Monday 28 December 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #392 - results

Hello again! Well, a couple of days taking it easy certainly helped. I was almost at the point of collapse when we sat down to eat Christmas Dinner the other evening. Always overstretch and will never learn. Plus it's possible that Len passed his 'bug' onto me as the aches and general feeling of heading for a cold were the same. I think he's vastly improved and I'm on the way to improving as well! Plus, both Len and Dudley pronounced the meal a great hit and, as planned, we had plenty of 'cold cuts' as well as other bits to revisit - which made the following couple of days much easier. I always love bubble and squeak made using chopped up leftover roast potatoes, croquettes, sprouts and chestnuts. With some cold poultry and also freshly cooked ham in Coca Cola - yummy! And not forgetting pickles of course!
This Christmas, Dudley has been more aware then ever of what's been going on and threw himself into everything with gusto. He certainly loved his presents (yet more toys) and like a child couldn't really make his mind up what to play with, but woe betide you if you try to clear them away at all! On Boxing Day afternoon I cooked the ham in Coca Cola and he was up on his hind legs decidedly licking his lips in anticipation of a morsel!

First of all, let's dive straight in with, as planned, we ended up with just three picks from the previous challenge to keep life simple here:

I adore this marvellous wreath card made by Kathy A - just LOOK at all those snippets, wow! What a stunner.

What a fabulous array of snippets on this wonderful card made by Karen (Letchworth) - a real work of art and all the different shades work together so well. Which is a feat in itself!

Love this card, made by Sue (Morris) - so wonderful for a chap and what a die that is! Wonderful use of snippets and I think Sue will get loads of fun out of her die (eek, it's a Simon Says Stamp one, which is a real treat for us UK gals). I'm off to check it out!

That's my picks from a very quiet challenge 392 in the Playground, only 36 entries and no new Playmates. I'm putting it down to the 'run up the Christmas' pressures and truly hope that, after the Grand Draw currently running is finished, which always gets plenty of entries, the normal fortnightly numbers will go back up again. We shall see.

Now for the prize draw, which is a Spellbinders 'Chevron Border' die. And the winner is:

Congratulations Tina! I'm sure it's absolutely ages since you had a win, so well done, I did say that always nipping in for the very last entry place wasn't always Mr Linky's favourite choice! And of course, you will still be in the Grand Christmas Draw as well. 

Please send me your address, even if you know that I know it already, with your full name at the top as well so I can copy and paste for speed and ease. It's also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course and I'll do my best to post your prize(s) ASAP this coming week, depending on our weather here. Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

Remember folks, there's still almost two more weeks week to run on the Grand Draw Challenge #393 HERE. The prizes are numerous and varied - with plenty more to appear in future posts until the closing date of 9th January 2021 (I keep writing the year 2021, in the hope that it will be so much better for us all!)

It's time to make some more biscuit treats for Dudley. I'm tempted to try another new one, which has wholemeal flour, polenta, rolled oats and doggie peanut butter in. He's certainly been happy with the varieties to date ☺ Another recipe uses Vegemite and I'm sure one of you said you'd made similar for your own dogs in the past so there's a jar of Vegemite also in 'Dudley's baking ingredients box' ready to try. ☺

Another Grand Draw prize will appear very soon so keep checking - and I promise to knuckle down and catch up commenting on your Grand Draw entries, as I type I'm quarter of the way through commenting. I've been tracking all your own comments in case any one got into a pickle and have been drawing up the various lists of entries for each prize.Do please make sure you comment on the right prize and don't cause confusion by referring to a different prize. I'm easily discombobulated!

