Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Geisha girl

About four years ago I came across the free instructions for 'geisha girls' in a link from the lovely Kirsty Wiseman's blog - I started by making the costumes and a few cards and then the box of half done stuff got buried. Doing some sorting out here yesterday I came across the box again and made this:

 I used:

- DL white card stock

- The geisha girl was made as per Kirsty's instructions using some Japanese style origami paper that was also hidden away in the box (brilliant way to use up snippets too). The flower tucked in the geisha's hair, just behind her 'bun' which shows up in real life but I think not in the photo is just a silver rose peel off, stuck onto pearlescent pink paper and trimmed round

-  The grasses and sentiment were stamped in Memento Tuxedo Black ink and the
stamps are from The English Stamp Company called 'Oriental Clear Stamps' - had them for donkey's years and this is their first outing, slap wrists! Yeah right, but there's no indication of what the wording means - for all I know it could say 'Sweet and sour prawns, chicken and beansprout stir-fry, fried rice and prawn crackers for two please'.....or the equivalent in Japanese :(

Totally rubbish lighting here means the 'writing' side of the card look as if it isn't evenly stamped - how weird is that? Also,hindsight being 20/20 vision, I now think that the grasses could have been 'grounded' at the bottom right with the sentiment at the top of the left hand side - oops, too late :(Sigh.

Edit: I just whipped up another one, with the grasses and sentiment moved a bit:
Have also worked out that it's light coming in from a window to the left that's sort of fading the writing - Autumn is on the way, might have to begin using the daylight lamp for piccies :(

That translation business reminds me of a Tuesday Tale - will be back later with it.



Jules said...

Hi Di

It's lovely when you have a sort out and come across something you buried ages ago isn't it.

Your Geisha girl is lovely.

Thanks for the link too .. .. you never know when these things are going to come in useful!!

Have a good day.

Love Jules xx

Irene said...

Morning Di

I absoloutely love your card, and what a find. So calm and serene.

Amanda said...

Such a pretty card Di, love the geisha girl. Did bring a smile to my lips though when you said sweet and sour prawns, there was a young guy in my office with a Chinese tattoo and we used to say it said no43 chicken fried rice lol, I am not even sure he knew what it was supposed to say. Hugs, Amanda x

Caz said...

Just beautiful Di, love this.
Caz x

Annie said...

What a beautiful card Di. I wonder what it really does say? :-)
A x

Vicky Hayes said...

Oh very exotic Di! I love your Geisha girls - they remind me of the paper dolls I used to make with my daughter when she was little. Vicky x

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

I think it's GREAT!

Very oriental and exotic.

Sarn xxx

Sandra H said...

Both cards are gorgeous Di, xx

Sandra H said...

Hit returned key before l finished thanks for the link l'm going to check it out, so simple yet so effective xx

Elizabeth said...

One of the real pleasures of crafting is sorting out and unearthing hidden gems like this. Your Geisha girl is lovely and I like the use of peel-offs for the flowers in her hair. Off to read your Tuesday tale now. Elizabeth xx

Samantha Elliott said...

Gorgeous cards Honey. I have those stamps too but haven't used them for ages. I think I bought them to do my Vietnam album so that is a while ago!

Kathleen said...

The first question that come into my mind is

Does my bum look big in this?

Sorry couldn't help it. Both great cards, like the pink best.

Kath x

MaryH said...

So pretty, and actually, I liked BOTH cards. The first one has a 'very airy' feel to it, with the floating grasses. Didn't notice any unevenness on it either. Both cards are lovely. Today, I just put some white paper down on the kitchen table, by the windows with lots of light, seemed to work better with the camera. The ott lighting made the kraft cardbase look turquoise on the Museum setting. Dunno why. Table was last ditch effort. Scanner didn't like it either!!!>-)

Jackie said...

Beautiful. I went to download the images and realised I had done it years ago, now all I need to do is find it on my lap top! xx

Helena said...

These are lovely. HAve you tried asking Stardust what the script is?
- http://godblessstar.blogspot.co.uk/

Re daylight- we lose 2 hours of daylight this month-
October 1st sunset = 1837
31st October sunset = 1635
(not including the clocks changing at the last weekend)
-so we really need to appreciate each day this month! I hate the dark evenings. I could hack it being cold, that's ok, but not dark and grey :(
I'm going to try to get out this month while I can!

Mrs A. said...

Well I think we can safely say you haven't ordered a sushi takeaway.
Hugs Mrs A.
p.s. dunno wot you have ordered mind.