Sunday 29 November 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #390 - results

We're now heading into quite a strict 'Tier System' in yet another attempt to put a lid on COVID here in the UK. The converse of that is a five day easing of restrictions over Christmas to allow up to three households to meet up to meet up. It's worrying what will happen with the infection rate as a result - but it's obviously really important to a lot of people. And to be honest, if a ban had been left in place then you can bet many people would have rebelled and done what they wanted anyhow. We have one set of neighbours who mix people from five households in their home as a matter of course - and have done so right from the very beginning of this. That's what's known as 'taking the Mickey' IMHO.

Anyhow, let's dive straight in with my picks from the previous challenge - which was really tricky to whittle down - particularly as the challenge ran for three weeks:

What a great way to use up loads of snippets as well as return to the really therapeutic 'iris folding' craft technique. Gail brought this card to share with us and I love it!

I absolutely adore this white on white Christmas card, made by Lesley! It's so elegant as well as so clever to emboss the layers with different folders then add the twist of twine as a lovely finishing touch. 

Alison rushed into the Playground, after a busy time nurturing her wonderful flower growing business, waving this card (without any gilding wax on her slippers so she could trample it everywhere - a memory that still makes me laugh, I'm sure it was Alison and if not then it was an equally scatty Playmate!). It uses snippets, even a piece of cut down A4 is a snippet of course and whilst I do look for using snippets imaginatively I often do this myself. What I don't do is use the stamping technique that Alison did - flippin' fabulous! Do go and check it out as it's just got to be tried - misting sprays at the ready girls!

So that's three picks, as is almost always the case. It's really busy here as I'm frantically trying to add inserts into my Christmas cards and get them ready to post off as soon as possible - certainly the ones for outside of the UK at least! Having said that - I really could have gone on with loads more picks.

We also had two new Playmates:

Vivian Foo


Welcome to the Playground girls - lovely entries and do please come back and play again soon.

Can I please add a gentle reminder here, We are a snippets challenge, not just 'anything goes' as some people seem to think. 'Throw it in and see if I can win a prize' - nope, doesn't work for me I'm afraid. So, if I don't know or can't even see or read what snippets you used in your post - here's the deal. I may comment, but I won't ask what snippets you used if I can't find them or see mention of them. I just won't add you to the 'Yes please for the prize' list. This happens every so often and perhaps it would be more fair if everyone actually says what they used as snippets. I don't think we have too many rules but using clearly defined and described snippets is certainly one of them. Jumps down from soap box!  x

We had 109 entries in total - perhaps the three week timespan, the rather nice prize(s) plus, for this time, being allowed to enter more than once. It might be the most entries we've ever had. I'm still struggling to reach the magical 500 followers on my RH side bar though, sigh. So near yet so far, although I've been astonished by how many folk follow by email.

Now for the prize draw, which is a set of Lavinia 'Whimsical Hares' stamps, an Inkylicious 'Mountain & Valley Sun/Moon' Stencil & Masks template plus a set of 10 lovely soft make-up brushes for blending inks. And the winner is:

Lesley G


Congratulations Lesley! I hadn't realised how much you were hoping to win this prize until I re-read your blog post just now - so I'm double delighted for you. It's been a bit of a rough ride for you this past couple of years which makes this sweeter! More so as you're already one of my top three picks as well! Whoop, whoop - go and buy a Lottery ticket as these things usually come along in threes!

And, I did say how much I wished I could offer a prize to all of you - well, a 'Secret Santa' stepped in and has added a further set of blending brushes to the prize pot, to be sent by me with love from Parsnip and Dudley! You know who you are dear Secret Santa so HUGE thanks and our love to you for such a lovely gesture. And the winner of the blending brushes extra prize is: 

Alison C

Well done Alison! And you are also a top pick this time - how spooky is that then? Another one who should buy a Lottery ticket! I know you used to play very regularly and that life has been busy since you set up your wonderful fresh cut flowers business with funeral flowers, bouquets and allsorts - all grown by yourself. Perhaps this lovely set of brushes will encourage you to spend a bit more time crafting .................... when the flowers aren't calling for attention. ☺

Please send me your address(es), even if you know that I know it already, with your full name at the top as well so I can copy and paste for speed and ease. It's also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course and I'll do my best to post your prize(s) ASAP this coming week. Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

I did hesitate and wondered whether to change the top picks when two of them were then chosen as prize winners - but, I wanted you to see both of their cards as they're so lovely. And I don't like to mess around with how the chips fall. We have three really good and fun techniques, including Gail's 'iris folding' to try this time - if you take time to settle for a few minutes and read the girls' blog posts! It will be so worth it I promise.

Remember folks, there's still another week to run on Challenge #391 HERE. The prize is a Gemini Edge'ables 'Balloon Bouquet' die donated by Viv, plus a set of Britannia 'Happy Birthday' sentiment dies from me, which have arrived and are now tucked up in the Playground Toybox.

Dudley had us really amused this past week. He suddenly decided to hide some of his favourite toys under Len's pillow - first of all his Arabica coffee wood chew, then two nights later his Benjamin Bear toy - and the grand finale the following night was Benjamin Bear, Little Ted (a small bear) plus a fluffy toy hedgehog from his 'God/Dog mother Auntie SaRn that he's had from being a puppy! Thankfully we think the novelty of hiding toys has worn off as he hasn't done it for a few nights now. Len was beginning to worry that Stinky Monkey the Fifth might end up there - but that's one toy that goes everywhere with Dudley and he doesn't share it. Never a dull moment!

Love from Parsnip, a happy 'high-five' and woof from Dudley - and of course hugs as always from me. Stay safe, wear those masks, swipe sparkle on any body places still showing - and keep on crafting. 