Love from Parsnip, the usual happy 'high-five' and woof from Dudley and we hope you're enjoying the break between Christmas and New Year. It's really my favourite part of the festivities as we use it as time to relax, have a fight or two (just checking if you read my drivel) and enjoy the Christmas decorations, new toys etc. without all the pressure we went through beforehand. Mind you - our social calendar isn't exactly brimming over with engagements! Santa brought me a new camera to play with, amongst other goodies, so that's likely to keep me out of mischief! 'Look this way and smile Dudley'. ☺


  1. Hi Miss Di, just who would you be fighting with between Christmas and New Year, surely not any of our playground friends.... I miss vegemite :(, I'm not allowed anything quite so processed on my diet... warm toast, butter and a very thin spread of vegemite.... yum. Sorry, flying the Aussie flag... I hope you and Len are feeling much better and have not had the dreaded virus. Have a wonderful week.... Megan

  2. What a great present, as I'm sure you wanted a new camera, Di! Have fun figuring everything out. Have yet to figure out any toys Fritz is really thrilled with, unfortunately. Must be fun watching Dudley excited over his presents. Kept our meal very simple & it was a quiet rainy day for Christmas. Hopefully next year we can again be with family. Trust the fights won't aggravate that shoulder--haha! Lovely picks, as always!

  3. Congratulations to Tina, and all the lovely picks. Glad you’re getting some relaxation Di, I too enjoy the bit in between, play nicely no fighting ;) xxx

  4. Glad to hear you are on the mend now Di, and that the fights are not too serious ;)!!
    Sounds as though you had a wonderful Christmas, and a glorious quiet break since - always good to eat 'afters' for a day or so
    Stay safe

  5. Great picks Di and congrats to Tina!
    Lia xx

  6. Pleas3ed to hear your Christmas went well and I do hope you are both well on the road to recovery after feeling under par. Great pics as usual. Take it easy and try not to overstretch yourself - easy to say I know but now so easy to do 😉

  7. Super picks and congratulations to Tina.
    Glad to hear Len is on the mend and that you've been relaxing.
    Sounds like Dudley had his best Christmas ever and his treats sound scrumptious. All our leftovers are in the freezer and it's cod, mash and parsley sauce here today. We decided to cook the gammon for new year xx

  8. So sorry to hear you caught Len's bug but pleased to hear it didn't stay too long with you. I hope you all enjoyed your "Christmas like no other" in 2020, fingers crossed for a more normal Christmas in 2021!

    Congratulations to the winner of your fab prize and your "showcased" cards too, a fabulous selection

    Happy New Year all


  9. Thank you for picking my card Di. Hope you don’t fight too much - see I Di read it all!

  10. Fabulous picks and congratulations to Tina.

    I hope you're all feeling better soon - lots of rest and no fighting!

    Take care, Kath x

  11. Pleased to hear your Christmas went well and I do hope you are both well on the road to recovery after feeling under par. Great pics as usual. Take it easy and try not to overstretch yourself - easy to say I know but not so easy to do 😉 ... and no fighting.

  12. I hope you didn't give Len a black eye during the fighting! LOL!

    Sorry to hear Len kindly passed his bug onto you . . . hope you feel better soon mate. Enjoy the peaceful hiatus. Happy baking.

    Congrats to Tina on her win, and to all the showcased girls.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  13. Glad everyone is feeling better and you all had a good Christmas! Gorgeous picks and Congrats to Tina!!!

  14. Congratulations to Tina and great picks. I love that geometric die one. I hope you are feeling much better today.

  15. Lovely picks. I recognized Karen's immediately as I was the fortunate recipient of that card.

    I had to Google to see what Bubble and Squeak was. I'm not a sauerkraut fan but I could throw in some collard greens. Google says it's one of the world's best peasant foods. Peasant food? I had to re=read it as I thought it said pleasant food because it does sound yummy. Wish I could pop over for a taste. [Bunny]

  16. Congrats to Tina and lovely top picks. I enjoy the in between week too Di and have actually been in the craft room today. I think it must be the first time in about two weeks with all the build up work we have to do. I hope you are both feeling a bit better today x

  17. So kind of Len to give you his bug as an extra present Di! Hope you're both soon 'fighting' fit - well maybe not fighting - just fit! xx

  18. Congratulations to Tina and stunning picks! Dudley's treats sound very delicious. Rather buggy here too. I think it's often the case when all the whirlwind of Christmas dies down! Sending hugs, April xx

  19. Congrats to Tina and the top picks. Glad you got to relax and recuperate a bit Di. Hugz

  20. No fighting please Miss Di! It's a bad example for Dudley!

    I'm so pleased to read you all both improving, although just reading your post makes me want to go and lie down - do try and take it a little easier please.

