Tuesday 11 October 2011

Introducing - Miss Lucy Locket :)

Our grand daughters have a new little playmate over in Germany! This is Lucy, who I've already christened Lucy Locket, she's all of 8 weeks old and scrumpdiddlyumptious (ha, I made that long word up!) gorgeous:
Livi. almost aged two, with Lucy - I just hope Livi the Engineer doesn't look for buttons to press :)
Mia, aged almost four, already being like a little Mum to Lucy. Hmm is she checking if she needs a baby wipe somewhere?
Aw, so cute!! I think Lucy is in for a LOT of cuddles :))

Unlike someone here who could have been a UFO if you looked in the sky last night. Late afternoon I spent ages looking for wedding bits in HC, went to Staples, the Post Office, Sainsbury's and then tottered home. I already had dinner under way later and 'someone' came into the kitchen and asked when dinner would be ready - at the same time tapping his watch!!! Oh man, it takes a lot to rile me but you do NOT tap watches at me (remember that if we ever meet up!) - the rocket fuel was lit pronto and I'm surprised 'said someone' wasn't seen flying over Hampshire wearing the curry saucepan as a flipping hat!!! All is now quiet on the Western Front - and it does make for an entertaining verbal boxing match now and then. Love him really.........and the curry was great in case you wondered!

Have super day whatever you're up to!



  1. Oooh she's so cute!!!


  2. Such a cute kitten, looks like she is already settled in.

  3. What a little cutie Lucy is. Not I love a curry but I tend to go for a mild one not as heated a one as you :-)
    A x

  4. Ha ha ha . . . I love Annie's comment above!!!! Very droll!

    Oh dear, I fear the In-house Critic was a little bit TOOOOO critical! Good job he didn't leave his bow and arrows around anywhere handy!

    I'm not a cat person, but kittens are soooo sweet.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  5. Aww such a cute kitten, gorgeous photos :o) My mum's just got 2 new kittens and they're so sweet I'm a bit tempted - I don't think our cat would be too impressed though, he's getting a bit old and sensible to be putting up with kittens! Lisa x

  6. Gorgeous kitten, such beautiful eyes, and lovely photos of your family with her. She seems to have a good temperament too - totally necessary when there's tots in the family :) Elizabeth x

  7. Lucy Locket is going to loved to death by the looks of things Di. What beautiful Grand Babies you have...so adorable! He said "WHAT"? So wrong!!!! Tsk tsk!!! It must have smelled so good he couldn't wait to eat..let's go with that, K?

  8. What a cute little snuggle bunny -- er, kitten! The girls look like they will be very good "mommies" to their new kitty.

    Flying curry - how interesting! I bet it was great. Mouth watering...

  9. What a cutie little Lucy is. We had one of those awhile back but he's now a huge cat but my DD still carries him round under her arm as if he's still a kitten and he never complains.
    I'm not surprised there was flying curry, there would have been more than that in our house if the same question had been posed with watch tapping. I think strike action would have to be taken!!
    Glad peace has now broken out though.
    Hugs Lisax

  10. Hi Di.

    Your grandaughters are adorable and such a pretty kitten. great photos.

    Next time he taps his watch tell to make his own dinner.lol

  11. Oh What fabulous photos! Your little ladies are simply adorable and that kitten is to stinking cute!
    I'm laughing but only because of the way you told the tale. "Someone" is lucky he wasn't skinned alive. Bet he never does that again. At least I hope he never does that again. Busy day ahead e mail you later.

  12. Such a cute little kitty. She looks just like a cat we had called Jasper.
    Have a lovely evening!
    Diane xx

  13. Hi Di, can l just say your grandchildren are gorgeous and they love there new addition she's gorgeous too!:) Sandra H

  14. That's what it was!!! I was wondering :)

    What a gorgeous kitty... and so big! Of course, the kitty is adorable... but gets pipped at the post for cuteness by both Livi and Mia :)

  15. laughing extremely loudly and tears running down face at thought of curry running down face of watch tapper.xx

  16. awwww she is so cute, there is now 2 "lucy locket's", it's a great name for a name for a gorgous kitten :) huggs, abi xx


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