Saturday 22 October 2011

Not that I have too much time on my hands right now but......

........ages ago I made some Christmas cards using the 'iris folding' technique. I came across a box with the leftovers in the other day, whilst looking for something totally different. I didn't like the green papers in the box so had a rootle through my snippets and found a mix of papers, including some iridescent (yay, today's big word!) paper - in shades of turquoise. I finished making this late last night:
It would be a lie to say I just 'whipped it up' - I'd forgotten how long it takes to do iris folding, almost as bad as a never-ending card :( I think there might only be a couple of these going into my Christmas cards box after all, they seem to take ages to make. Not sure why, I seem to be on a roll with Christmas Tree cards this year - could it be from following the progress of the gorgeous little Christmas tree that The Crafty Elf is showing us how to assemble I wonder?

Yippee though, this qualifies for Jules' Crafty Snippets Challenge Week 41, which I thought I might have to miss this week. And, although it's not quite the 25th of the month, this is my Rudolph Day offering too.

I wonder how many of you were 'sat sitting' in bed with your early morning cuppa today, whilst threading diamante hearts onto lengths of aubergine ribbon? Not much chance of 'the Devil making work for idle hands' here right now!

Hope your weekend has gotten off to a great start!

Edit: That flippng floating Photobucket box is lurking - I can't see it as I blocked it through Firefox yesterday but Kate kindly let me know. Have just heard that it seems to have disappeared - thanks for letting me know Kate! If you do comment, can you please say if you can see it. I've tried to sort it out - have changed my template and got rid of a couple of gadgets. Why is this thing haunting me :( It seems to be a general problem right now according to my searches for help on the web - but that doesn't make it any easier for those of you who see the flipping thing floating up and down as you scroll!! Sorreeeeeeee!!


  1. Love the card. I had a while when I did loads of iris folding. I sometimes think the resulting cards are bit bulky, but it is so effective. The turquoise papers are lovely.
    (I have a pop-up on your page to do with photobucket that I can't get rid of. I had to keep moving the page around to read around it. It says something about 'bandwidth exceeded' so maybe you need to alter it)
    I can't imagine you being idle, with or without the hearts to thread.
    Kate x

  2. Hi Di, never tried Iris folding and I suspect I never will ... life's too short, methinks. However, the result is lovely - your iridescent paper is a gorgeous colour. BTW, there are worse things you could be fixated on than Christmas trees I'm sure and what's wrong with crafting in bed ... lots of people claim they do their best work in bed :) Elizabeth x

  3. You have the patience of a saint! I have never tried iris folding - it looks too complicated!

    Great result though.

    No floaters on the page today!


  4. What a great effect if but rather time consuming. I love it :-)
    A x

  5. Cute tree, pearly paper shows off the folding perfectly.
    Floaters Sandra? glad I missed that one.
    I too was snuggled in bed 'colouring in' this morning Di. What an exciting life we lead. Suspect you will never look another aubergine in the eye after the wedding.

    All together now...Aubergine Oh Bla Da life goes on ,wah! lala how the life goes on. xx

  6. Oh wow Di this is stunning. Love the iris folding and the red ribbon is beautiful.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Diane xx

  7. Hi Di, i too haven't done this folding before but it looks amazing and l'm sure you do have to have the patience of a saint which l'm 100% sure you have Di! your colour choice is gorgeous and l bet you made that bow yourself too?!! you have great talent:) Sandra H

  8. I was in the middle of commenting when my 6 year old Grandson woke up saying he was too warm,so I let him come and sit in my craftroom while I was doing my commenting and his comment when your card appeared was that's a nice card Grandma, I like that one.
    I have to agree with him, super card.

    Kath x

  9. This is lovely, he shimmer of the green paper really stands out
    Lindsay xx

  10. This is beautiful!! Iris fold cards are best saved for when you have nothing better to do. Takes a while but the results are so worth it.
    I was making little bows for my lollipop candles with my first cuppa. I'm into full Holiday Bazaar prep mode here. Less then two weeks before the first show. What made me think I had another month. Yikes! Brake over, back to The Closet.
    BTW Nothing floating around the screen now.

  11. Your just too darn sweet my friend, thanks for the shout out! I can see why it would take so long ....those folds - yikes! You've got to admit though, it does make for a stunning card!! What a great way to spend the morning - so jealous, I think.

  12. Your tree looks very snug wrapped up against the cold.Lol. Great card. Hugs mrs A.

  13. Hi Di

    Fantastic use of your snippets .. .. and what gorgeous snippets they look too.

    The red ribbon finishes everything off beautifully.

    No sitting in bed threading hearts for me today .. .. though it isn't unusual to find the odd tiny paper heart amongst our bedclothes when making the bed LOL!!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely make in the snippet playground again this week.

    Love Jules xx

  14. gorgeous card, the iris folding looks fab x


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