Wednesday, 26 October 2011


This is my desk, exactly as I left it last night:
Looking suspiciously tidy too, for a reason in the next photo. It's chucking it down with rain and pitch dark in here so I had to switch the daylight lamp on for any chance of a photo :( Above are the bits I was playing with yesterday afternoon to make a Halloween card. To the right of the Nesties I'd been using is the sweetest little pink pincushion, made by Bernie - brilliant for keeping pins to hand to poke into the nozzles of slightly blocked up Stickles bottles and such.

I was keeping occupied whilst my OH recovered a load of lost photos for a friend from his archery club. She's just returned from an amazing holiday in the Kruger National Park and losing photos from a holiday like that is no fun at all. He used some free software that I came across quite a while back when the same thing happened to me with a whole load of photos from Thailand. It took the deeper recovery operation (about 25 minutes or so) but success! The software is free from Piriform, called Recuva, and can work wonders just so long as photos, or files on your PC, haven't been totally overwritten, even if they are showing as deleted or just 'missing in action'. They are usually still lurking there because of the way indexing systems work (that's how the police - and others - recover files from seized laptops etc. - although their means tend to be more sophisticated). So, if you ever think you've lost a whole load of files - don't do any more fiddling with the camera's memory card or your laptop - go straight here and download the free Recuva software. We did a little dance of joy here when the much loved first sighting of an elephant in the wild reappeared - along with all the other photos :) I do love happy endings - oh, and I'm not on commission for recommending Recuva - it's freeware anyhow!

The 'safari' friend is also an amazing needlewoman and totally loved my poppies 'dumfed' picture that Annie made quite a long time ago :)

And, a quick swing to the right shows why I'm keeping anything messy right OFF my desk right now:
Yay, the completed 'Save the Date' cards all ready to be packed in white tissue into an A4 clear box (oh boy, Hobbycraft was manic when I nipped out later yesterday to buy it - half-term!). I've got some wide aubergine ribbon and a large heart-shaped diamante slider, from my stash, so I can tie the box and make it look pretty and a bit special. All the envelopes have an elegant 'scrolled' heart stamped onto the back in aubergine - thanks to Sandra's recent stamp sale. There's one lying to the back of the ribbon from an extra four that I've stamped to include in the box, in case of mistakes when writing addresses :))

So, that's me for this weeks WOYWW - the rain is lashing against the window here and what better to do than to hop round and see what everyone else if up to today - go to Julia's here and see for yourself :) She's showing off some amazing completed sewing this week - hilarious that her daughter refused to hop onto her desk in keeping with WOYWW though!!

Note: If you go to Home on my blog, there's some candy on offer - there's a 'sticky' posting until next Tuesday. Dumbo here ended up with two sets of heart shaped Nesties dies so one is looking for a new home. No catch, no need to follow or publicise, it's just to celebrate over 300 posts.

Happy WOYWW!



  1. well done!! those Save the Date cards look amazing , and would be a welcome start to all the preparations for the Bride. You are very thoughtful including extras, I always manage to mess one or 2 up when writing batch jobs!!
    and yep I use Piriform as well, but havent tried the recuva program, might though, as I lost my new zealand photos .ta for the thought, lol

    happy Woyww 125, lou 63, xx

  2. Well done you with the wedding stationery. It looks fab. Thanks for the mention :-)
    A x

  3. You have been busy, thanks for the recovery of photos tip...will be sure to bookmark that Inc ase. Love the save the date cards...very classy.

  4. My worst nightmare is losing my photos as I have so many and back them up to so many things my Hubby things I'm bonkers so thanks for the recovery tips. I shall keep a note of that.
    You look as though you are getting on well with all your wedding work and being very organised too.
    Happy WOYWW and I hope you have some sunshine today.
    hugs Lisax

  5. Happy WOYWW Di.

    Love your VERY neat desk and the wedding stationery looks FAB.


  6. Beautiful save the date cards, looking all neat on the workdesk. Looking forward to seeing the Halloween make too! Enjoy WOYWW!

  7. It's not often your workdesk is that clear. You are usually so busy.
    You have thought of everything with the save the date cards. They are beautiful. Well done!
    Kate x

  8. Well done on recovering those photos. Having had the same thing happen recently with irreplaceable videos, I can sympathise. The main thing is not to panic, not to reformat the card or drive, and find a good recovery program. Those cards look so professional - excellent work. Thank you for your visit earlier today. Good to see you.

  9. Very neat and tidy there! thank goodness you managed to recover all those photos - now they just have to be scrapped!

  10. I will remember the recovery software - thanks for the tip. Have joined your give away - thanks lots Jo.

  11. Di....your save the date cards are stunning! You've done a wonderful job and packing them up so pretty is just something I would expect from're too sweet! Generous candy offer as always. I have one running too but you've got to work a little harder for mine. P.S. my nephew is one of those police guys who get the goods outta computers. It's so interesting to listen to him. Nothing is ever deleted off a computer...ever! Not for them anyways. The only way to rid a computer of it's stuff is to smash the hard drive all to smitherines!!!! :O
    Thanks for the visit and have a great week!

  12. Snort, snort my Elfin Friend! That was my line of work too, if I speak about it they might have to kill me although I have the muscles to prove it - just gimmee a big hammer and some wellie:)) Di xx

  13. Lovely box of wedding stationery all ready to go, that's a superb achievement right there. Cute little pin holder from Bernie, must pop in and see how she's doing this week. How on earth did I miss a stamp sale from Sandra?? Was it recent! Hope the rain lets up, although sometimes it's really nice to curl up with a good book or some knitting and hear the rain come down.

    Brenda 84

  14. The wedding stationary looks great, well done you!
    Have a lovely crafty week ahead.
    Nina x
    Check out Design Team call on our blog

  15. Wow, those wedding cards look awesome, you have obviously put a lot of thought into it. TFS Cindy #26

  16. Your desk is so neat, congrats on getting the save the date cards done. They are very pretty.

  17. Hi Di, My word you have been busy! your desk is just fine and so neat!! you must be feeling great having done the wedding cards its a great feeling when you know something needed to be finished and you hve achieved this well done you!!:) Sandra H

  18. Blimey, well done for recovering your mate's photos!! That's a really useful tip about the shareware, thanks. My DH just took the photos for my niece's wedding at the weekend and we're both paranoid about things going missing/wrong!!
    Hugs, LLJ #43 xx

  19. What beautiful wedding stationery. Simple and classic :o)

  20. Great job with the Save the Dates Di, they are gorgeous. Keeping things clean and uncluttered in my workroom is a nightmare, somuch easier to parcel them up and give the responsibility to someone else!! Great tip about the freeware, thanks.

  21. Those "Save the Date" cards look really elegant. Thanks for the information on recovering lost photos - must investigate as things like that happen to me now and then.
    Only just had my WOYWW posted as I have been away and now am hoping someone can guess where I have been - little prize for the first to do it. Hugs, Neet #133

  22. Great wedding stationery! Very stylish. Happy belated WOYWW, Shoshi #84

  23. Thanks for the tip on Recuva! And I love the augergine. Happy late WOYWWED!

  24. NOW, where were you when I was getting wed in January, I married in a purple gown, that wedding stationery is so yummy!! I would have matched it!!! lol... Fantastic! xx

  25. We dont have the tradition of SAVE THE DATE cards, we make COME OR ELSE cards lol. I guess its a matter of cost and time. Yours looks lovely


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