Wednesday, 31 August 2011


After yesterday afternoon's shenanigans  shopping with Abi for clothes for Marcel the monkey, I think I left my mojo (and dignity) somewhere in town! Dumbo here hadn't really thought about the ramifications (today's big word) of a teenager using crutches plus Marcel the monkey to carry. Yup, I got the job! Despite some amused looks, and one lady shopper even pointing us in the direction of newly born baby shoes (whilst suppressing snorts of laughter) it was successful mission all round really. Four new tops, a pair of shoes and a watch for Marcel - which apparently is going to be set to French time :)) He's gonna look 'tres chic' - although the mission to find him some PJs continues. Hank and Marvin also got a couple of additions to their wardrobe - so at least they're all happy!

So, with a missing mojo not much going on here today craft-wise. After yesterday's try at doing distress inked clouds (see post below for an idea of how it's done and a link to a good video tutorial by Bev Rochester) I've just been generally playing around this morning with distress ink pads etc. looking to see what other backgrounds are possible. Sheesh though, those ink pads do dry out quickly - some have never even been used! Grump, grump.

This is what my desk looks like right now - not very exciting at all, just ink pads, brushes, a mini mister and that pair of scissors still waiting to be cleaned with sticky stuff remover:
Drat, I just leant right onto the patch of damp ink on the right hand side of the mat! One mucky elbow - definitely not a good day! I'm gonna sweep it all to one side, change my top, set the washing machine away , make a cup of coffee (that's the problem, it's been only teas so far today!) and hop around everyone else's desk for inspiration. Why not join me over at Julia's - it's bound to be more fun than it is here right now :)



Sarn said...

Morning Grumpy Knickers! Well, at least you're playing, even if you're not actually making anything due to a lack of mojo.

Anything could happen once you've got some coffee inside you!

Glad the clothes trip was a success.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Annie said... will have to send me his measurements and I will cut you out a few paper patterns so you can run up a whole new wardrobe of clothes :-)
A x

Diane said...

Hope you soon get your mojo back!
Diane 54

Hettie said...

So glad I am not the only one with inky elbows (sometimes)! I must try those brushes - you and Sandra seem to get on with them so well.
I would have loved to have seen you carrying the Monkey!! LOL!!

Bubbles said...

Wish we could share out mojo more evenly, as I have the opposite problem to you - I have so many ideas crammed into my wee tiny brain that I can't fix on one completely and get it finished (or even started in some casses!) Way too much mojo here *lol*
For stickied scissors, I spray them with a cheap ink blending solution (I use Potion No.9 that I got very cheaply online somewhere)... a quick wipe over with a bit of tissue, and it's all sticky-free :) I've also found that kitchen wipes and anti-bacterial wipes work quite well too :)
Have a happy WOYWW!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

That shopping trip of yours sounds like a sitcom waiting to be made for the BBC!! At least other folk joined in the fun too - it's when people look at you as if you have two heads that you need to worry! You keep on laughing :D Hugs, LLJ x

DottyA Cards & Things said...

Will it may seam like a poopy day right now but after you visit severl othere WOYWW's I'm sure you'll feel better soon!!!!!!!

Cath Wilson said...

Great to see you playing with the inks, even if you have lost your mojo for now - it will be back!! Maybe M Marcel Monkey (with French accent) has nicked it, lol? You gotta be careful with all that monkeying around...

Anonymous said...

Trip out sounds like fun, pity there wasn't a camera involved, lol! I've done that many a time with the inks, so when I'm in my room all day I tend to wear the oldest clothes I've got. You know the type, the ones that if the door bell went you'd be ashamed to answer it, lol.

Brenda 72

The Crafty Elf said...

I had one of those days too Di. Only I wished I had only put myself in a bit of ink instead of running a bit of concrete along one of the metal rims on my car ((OMG)) ((Gasp with hand over mouth)). I was being kind to an elderly gentleman that wanted me to move my car over a bit to the right while letting my mom out of the car. You had to be there to understand. Kindness paid huge damage yesterday. :(

Elizabeth said...

Well, well, I hope your day has improved after that bad start. I haven't had a DI dry up on me yet but I've cursed my Spun Sugar since the day I got it because it's not too keen to give of itself! I haven't forgotten the recipe, well not entirely, just had too much to do nursing DH through his recent bout of near terminal manflu. Hopefully, this will be the week I get time to post it. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #51

Mrs A. said...

Thanks so much for the pj info. I rather like the nautical set and ditch the blue top cos you get 2 tops in the price and I have to watch my pocket money. Hugs Norm. #101

Mrs A. said...

Rather like your clouds. Must tell Fluff (daugther) as she has problems with cloud stuff. Hugs Mrs A. #102.

Bernie said...

Your shopping trip sounds like it was fun. As for your Mojo just think of it gone walk about, or as my mother used to say 'went gallivanting', when it comes back it’ll be full of grand ideas. You sure inspired me with your card yesterday.

Karen said...

Shopping sounds like fun! Dafydd and Delilah had loads of fun without us around yesterday. Unchaperoned as you said, not a good idea. Do you know there's no they ate ALL my brothers Jaffa Cake Bars! Oops....!!! LOL!!

Tertia said...

I can just imagine what fun you had shopping! My DD came with me once, two days after a knee op, sporting her crutches and I took a grand fall down some very big stairs at University. When I finally hit the bottom, every student around me was sporting a very shocked look and my daughter? She was hanging on the crutches, crying with laufgter! RUDE!!! She told meit was official: I am old. Old? I said, why? Oh mom, nobody laughed, they all just gasped and said: Shame, do you think the lady's OK?
So I am sure your dignity is still OK, its mine I am worried about!

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Thank you so much for your visit earlier this week, and I am sorry it has take so long to get back. These DVD's and BluRay discs are still taking up computer time - each BluRay takes about 8 hours to burn (done overnight for the big ones). They are now done and we can sit back and watch them properly. Hope your mojo gets going again and you re soon back to normal.