Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Less is More - off the page

..........and one layer at that! Eeek, bright butterflies and big bold flowers sprang to mind right away - but both the DT and quite a few entries already had gone down that route. Mutter, mutter, scratch, scratch here. Then I looked up and noticed a stamp sitting quietly on a shelf right in front of me - and this was born:
I used:

- 5" x 5" square white card blank

- SU's 'Smoky Slate' ink pad and Penny Black's 'letters and flowers' stamp - angled off the card edge and positioned using SU's Stamp-a-ma-jig

- a 'Thinking of You' sentiment stamp, made by Hobbycraft, and SU's 'Perfect Plum' ink pad

Deciding what to use/make probably took ten times as long as actually doing the card in the end and I do wonder if it ended up too Less is More and not inspired enough. It was one of those days, sigh :(

As I said, this card is for Less is More's current challenge.

When Len saw it, his comment was 'I'd pick that one in a shop' - which I think is his way of saying it's OK.

Now for a question - ignore if not applicable.

I have loads of upright desk containers and mugs/pots of craft 'implements' such as brushes, pens, pencils, hammer (don't ask!), markers, pricking tools etc. etc. on the desk here. All the scissors are in a brilliant wooden carousel which originally held fancy edging scissors. But the other stuff is driving me nuts - the neat freak in me has been looking at a hexagonal storage carousel, the same as this one:
Craft Carousel

It seems to be very similar to the original Memory Keepers carousel. I've worked out that there would be space for one on the desk here but would really love to know if anyone has one and has any opinions/pros/cons to offer please. I've done loads of research but always value what you lovely folk have to say.



Amanda said...

Gorgeous card Di, I agree with Len I would buy it in the shop. Michelle from the card grotto has one of the carousels that she seems to really like, not got room for one myself but would definitely get one if I could. Hugs, Amanda x

Carol L said...

I love your CAS one layer card! Very pretty in those muted colors!
I don't have a carousel for my tools, only because I think they take up too much room. I prefer un-movable containers, but that's just me!

MaryH said...

I'm with Len...this is a very elegant & classy card. A great design with the way you stamped the image, and the plum and slate were so rich combined together. Very subtle, but so effective. I have one of the round bins somewhat like you showed. The partitions are wonderful for brushes, tweezers, etc. I find that I don't use the tiny drawers much, as I don't keep the 'little bits' of things in the drawers. Then I forget to look in the drawers! If you've the space for it, think you'd like it. TFS & Big Hugs.

Stamps and Paper said...

Lovely card Di love the 'off the page' look


Sarah said...

I love this card Di, great colours and would be perfect for one of those difficult occasions. xx

Kathyk said...

FAB card - a great take on the LIM theme this week.

Not got one of those carousels - don't have room to sit it in the middle to give me access to all the drawers and I'm pretty sure I'd get fed up of turning it round all the time.


Sarn said...

Very cool and classy card Di. Love it.

Haven't got a carousel so can't help there my friend.

Maybe IKEA will have something????? Just sayin!!!!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Sazzle Dazzle said...

Your card is fabulous Di and you needn't be afraid of the OLC - you've done brill and yes butterflies and flowers do seem to have played a BIG part.
In terms of the carousel I wanted one a while ago and couldn't find the one from Great Little Trading Company so I have a rectangle shaped one that fits better on my desk.
I use mine constantly and it has everything tool wise in it and close to hand. I've a feeling Michelle at The Card Grotto has that one and Jen at The Tiny Blue Butterfly & (LIM designer) so they may have reviews on it.
Have a fun day and thanks for taking part in the LIM challenge.
Less is More

Sazzle Dazzle said...

Back again Di, just found Michelle's review of the carousel ... here's the link:


Sandra H said...

Gorgeous card Di, your soo good with one layer cards and l like your flowers and butterfly.........l had a look at the link that Sazzle left looks pretty good l'd really invest in one as they do hold lots although it wouldn't hold my lot so l'll stick to shelves have a great day xx

Viv said...

Fab card Di - like it LOTS! (PS Haven't forgotten about the parcel.. running round like a headless chicken at the mo - will do it soon as I can!)

Elizabeth said...

Lovely card Di, I like the stamp you chose and it's placing just off the page - I agree with Len too. As for the carousel, haven't got one so can't say much except that I think it would take up too much room on my craft desk but might be just the thing for my sewing desk ... off to investigate further :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Jenny L said...

Hi Di,
fab card as usual. Your stamping is always so superb.
I have one of these hexagon carousels and I find it so fab to use and store crafting tools and bits and bobs in the drawers too.
It holds so much in it.
I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone, as a very useful craft purchase.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Em Louise Fairley said...

