Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A Tuesday Tale - breaking rules

Earlier this Summer I went on a little coach trip up to London to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Our 'walking disaster', Kath from the Hospice Shop, also came along.

When lunchtime came, most of us took advantage of the chance to sit outside in The Garden Cafe:
The picture above is taken from the V and A website and shows the central water feature in the cafe area.

Poor Kath misjudged those steps and took a tumble, rolling down them almost in slow motion then ending up in the water - which is only about 4" deep. The group of ladies she was with rushed to her rescue, hauled her out of the water and began to mop her dry. Then one wag in the group solemnly pointed to an official notice beside the water and said 'You're in for trouble now Kath'. What did the notice say? 'No paddling in the water at any time'. Kath, being Kath, could see the funny side thankfully!

I think it's back to some card making for me today - yippee!!



Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Tee hee . . . maybe they should have had her on one of those toddler leashes?

Ahh, normality resumes today.


Anonymous said...

Lol....normality???what's that! Funny little tale today Di......made me titter......x

Irene said...

What a fabulous tale Di, poor Kath.
The V & A is somewhere I would like to visit.

Thanks for sharing your little tale with us.


P S Busy making my snippet card.

Annie said...

Muffled sniggers....hehehe.
Poor Kath.
Not too sure what normality is any more :-)
A x

jason @ Gold Work Embroidery said...

I hope she wasn't trying to be a Berkeley babe!

Kathleen said...

Are you some sort of jinx, all your friends seem to have mishaps one way or another lol.
Great tales though.

Kath x

505whimsygirl said...

Your poor friend. Oh, but you do tell a story well!

See you tomorrow on WOYWW? I'll be there!!!

Neet said...

Oh dear, hope she was ok but what a funny story if she was.