  1. I actually shed tears......HAPPY ones of course! I was delighted to see my card, and then.....oh my goodness. Thank you Di, and thank you everyone in the Playground, it’s such a happy place, full of caring and sharing. I don’t enter many challenges, but play here as often as I can. I will treasure this prize, and be back to share what I make. Keep safe, take care and thank you SO much! Xxx

  2. Thank you lovely Di and lovely Secret Santa. Mwah! I really wanted to try these blending brushes having heard so much about them. I'm very excited and to be a top pick too. 😊 An bright start to another foggy Groundhog Sunday. Though I do have plenty of crafting mishaps, I suspect it was April with the gilded slippers. I'm the one who traipsed hair dye all over the bathroom floor, the day I decided to stop dying my hair and go grey gracefully. Yes, it gets a bit hectic here in the summer and I'm not very good at organising my time so crafting is at the bottom of my very long list but I plan to be more organised this year! Ahem.
    I always read your blog and admire the cards even when not joining in. By the way, I love this card by Vivian, it's so bright and cheerful. I'll hop over there next.
    Thank you again, email following later. x 🀸🏽‍♀️

  3. Wahooo . . . . congrats to all those showcased girls with their fab cards. Waving hello to the newbies!

    Many congrats to the prize winners too.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. Congratulations to the TWO winners! How delightful. I've clicked your Follow button but I think I'm already a follower on Bloglovin. I wish I knew how all of this works. I just finished my inserts and today is the day to start addressing them. Thanks for hosting this wonderful challenge.

  5. Fabulous picks Di and congratulations to the prize winners too.

    We had planned on visiting our families next weekend (our delayed visit after having to cancel in November) but sadly they've just been placed in Tier 3 so no visit this year. Like you, I know of many people who don't seem to think restrictions apply to them - which is why I feel that Covid will be with us for much of next year too.

    Kath x

  6. Great picks Di and welcome to the two new players, and congratulations to Lesley for winning that great prize, and a Secret Santa prize of more of those great brushes to Alison, how lovely of whoever donated those! Dudley's antics continue to make me smile..glad that Len hasn't experienced the joy of Stinky Monkey under his x

  7. Congratulations, all.

    Di, at least Dudley isn't hiding food under the pillows. Yikes! [Bunny]

  8. GORGEOUS PICKS! Congrats to the winners!!!!
    What is an Arabica Coffee Wood Chew!?!? Does Maddie need one :)?

  9. Congrats, Ladies, there's some beauty here! Thanks to Di for running the challenge and offering prizes too!

    Dudley sounds like he's showing his affection for Len, but then again, he could be pulling pranks :o)

  10. Lovely picks and congratulations to Lesley and Alison! Well remembered Alison - it is I of the gilded slippers lol! Sadly the last smudge of gold embossing paste is no more, as we have a new stair carpet. Of course I have been banned from the embossing paste, although I did make a small cardboard house yesterday that I covered in 'True Snow' and glitter! :-)
    Sending you lots of love, Di - I have been super quiet on here, but will have to get blogging again! April xx

  11. Fabulously inspirational winners, what Super cards. As for you highlighting me as a newbie, I'm blushing in my chair. Thanks for the welcome, I must try and use my snippets and visit more often now. Thanks Di.
    Faith x

  12. Congratulation to the winners.

  13. Another really lovely post Di. Well done on putting your foot down, in a very nice way too. We have lots of those type of entries and it is really a bit soul destroying.
    Keep up the good work.

    Kath x

  14. Such fabulous picks!! Congrats to all and to the lucky winners!!

  15. Lovely picks and nice to see two new playmates.

    Please tell Dudley I am so sorry I cut the dog off my last card. I did it by a the long lead so it was fine, honestly! xxx

  16. Well done Alison & Leslie enjoy your wins and wow love your card choices Di xx

  17. For my two cents, I'm glad you didn't decide to change the top picks just because they also won a prize. The top picks are for the ones that catch YOUR eye and if they happen to win a prize as well, all the better for them. To me, being a top pick is better than a prize, as that means you actually made a good card--prizes are usually just random and not on merit. Anyway, it's your challenge and I think you always make the wise decision. : )

  18. Thanks for that Heather - it confirms my own view about being a pick is on merit. x

    1. Here here. I third Heather's comment. Well said. Xxx

  19. You made some great picks, Di, and congrats to all! I loved your story about Dudley. Our cat does that with his little foil balls but never puts them under the pillow. He hides them and my son has to search for them! Have a great day and stay safe and well.

  20. Oh my gosh, you are so close to 500, I know you'll get there this week....Your picks are spot on as always. Love the white on white and I envy those who do Iris folding. Gail did a fabulous job. And Lesley you inspired me to start using up all the white snippets I've got in the snippet box. Allison got me thinking I should not be wasting my time when I could be making Christmas cards. At the rate I'm going I'll be almost ready next year! Di we here in the states are in miserable shape where Covid is concerned. Our 4 day Thanksgiving Holiday will be a telling on how many actually heeded the wornings. We have tighter restrictions, but people are pretty much doing what they darn well please. I look at my son and family in Australia and as a country they took this pandemic serious and now are reaping the rewards. I pray the vaccine will be the salvation we need. Here in the states a person is dying every 70 seconds. Yet so many do not care. Yesterday a workman came into our home without a mask. My son brought him one. He was none to happy, but he did put it on. This is the last time we will be using this company. On a lighter note, I love Dudley and I always wonder what goes on in their little minds. One of our dogs would take items from everyone who left her during the day and pile them on the sofa, where she then would lay on them. I don't know what we'd do without our fur babies, they never miss a chance to amuse us. Since it's Thanksgiving here in the states, I want to tell you I am so very thankful for you. Your posts are always uplifting and lord knows we all can use some of that. Happy December.....looking forward to 2021.


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