Sunday, 2 October 2011

How's your eyesight?

Having just gone through the traumas with Len's eye problem and a couple of years for me trotting back and forwards to hospital after I was unfortunate enough to develop Herpes Simplex Keratitis, which would not go away - I feel able to post this little tale. Our eyesight is so precious - especially to us crafters!

But, I was thinking about a very sweet friend called Kath who is one of life's innocents. If there's a pickle, she gets into it - you know the sort of person I expect? Kath wears glasses all the time and noticed that she was developing a film over both eyes. So, off she trotted to the local surgery to see her doc. - fearful of cataracts. He checked her eyes then picked her specs up from his desk and held them up to the light. Trying to stifle his laughter he then said, 'Mrs B, your eyes are fine. But can I suggest you take your glasses off when you use hairspray!'. Poor Kath scuttled out of his surgery at a rate of knots! Bless.



Sandra said...

Hi oh how funny l can image the staff laughing but wasn't that great to know that there wasn't anything serious with the ladies eyes :) Sandra H

Anj said...

a case of WGAROH - translates as "we've got a right one here!!"

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Hee hee hee!

You are funny with your tales . . . but I hope your eyes are okay now . . . of course I had to look it up!

Hugs, Sarn x

Diane's Card Designs said...

lol....that is such a funny tale!!!
I'm just glad there wasn't anything serious.
Have a lovely day!
Diane xx

Di said...

Nosy - Sarn! You probably know now it's a flipping cold sore virus which causes an ulcer on your eye ball. Sheesh, not nice and left a scar on the cornea as a reminder, unlucky for me right in front of the pupil. But, I can see fine with both eyes, so long as I use them together, and am now fully prepared to repel boarders - it could only happen to me! Little divils. they won't catch me again!! Di xx

Alison Horne said...

Glad you can still see well, sounded nasty. If only I had willing eager boarders waiting to be repelled.x

Bubbles said...

Laughing so much here I can hardly type.

Bernie said...

Oh Dear I'm so gald you can see okay.
Gosh Di you do tell the best tales. Had to take a brake from laughing before I could type again.

Magnifying Glasses said...

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