Monday, 26 September 2011

Great news!

Just read a text from Annie - M has been transferred back to the maternity hospital! Still under close observation but medication being reduced - and I think Annie might be back at home in her own bed tonight - no doubt exhausted but she sounds so relieved. I think a few of us will sleep better tonight! 

Edit: Have just seen update from Jo - here!!  ))



Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Wahoo! That's GREAT news.

Sleep well my friend.


Elizabeth said...

Isn't great news ... I'm so glad M is now with her babies and, I think you are right, Annie will be able to sleep in her own bed tonight. I think I heard a huge and combined sigh of relief at the news :)

Elizabeth x

cats whiskers said...

Hi Di

Thanks so much for your lovely comments, I wish you had come up to say hello, talking is my 2nd favourite hobby, make sure you do next time. Hope you had a great time at Ally Pally, I was very good this time, I only spent about £50 very good for me
Jacs xxxxx

Eileen said...

Hello Di... thanks for your comment on my blog x Now I have found you :) Great cards and soup too!! I bet it was me lol I was there wiv my friends and we had a great time ... I would have loved a chat ( like Jackie above !) We will be there again in April .... maybe see you then ???

E xxx