Wednesday 19 October 2011


Eeeek! It's our grand daughter Livi's 2nd birthday on 1st November and I have to make a card PDQ to send it off to Germany today, along with her birthday present, so it gets there in time.
I've just dug some really bright Kate Knight papers out (a magazine freebie), ready to make Livi a 'Never-ending' card. The little instruction page that I keep in my 'file that if OH ever finds it I'm a dead woman as my purchase receipts are in there too' came from a card making magazine and is lurking underneath the bright purple card stock. Many thanks to Angela at Tintin Heart (also in Germany) for suggesting this when I was thinking about what sort of interactive card to make :) I've only made one before and it was such fun to do!

Thankfully, in the time I allotted yesterday, I printed the wedding Save the Date cards and cut both those and the aubergine card stock ready for assembly. They are sitting patiently on my baby laptop at the back of the desk - still waiting for the little diamante hearts to arrive before I can move forward.
A swing to the right shows the green basket full of new goodies to try out before they are stored away, another basket with Christmas cards awaiting inserts and a basket at the front with stuff I'd been playing with when making wedding samples - to be stored away. The notebook (appropriately - today's big word - with hearts on) contains all the sketches and notes for the wedding stationery.
And, centre back is how I store my scissors - on a sturdy mug tree bought from our local charity shop years ago. I don't have the luxury of wall space to use some of the really clever ways other crafters store their scissors, but this works absolutely fine for me. I keep the most used ones at the outside ends of the mug bars so they are first to hand. And, my sewing scissors are kept hidden away in a cupboard - untainted by paper and sticky stuff :))

That's it for me today on WOYWW - loads to do this morning but I'll be back hopping around later on. Why not join me over at Julia's to see what everyone else is up to - it's bound to be much more interesting stuff!!



  1. Fab pictures of your workspace. Good luck getting a card made and sent off today. Back against the wall time. . .

    Happy WOYWW

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the freebie papers Di. The purple cardstock goes so well with it. Seems we're all working on purple this week! Enjoy WOYWW!

  3. Hi Di

    Best of luck with the PDQ project .. .. I am sure you will cope!!

    Great storage ideas .. .. and loving the ribbon on your tree mug.

    My scissor storage if very posh .. .. an old jam jar!!! LOL!!!

    Have a good day.

    Love Jules xx

  4. Fab workspace !

    why do we always hide our purchases from OH Or say we got a really good bargain when he probably don't mind anyway LOL.

    Happy Wednesday x

  5. What a busy lady you are. I have several pairs of sewing scissors and God help anyone who uses them for cutting paper :-)
    A x

  6. Hi Di,
    I have this paper stack too. Should work great for the card and lots of nice colours suitable for little girls. I still think your mug-tree idea as a scissors holder is just brill. I am keeping a look-out for a sturdy one to use in my craft space.

    Good luck with the 'never-ending' card.

  7. Clever storage of your scissors! Small things just make life go a bit smoother :) The papers are pretty, am sure your grand daughter will love the card!
    I don't tell my DH how much I've spent on fabric either, just how much I've earned from the craft stalls. He undoubtedly knows what I'm up to though, blast...!!

    Hugs, LLJ #40 xx

  8. You are so organised, I love your scissor hanger, and am sure little Livi will love those papers on her never ending card.I wish I could be bothered to be organised, I can barely find my pants, never mind the scissors, have a happy aubergine dash.x

  9. Pretty paper Di. I hope you get the card made for your Grandaughter in time.
    All those scissors. Do you use them all? I have one favourite pair and I rarely use any others, though I have got the Tim Holtz ones with big handles for when my hands won't grip the others.
    I hope the hearts arrive quickly. I am sure you will be glad to get stage one done and dusted! Kate x

  10. Oh you look so well organised - I just couldn't reveal my sewing tip er I mean room, this week.x Jo

  11. An interactive card sounds like a very good Grandmother to me. Happy Birthday to your sweet grandbaby.
    Love you scissors story on your bio. I snipped my best dolls hair....LOL I guess thats where it started for me too.
    Keep smiling and creating

  12. Hello there Di.

    Your desk looks amazing - for having a rush project to get done and wedding invitations to prepare!