    Great picks too. Note to self must try harder to enter in 2021.

    L x

  21. Great cards Di and congratulations Tina enjoy your win great post again Di so pleased you managed to relax and hopefully better take care stay safe and no overdoing things even .hough you’d relaxed a little xx

  22. I'm so pleased you were able to take it easy for a few days. How horrid that both went down with a bug but really good to hear that you're both definitely on the mend. I always love that bit in between Christmas and new year too - very little cooking required!
    Fabulous picks again and great inspiration!
    You made me chuckle with your remark about having a fight - yes we DO read until the end!! Have fun with your new camera!
    Vicky xx

  23. Glad you're enjoying a restful week. Your picks are wonderful. I especially like Kathy's wreath and I'm wondering if my various leaf-type dies would work for something similar.

  24. Super choice of cards, all so beautiful. Glad you had chance to put your feet up and had a little rest.
    Keep safe
    Faith x

  25. Sorry for your (Len's) bug, hope you are feeling better.
    Now it's time to relax and walk off the Christmas launch playing with Dudley! :D
    Great pics and congrats to Tina and the other ladies, well dome to all!

  26. Congrats to the winner and top picks. Wow, so much talent at the Playground, and lovely use of snippets. I agree that I much prefer the slower pace after the holidays, and a chance to catch my breath. Of course, there are all those Christmas wraps and decorations to put away in the meantime.

    Behave fighting! You see now that we all read every last word of your posts..and enjoy every last one. Happy New Year...and big hugs to Dudley.

  27. I thought Vegemite was an Aussie thing! I learn something new all the time! Lucky Dudley to have custom-made treats to snack on. sweet.
    Hope you and Len are all the way back in fighting shape again...LOL!
    Congratulations to the Winner and the Top Picks. Fabulous cards!!
    Take care and enjoy your new camera. I am jealous!!! But I did get a new computer, so I am NOT complaining!! :)
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  28. Congratulations to the Top Picks, great choice Di. Well done to Tina on her win.

    Enjoy your relaxing time between Christmas and New Year and I hope the ‘fighting’ doesn’t get too violent. 🤣 xx

  29. Some wonderful picks again this time Di and congratulations to Tina for winning the great prize. Glad that the 'bug' is leaving you both now too, and if you are going to fight make it a fair x

  30. Wonderful cards, congrats to the winners!

  31. Congrats to Tina tree bug and to, top picks also, we do have clever playmates!
    Thanks for sharing, and God bless, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  32. Awesome picks and congratulations to Tina! I am glad you had a fab Christmas even though you wore your self out getting it all ready! Good you were ok to enjoy it. No fighting Di? I don't like the sound of that at all my friend! I hope its not going on in the playground or I might have to intervene - or hide!!! No I think intervene! Tee hee! Take care and stay safe. Hugs xxxxxxx

  33. wow, I am so happy to see that I am the lucky winner, I love Spellbinders die. thank you so much and I am glad you are feeling better.
    our Christmas was a bit special, our first Christmas with new family member, a rescue dog Emma, we are all so happy :))
    Happy New Year to all!

  34. wonderful cards!
    congrats to winner!

  35. Its never fun to be sick... but especially not during the holidays. Glad you are on the mend.
    It was exciting to see my wreath card featured... and I loved the diversity of the three that you picked. All are so different... yet all used those precious snippets. So fun!

  36. Super picks as always Di and congratulations to Tina.
    I hope you're having fun playing with your new toy!
    Janice x


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