Wednesday 2 December 2020

I'm still here!

Just a little note to apologise for not being around to do any commenting at all on the current challenge #391. Bad me.

I suddenly got super panicky - busy finishing off my handmade cards (inserts!) and writing Christmas cards for Overseas and am now embarking on the UK ones although not so urgent - phew. I decided to use Click and Drop online postage for all Overseas cards and spent most of yesterday setting up an (only Overseas so far) address book. Well worth it over time I would think - but grindingly slow to do the initial work, and also double checking you've got it right! A couple of people ended up in there more than once, at least my treble checking caught them!

The latest prizes, and also a package or two I've promised to send, have been put on a back burner - more apologies I'm afraid, but I know you've all said you will wait a bit. I just need to set the time aside to package, weight etc..

All of this means that I can concentrate on my Sunday Snippets sample and the next Challenge #392 post, which has to go ahead this coming Sunday to keep 'the schedule' right for the Grand Christmas Draw over the Christmas and New Year holidays. 

I'll get there but didn't want you to think I was being rude.

In addition to juggling online grocery deliveries in the weeks before Christmas (WHO ordered all the Brussels sprouts from Ocado then?), loads of other things seem to have popped up.

So I do apologise - tomorrow (today, when and if, you read this) I must bake some fresh treats for Dudley Dog as we're about to run out of them and he might run away from home ☺. I have two easy recipes I'm dithering over - might need to flip a coin to choose which one to try this time!

Then I should surface enough to do some hopping around commenting.

Stay safe and also stay calm! I wish I could do the 'calm' bit!


  1. Breathe deep. Stay calm and carry on. All is well. If not, it will be when you get around to do doing the things you want to get done. No worries! [Bunny]

  2. Don't panic Mr Mainwaring - as the saying goes. Folks will understand I'm sure as there is only so much one can fit into a day especially in these trying times. As long as Dudley gets more treats the other jobs can wait. Just chill 😉

  3. It's a busy time of the year Di! I haven't started to write my Christmas cards yet as I've been busy making cards for other people - but maybe today ....
    Take care
    Kath x

  4. Oh Di, take a deep breath and relax, with a hot cuppa, for 10 minutes and clear your mind.
    Take care and panic slowly
    Stay safe

  5. I'll pop round and slip some Rescue Remedy into your coffee, then all will be well! LOL!

    Sending hugs and some positively CALMING vibes your way mate!

    SaRn xxx

  6. What! you too? I was speaking to someone last week who said she doesn't send cards and why do I do it if it makes me stressed? Told her I enjoy it, who's the fool? It'll happen Di, same as every year LOL.
    Keep safe
    Faith x

  7. We're all feeling the rush this season Di, so no apology needed. Life is anything but normal these days and we're all doing the best we can to adjust. Just breathe and know we're all feeling pretty much the same way I'm sure! I appreciate all you do to keep the playground going - all the work you do is not a walk in the park! Hugsss

  8. Don't worry Di as we all understand that this time of year gets manic and there are only so many hours in the day. I have decided this year that I get as many of my cards made as I can and the rest will get one from a box. Life is too short and too fraught with other things to stress about it. I'm afraid Mr Mojo has left the room a bit lately and so I am trying not to be too hard on myself about it. Maybe next year I will do more Christmas cards during the year to spread it out better, but I tell myself this every year and it hasn't happened x

  9. Don’t panic Di listen to all of the above and if Sarn is popping round with a rescue remedy l’ll have some too sending lots of virtual hugs xx

  10. We arent going anywhere "literally" Di - you get things done and we appreciate it - just relax - Cheers Maurs xxx

  11. Don’t worry Di, it’s the same here......panic, de stress making some more cards, panic some more, and repeat!......too many deadlines.
    We’ve plenty of time left really eeek. Each year I vow to be more ain’t going to happen! Xxx

  12. No apologies necessary, we're all hectic this time of year and you have a challenge to run too! Heal, my Friend, and we'll be patiently awaiting. Take care and Dudley I'm sure has a GREAT place to live

  13. December is a busy month: so much to do and to make: Don't panic: Keep calm and enjoy life!!! You are doing so much for your blog, yiu deserve lot of compliments!!
    Lia xx


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