Monday, 8 August 2011

Is there a spy around here?

No picture so if you like those please just hop to another blog and come back tomorrow - although there's a link to an older post which you probably haven't seen :(

But, we are I am currently cat sitting Penny and Misty, our friends and neighbours' two cats. Not sure where the apostrophe (today's big word) should go back there but you get my drift huh?! Those cats crack me up and this is a little tail, oops tale, to share. I posted a Christmas card I made showing them both here last Christmas Eve if you do need some visual aid -it's worth a peek as you'll get more understanding of what I'm chuntering on about :)

Every evening, when it isn't p*ssing down damp my OH and I have a quiet half hour sitting in the garden mulling over the day and partaking of a pre-dinner glass of wine. We began doing this when we were both on the 'working life treadmill' as a way of clearing our minds of the day's happenings and just having some quiet time together - it's a lovely little ritual that has continued.

A couple of weeks ago as the 'ritual' was in full swing Len put his finger to his lips and crept across the garden. I sat gawping thinking he'd lost the plot/had too much grape juice as he then put his eye to a crack in the fence. Then when he came back rocking with laughter I was truly worried - until the truth was revealed. He'd seen a flash of white moving about through the fence panel and upon investigating had only seen an eye peering at him through the crack! Hey, ho - only Misty, the shyest but most curious from a distance, of our friends' cats - sitting on the top of their compost bin and keeping one beady eye on us through the only chink in the fence!!

We've seen her doing this several times since, and trust me, it's only ever in the evening when we're sitting chatting in the garden. I've also done the 'creep up to the the fence' routine (dontcha feel an idiot!)and it's most unnerving to see one beady, unblinking eye staring back at you! I nipped round the other evening to wish them a happy holiday and to check on the final cat sitting timetable - we were already ensconced in the garden 'avec le vin' when I remembered. And sure enough, there she was - perched on the compost bin peering through the fence! I have to say she did look a tad embarrassed :))

If she wasn't a female then we'd have our very own Peeping Tom!!!

Happy Monday everyone!



The Crafty Elf said...

You're a hoot Di! That cat is probably sitting there wondering now, how long it will take either of you to a) spot her and b) which one of you is going to come to the hole in the fence today. I think she might be having the last laugh here. Just sayin' LOL kind of a prelude to dinner! Sip sip horray! ;D P.S. loved your card

Wipso said...

I have had to read your post twice before I realised it was a cat and not a nosey neighbour that was peeping through the hole in the fence :-)
Well, it is first thing on a Monday morning and I've got to wake up properly yet :-)
A x
ps look forward to the postmans arriving with the sheet. Thanks so much.

Twiglet said...

Very funny!! Have a great day - off to Wipso for some fun!

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Ha ha ha! I get it . . . Peeping TOM . . . LOL!

I think I'd block up the hole!

Hugs, Sandra

Jules said...

Oh Di

What a fantastic post. I can just picture it all .. .. what a great story teller you are.

I love the sound of your little "ritual" and the thought of that nosey little cat has really made me smile!!

I wonder what she finds so fascinating!!

Have a good week Di.

Love Jules xx

p.s. Could you really not find the heart (or multiple hearts) on my first card yesterday?

Karen said...

Cats are SOOOOO nosey, unless you see them first, then they just happen to run!!! Love the idea of her looking through the fence...cheeky!!!

Bernie said...


Jenz Bitz 'n' Bobs said...

Ah bless that is so funny. Animals don't we just love them. Thanks for the kind comments of my cards and the challenge list blog. I might be brave enough one of these days lol. Hugs Jenny xx