age of nine I had a very knowledgeable friend called Wendy. We were inseparable, a bit like twins joined at the hip, but Wendy was much more 'street-wise' than 'yours truly'.

I was an only child and very trusting, without older siblings to enlighten me about some things. We had a ritual - ha, a bit like Len and I sitting in the garden mulling over the day really - where my Mum would perch on the edge of the bath each evening and listen to what the day had held for me. I betcha she was also making sure I scrubbed my knees and washed behind my ears :)

This particular evening, just before Christmas, I'd come home from school very subdued and just pushed my meal around the plate, emitting sad little sighs - so Mum know that something was up. Eventually, at bath time it all tumbled out amidst floods of tears. Between my sobs and huge hiccups Mum managed to find out that Wendy had enlightened me as to one or two facts about 'The Big Fat Man In The Red Suit' - and I was distraught. Not for fear of the lack of presents but because something I'd so fervently believed in was otherwise. I'm choosing my words carefully here - who knows who might look in and no way to I want to upset anyone's beliefs right now. All the mystery and magic had been blown apart by this revelation and for days I was inconsolable! My poor parents were really shaken and felt very guilty about it all I later learned.

So, that probably explains why I bounced back with a vengeance and far from ideas being destroyed they are probably more magical then ever - despite the domestic rushing around, I adore Christmas!

The little extra to this story comes from that same evening when Mum and Dad had eventually calmed me down enough to be tucked up in bed and then some explaining was done by them.

As I settled down under the covers finally quietened down and feeling sleepy - just before the bedroom door was closed by my quite shaken parents this is what happened. I popped my head over the covers and with a shake of the head said 'By the way, Wendy also told me where babies come from. And you know what, I wasn't impressed by THAT one either'!!

The Christmas ritual was always to leave a mince pie and a glass of port out for Santa - plus a carrot for Rudolph. I rather suspect, that evening the port was opened in advance of Christmas and that Mum and Dad had a glass each to steady their shattered nerves!! The interesting thing is that 'where babies come from' was waaaaaay down there in the 'shocking revelations league' with me - the focus was all on Santa and the babies had almost been forgotten.



  1. Ha ha ha, it just goes to show what FUN being a parent is sometimes! And are you seriously telling me that 'HE' doesn't exist?? Who the heck has been eating my mince pie and carrot each year then??? Gutted!!! Ha ha........... Yet another FAB Tuesday tale hon..xxxxx

  2. Awwwwwww I always think it a bit sad when the magic is lost. Our little ones are just soooo full of it all at the moment and I truly never want it to end.
    Having a much older sister who, at 'that time' I shared a bedroom with, I well remember bribing her to tell me the truth about it all cos I had heard the rumours at school....it was never quite the same again.
    A x

  3. Oh Di. You always raise a chuckle with me! I wonder what your parents would have said if it hadn't been Christmas and you had simply announced you knew where babies came from?
    Having siblings does make a difference. We had a ten year gap between sons number two and three, and the older two were happy to keep their secret from their three little brothers, but it was harder when the oldest of those three became more aware. But I was at least ten when I learned the truth and I was very upset to have my illusions shattered. I think a bit of magic in childhood is essential. I still just love all the trimmings of Christmas and I am sure I always will. Kate x

  4. Can't remember when my illusions were shattered . . . but I am pretty old and the memory is crap!

    Another fabby Tuesday Tale x

    PS: I wasn't impressed about knowing where babies came from either . . . that's why I don't have any! LOL! x

  5. Hi Di

    Shame on Wendy .. .. !!!!

    Love Jules xx

  6. I really can't recall when I found out the truth about Christmas, but being the youngest of five probably meant it was sooner rather than later! Hope your poor parents recovered!


  7. Hi Di, Wendy has a lot to answer for......lol l cannot remember either but l do recall one of my children being told by a friend not so much a friend the day after though and got a telling off from her mum, it was really upsetting so l can see where your coming from:) Sandra H

  8. Oh dear poor you, it must have been aweful for you to find out there was no Santa, 10 is far too young, I managed to get to 12.!!!

    Kath x

  9. think i was about 10 - i saw daddy sneaking in my bedroom with the loaded pillowcase :) was GUTTED to discover the truth!! x x

  10. It's hard being a kid and harder being a parent. I wish there was a rule book! Things really changed once the news of the Jolly Man in Red was out but we always found new ways each year to make it fun!

  11. Di, You have just cracked me up wih laughing. Gotta go have a little drinkie poo's now. Cheers. Hugs Mrs A.

  12. Priceless! Absolutely priceless! You are now totally responsible for my very sore sides :)) Your poor parents ... how did they survive you? Elizabeth x


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