    I posted more photos of NM on my blog so go check it out. Also, thank you for your comments. I'm glad you were finally able to "follow"!

    Hugs to you,

  13. OMG Di your desk is so organized and tidy. I did a mad dash to make my grandson a card last night, to look at my desk now you'd think a bomb went off. I love your scissor tree and your pink hammer. Wish I could find one in blue. Looks like you got a great start on the save the date cards. Hope the postman cooperates and gets those little hearts to you and your card and gift to sweet Livi quickly. That is a good choice of card for a little one.
    Have a wonderful day!

  14. Love your scissor storage idea... I'd copyright that, slap on a trademark... and get straight to the patentoffice if I were you *lol* Seriously, it is a flippin' amazing idea!
    Hope your granddaughter gets her pressies in time from her wonderful nana... and you don't get overrun with all that wedding stationary.

  15. Hi Di, just looking at your Scissors what a fab idea l have a spare mug stand you have given me a great idea to use it, your desk looks well organised with your little baskets great for storing l have lots of cards too waiting on inserts l don't want them getting flat as the last few did so l'm thinking little baskets!! l tried your twisted easel card today and managed it and like you say they are a lot better than the other easel cards, hope you get your grand daughter livi's card and present wrapped and posted in time give her a happy birthday wish from me :) Sandra H

  16. Like your sissors tree. Hope the card making goes to plan and gets sent off on time. Hugs Mrs A.

  17. Lovely tidy work space you have. I hope you get your card done on time.
    Diane xx

  18. What a lovely organised workspace you have Di. A place for everything and everything in it's place. What a lot of scissors you have, I think I'm lacking in that department!!!
    The bright paper will make a brilliant card for a 2 year old and she'll love her never ending card, who can resisit them.
    Good Luck with all your Wedding work.
    Hugs Lisax

  19. I love how there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Love the mug tree full of scissors,brilliant idea! Two years old.....too cute! Does her card have buttons(she is the one like me who loves buttons isn't she or have I got them confused?) Just asking LOL Thanks for the visit and good luck with finishing off all those cards Di, they are lovely! You've done a beautiful job and it shows!

  20. Ah Di, I'm late enough to have seen the finished card - what a it! I thought I had a scissors collection - turns out you win!

  21. That is a fantastic achievement to finish that card- it looks so complicated, but I am sure that Livi will love it. My scissors are just stuck in a holographic paper covered tin at the moment, apart from my dressmaking and button hole scissors. All my cards waiting for inserts are in cello bags standing up in a storage tray.

  22. Love the finished card for Livi! Did you really make that in one day? That would have taken me hours and hours to do. Love how your desk is all neat and tidy despite everything you've got going on, amazing. Love the scissor tree, I don't have that many pairs but I'm temped to buy more now just so I can put them on a mug tree!!


  23. Looks like you have LOTS of new things to play with.
    You’re so good keeping your sewing scissors apart from the rest. Mine are all in the post I keep everything else in on my desk and just 10mins. ago I was using my embroidery scissors to cut around the curly bits on some stamped sleighs…….shall I go to the naughty step now!

    Happy Crafting!

  24. Even in the middle of projects your desk is so neat and tidy! Glad i am not the only one who is sooo protective about their sewing scissors!

  25. I love the scissor rack, mind if I nick the idea?, and never ending cards are very effective, I have it down to a knack now, and have shown Youngest how to do it once, so will be testing him to see if he can remember how to do it soon. Hope the beautiful card arrives in time,

    Lou P #124

  26. I am so behind this week ...and I am trying to visit everyone the mug tree storage for scissors ....and the cards above.

  27. You are SO organized!! My living room floor looks like an insanity tornado hit. I'm just starting with card making and I wanted to tell you that yours are gorgeous!
    Tip and tricks if you want to share would be lovely...???



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