Gorgeous CAS card Di, love the look :)

Creative Em

Darnell said...

Blogger is being a booger again and giving me "whoopzies" on my comments today ... grrr! Trying again ...

I really like your OLC, Di! It invokes a person sitting there thinking of another with a letter just laid back down on the corner of the desk. Sometimes the simplest images have a great impact. It's a winner in my eyes!!

That fancy-smancy carousel looks amazing. I have a small carousel for the must-haves and you've seen it always in the WOYWW photos. This guy looks much neater with the drawers. I love little drawers. Still, it's a brilliant idea to ask for reviews from folks who actually own one of these.

Have a great week! (I'm so happy to hear that Spike has a friend!) Hugs, Darnell

Pippa said...

Hi Di, great card. Funny that our ideas for this Less is More are very similar!

Kathleen said...

Think I will open a shop down your way and make loads of cards like this then I know I will have one happy customer and loads of sales.
Great idea and a lovely card, fab subtle shades.
Personally don't like carousels, lots of things seem to fall out of them and they collect dust. I use set of wooden drawers from Ikea and if you wish you can paint and decorate them, I don't too lazy and they keep the dust out. Just me.

Kath x

Eve said...

I agree about the struggle for the LIM challenge but yours is fantastic.

As for the carousel I bought one from Amazon ages ago and think that it is brilliant. It holds loads of stuff and even comes with lots of free twinkly bits!!
Definitely worth the money. xx

Hettie said...

Lovely card there Di. Very classy. I was only using the very same stamp last week.
As for the carousel...I would kill for one! Not found any in this country unless very stoopid price!
Kim may lose hers if she is not careful!

Chrissie said...

Hi Di, Love your card... love my carousel... I wouldn't be without mine. Actually I have stuck a piece of magnetic sheet on one side panel
to park small dies before I can manage to put them away... an attempt to prevent them from ending in the bin with the rubbish!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Sue said...

Fab card Di its really gorgeous..haven't got a carousel so sorry can't help I keep my things in little tubs that I got from Ikea that hang on a pole..lots of colours and really cheap too..but the carousel looks really pretty huggles Sue xxx

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Gorgeous one layer card, Di! I don't really have an opinion on the gadget. I have a round one tucked in a corner, doing me absolutely no good. LOL!

Carol Willis said...

Hi Di, love your gorgeous CAS card.

As for the carousel. I used to have one, but found it was just too big and took up too much space on my desk. I now have an organiser in my drawer and only keep my most used tools in a single pot on my desk.
Caz x

scrappymo! said...

Great less is more card! The slate and bit of purplish hues look wonderful together.
I have a carousel on my counter. It does take up a lot of room but I love it. I keep my most often used tools in it.
I like that it spins and I can easily access the tools. I do keep small little stones in the bottom of each section. It helps keep the tools from leaning all over!

Linda said...

This is lovely Di ...... fabulous CAS design. I love the colour and the stamped image looks so pretty off the edge.
I have a carousel and I love it ... holds loads, everything is to hand and the drawers are a great size too. The only downside is it does take up a bit of room.
Linda xx
LIM Guest Designer

KandA said...

I agree with Len, this is definitely one I would buy too. Perfect LIM and very elegant, Love the stamp going off the edge xx

Karen said...

This is a very posh looking card and I think it would end up in a boutique'esh type of shop - love it! Karen x

Anne said...

That was a real compliment from Len for a very elegant card, love this one Di
Thanks so much for joining us again this week at Less is More
LIM Designer

Hazel said...

Super card, Di - I agree with Len (although I don't buy cards in a shop - lol!). I have that stamp - love the way you used it. x

Debs Willis said...

I really live the sinplicity of this card. Would make a great sympathy card, will have to try it, not got the same stamp but sure I can find something!
Desk storage - I have a spotty circular caddy, stiffened fabric with a large central compartment & pockets all around the outside. It doesn't rotate by itself BUT it sits on top of my Martha Stewart circle cutter which acts as a 'lazy Susan' and lets me spin to my hearts content! I have all my scissors 4-5 pairs, 3 rulers, about 6-7 reels of different tape, photo glue, sticky pads, pokey tools, pens, craft knives, embossing tools and loads more oddities in there
What I really like is that the pockets expand,& it has a carry handle so I can grab it & go to classes!
Sorry, long post!
Debs x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

First the less is more card. I like it. It speaks to me... but the inner snark in me thinks "what, did she just drop the stamp there and call it good?" Well, even if you did, ya done did good!

About the carousel... the damn cats will knock it off the back of the desk. Just saying. I have wondered if the little drawers are worth it or too frustrating to use. Off to see what everyone else says.

Di said...

Snigger - you called me out PJ :)