Sunday 23 October 2011

Normal service and some candy just as soon as...........

......I manage to sort out my blog background OK. I'm pretty sure the problems were caused by the template I was using (shame as I liked it!). In the process of searching for another one this morning I came across some which, when previewed on the providers' own websites, had the floating box :) So, if you get the 'dreaded floater', that's most likely gonna be the root cause. It appears that some providers of free templates have their limits and then the likes of Photo Bucket step in to say now they need to pay and that transfers onto your blog too.

So, for now, I have a standard Blogger template - nice and simple with the little flying birdies at the top. I do not want to go down this road again - unless any of you lovely ladies can advise me where to find a lovely simple background that isn't likely to cause future floaters I'm sticking with it! It came in a buff colour but was easy to change to pink. - it has to be pink of course :)) However, you do need sunspecs right now as some elements are in a reddish orange - err, nice :( Whilst you can change the colour of a lot of parts of the text easily in Design mode - it appears that you do need to fiddle around with the HTML code to then be able to change some things. I know, to get 'simple' I have to choose the difficult route :(

So, keep your sunspecs handy for now - once I get my thinking head on and change the HTML without wrecking the blog - normal service will resume.

Before then, I have more wedding stationery to do - but am at the halfway point with a lot of the elements ready just to assemble the last ones. Another three hours should see me breathe a sigh of relief!

But, if you managed to read this far - well done. And as soon as the blog background is fixed I have a little give away to celebrate 300 postings and being a gnats whisker away from 100 followers.

Have a great day :))



  1. Cool!

    I'm still laughing at one of the comments in your previous post . . . Aubergine, Ob La Da, Life Goes On . . . Ohhhhh! Will be singing that ALL DAY now!


  2. I know, hilarious! I did comment back to Alison as it had me singing it too. Alison is such fun, does great stuff and doesn't have many followers as yet. This is her blog:

    She cracked me up a few weeks ago when she ended up following herself and posted a cry for help saying something like 'Oh Gawd, I've only gone and followed meself now!'. Worth a hop over to see the gorgeous Diwali card she just made! Hugs, Di xx

  3. Hi Di

    I think you are so clever anyway and the new blog looks good, I really wouldn't know where to start a blog so well done. Loved the iris folding yesterday, send it to someone special, after all the work you put into it. I am sure they will appreciate it!!!

  4. You really are in the pink today aren't you? :-) I tend to just use the backgrounds that blogger offer and tweak them up to suit my neeeds regard colours etc :-) I refuse to pay for the pleasure :-)
    A x

  5. Lol - yes I am an even tinier whisker away from 100 followers - I think I will have to organise a give away when I get there too. have a happy day. x Jo

  6. Well done on losing the floater. You are a bit pink now but I quite like it.
    For my header I just gathered together a few of the materials that I like to use and took a photo. Then, in my photo editor (Corel photoshop) I trimmed it and resized it so that it fitted into the blogger template. It is quite nice to personalise your blog, but maybe you have enough on your plate right now, with all that wedding stationery to make. Kate x

  7. Ha Ha Of course it must be pink! I have been following a blog for over a year and the poor gal has had the photo bucket 'this photo has been removed' thingy float around the entire time. So glad you know what you are doing as I still haven't got the first clue. Forever greatful you set up my blog.

  8. Glad to hear the wedding stationery is well on it's way.
    Blog looks fine to me as it is now and I haven't a clue how to go about doing anything to change it.

    Kath x

  9. I couldnt even start to do what you are, so dont mind pink just keep on

  10. i wouldnt have a clue.....! Love reading blogs but don't know where to start on designing one of my own - all looks fine to me! x

  11. Yep - You sure are pink Di! I cheat and use They have some lush templates and I have never (touch wood) had a problem with them. Just changed mine earlier too!

  12. Hi Di, it looks just great and glad you stuck with the pink otherwise l'd of thought l was on some other persons blog :) Sandra


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