Monday, 22 August 2011

Bird Call

Last Wednesday I posted about a few embossed pieces of card that I'd made whilst using the brayer, ink pads and embossing folders.

The card pieces are lying on my desk waiting for inspiration to strike so I can do something with them - I just rustled this one up:

The image was made using a brayer with a couple of different ink pads (one of shades of green and the sky is TH Tumbled Glass) over the folder (it's a Cuttlebug folder called Bird Call), then inserting the card inside the folder and embossing it. More details are on the posting I mentioned, which can be found here. It was a bit hit and miss really more of a happy accident that the result turned out reasonably OK. Hmmm, the blue streak on the bird wasn't deliberate but maybe he just has an exotic streak down his back :)

Just a few embossed lines on a 6" x 6" card, image layered onto green Core'dinations card and some baby blue and green organza ribbon tied down the side.

I said on Wednesday that my hands were an inky mess - it took a few days to fully wear off so maybe next time I'll raid the box of latex gloves before getting my paws thoroughly coloured, but it was fun at the time!

I've always kinda liked messy and, despite my Mum's best efforts, when I was small I was a bit of a tomboy :) As a three year old I threw my doll out of its little pram, filled it with rubble and then used it as a battering ram against every outside wall I could find - mud pies were even better fun!!!

This photo is me, aged three when we lived in Malta, all ready for a party and I look quite cute - I could even be praying. In fact, I was bawling my eyes out at being put into a party dress with a humiliatingly (today's big word!) gigantic bow in my hair and was praying I put my dirty dungarees back on!!

Wherever did my Mum find a ribbon THAT huge - was she having a laugh or what?!



Anj said...

thats some bow!! Lovely story, my son-in-law's mum is Maltese. I also had a friend (sadly passed on now) who lived there as a child. I would love to visit. Have fun x x

Anj said...

PS - love the card! x

cebelica said...

Very nice card. If you didn't say that blue streak on the bird wasn't deliberate, I'd thought it was. I think it looks great. Hugs!

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Yep - that is one HUGE bow!

NICE card DI . . . so glad you used the Bird Call and gave me some ideas for it as it's one of the EF that I HAD TO HAVE and then wondered what to do with it!


Hugs, Sarn x

Sandra said...

Great card Di and that bow too!!:) Sandra H

Wipso said...

What a bow that is :-) It's a wonder you could hold your head up at all.
A x

Kathleen said...

Love what you have done with this card, looks fab.

I always had a ribbon stuck in my hair, which always looked stupid.

Kath x

Bernie said...

Did we have the same mother? I was/am a tom boy thru and thru. Mom tried to make a girly girl out of me until my sister's came a long and didn't object like I did. I don't think Mom ever came up with a bow that big though. :)

I Love your card. I think it's stunning.

The Crafty Elf said...

Di, that is a gorgeous picture! You could do the most amazing scrapbook page with that photo! I would get several copies and have a go at different techniques. What a treasure! You were quite the beauty there weren't you? I'd share that picture too and you should be so proud of it!

Jules said...

Hi Di


This is amazing!! I love it!!!

What a brilliant finished result. You must be so pleased with it .. .. I know I would be!!

I might have to give this a go sometime.

Loving your story of dolls pram .. . I bet your poor Mum's heart sank LOL!!!

Great photograph.

Have a good day.

Love Jules xx