Thursday, 18 August 2011

A newly qualified driver on the road!

Our friends' son, Matt, passed his driving test today - in all the rain that's currently being thrown down. I made this card as soon as I knew he was learning to drive and then kept it to one side. Big celebrations here!

I promise it isn't oval shaped either - must be the angle I took the photo. It's a 6" square white card, topped with red card and then a cut down a page from a 'freebie' little road atlas that came with a Sunday newspaper. The car is decoupaged (can't recall where I got it from, but possibly Hobbycraft) and I just printed the L plate from the internet onto glossy photo paper and tore it in half.

A simple card for a very happy young chappy!!!



Wipso said...

Congrats to Matt. Lovely card Di.
A x

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Woohoo! There'll be no stopping him now.

Great card Di.

Hugs, Sarn x

Bernie said...

Congrats to Matt! Wishing him many years of safe driving.
Great card Di! Can you share the meaning of the torn "L"?

Di said...

Hi Bernie, sorry, I was thinking UK here! Learner drivers have to have what we call L (for learner)plates on their cars, back and front. It's a red L on a white background and the tradition is that when you pass your test you can 'tear up' your L plates! Bit difficult as they're made of plastic :)) but it's an old term for having passed your driving test. That's the significance and Matt got it right away as soon as he opened the card. Hugs, Di xx

Sandra said...

Congratulations to Matt for passing his test and make it safe driving too! great card Di, love the torn L plate on the map you did a great card there:) Sandra H

The Crafty Elf said...

Great card Di and what an exciting time for Matt!

Kathleen said...

Love the way you have used part of a road map for this card, brilliant idea. Great card bet Matt loved it.

Kath x

Jules said...

Hi Di

What a great fun card .. .. and well done Matt.

Now all the worrying will start for his parents when he takes to the road alone!!!

Great upe of the free little road atlas!!

Love Jules xx