Sunday 16 December 2012

Pixie's Crafty Snippets - Week 51

I'm not here - but the Snippets Playground gates are open again for another week and this is my really quick snippets card. Tidying the desk I found a die, some green and some red coloured card and a packet of little pearls - it almost fell together:
Yup, it's that adorable Memory Box die again - this time cut in green and then re-cut in red and the little poinsettia shaped flowers snipped off and glued on over the green ones. The jury is out here - much as I love the plain white tree I did on the dark blue sparkly background, this does come a very close second :)

I used:

- A6 white card stock

- a snippet of red backing card and a a snippet of white card, trimmed into oblongs

- snippets of green and red card and the Memory Box 'Flowering Christmas Tree' die

- self-adhesive little pearls

No sentiment, I think it speaks for itself.

And so, a quieter week in the Playground and all around really. I think there's a flurry of activity going on and minor panic setting in in some quarters, not least here as I knew we had to be as ready for the big man in the red suit as possible before nipping away for a weekend. But, we're almost there apart from some last minute fresh groceries and the usual present wrapping once we get home. Somehow we always leave present wrapping for one another until late - it's a tradition here that presents don't appear under the tree until Christmas Eve, phew, thank goodness for that at least!

One card that really jumped out at me this week - amongst all your lovely makes - was this one from Sally:
It uses the fabulous Woodware Tipsy Tree stamp that I know our Jules also uses brilliantly. Love the paper piecing and those little gems are a great finishing touch Sally!!

Meanwhile, if you want to join in the Playground fun and frolics to keep using up those snippets/scraps - the Playground is open all of this coming week but it will close on Saturday 22nd December at noon, UK time and Mr Linky is below as usual.


The only conditions to playing nicely in the Snippet Playground are that your card (or absolutely anything else you wish to bring here to show) must be made by using up snippets (card, paper, lace, wool and ribbon are all fine), and a link back to here in your own blog posting please. Oh, and no nipping or hair pulling of course :)


  1. I,m not here either. in Derby today and Yorkshire tomorrow! bonus is I get to sit in the car with the heated seat button whacked right up. Doing my back no end of good. The Doc is under pain of death if he so much as touches the control button!
    Love the tree colours. you are a gluten for punishment though cutting out all those little red flowers. Don't fancy making some poinsettias do you? Nec some for a Christmas/birthday card. Hugs Mrs A

  2. Love the way you have made this tree festive looking!
    Yeah! I am first in! I tried calling in earlier but you had shut the doors! I was thinking of calling in Michael Caine to blow the b****y doors off!
    Tee Hee!

  3. This is lovely. I think it is such a versatile die. You could layer the flowers in any colour over it.
    you must have fussy cut all those poinsettias!

    They had all the Memory Box dies onsale for 50% off a couple of days ago at my local scrapbook store. The shopgirl told me that all the current Christmas MB dies are going to be retired and a whole new set is going to be revealed!
    I bought all the Christmas dies they had left ( and a few others). Your tree was sold out but I got that other sort of swirly tree.

    No snippets for the playground yet. Trying to get my Christmas baking done instead as I send a tin of shortbreads rolled and also the whipped type as well as walnut snowballs to my Mum...a friedn ships it through her trucking company and the truck leaves on Monday. I do up a tin for my friend as well so I better go Keep Calm and Bake On.....

  4. Love, love, love that MB die. Your card is very lovely and needs no sentiment. I'm with you...Sally's card is perfect. Ive never aeen the stamp before, sweet!

  5. A beautiful CAS card di. Just stunning.

  6. What a GORGEOUS Snippets Christmas card Di.

    I think I have things pretty much under control . . . after all that eggnog and mulled wine, they're all fast asleep for a while. Worked a treat . . . just like you said it would.

    Dun you worry bout nuffin! xxxx

  7. Gorgeous cards.
    Love the first because colours and the second because tree. So lovely and the perls are final tuch.
    Tamara :)

  8. An absolutely beautiful snippet make! Love it!

  9. Love the way you've used the red over the green - very stylish card - and, you're right, it doesn't need a sentiment. It's been a busy week, but I did stop for a glass of mulled wine in the playground (declined the offer of mince pies though - never did like them). Love Sally's card - that tipsy tree is very cute (think I need it on my wishlist) x

  10. Lovely card Di, very pretty CAS. Love it.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
    Caz x

  11. Some kids may be asleep from drinking mulled wine and eggnog but this kid is still working away on her 12 tags. Here is another for the Playground Treehouse wall! Or we could hang them on the tree??!

  12. This die makes a fabulous card Di, love this one. Love Sally's tipsy tree too. I'll be back later in the week with a snippet card. Carol x

  13. Back again! So soon! Is anyone joining me this week? Tee Hee!

  14. Yay, I managed to find time to make a card! Hope you had a great few days away and have come home nice and rested, ready for the festive season!! I made card like that last year too, my tip is to cut and stick the contrasting flowers as you go along (hope you did that!). I cut mine all out and then had a heck of a job to match them all up to where they should go! I'm off to ride the donkey, I'mm challenging Sam and Sarn to a donkey race!


  15. But . . . but . . . HOW are we gonna have a race when there's ONLY ONE donkey???? Hmmm?

    Oh, you want Sam to give me a piggyback and race you huh?

    I wouldn't mind, but we've run out of grog! LOL! xxx

  16. Hello Miss. Iza back!
    Now about this Donkey race. If we are using one donkey it will have to be an against the clock race. I want the donkey first!
    As for grog, I just found a bottle of unopened Baileys if you need a nip! It is amazing what a crafter keeps in her room!
    Tee Hee Hic!

  17. Baileys! You got an unopened bottle of Baileys Sam? I'm living on the stuff at the moment. Send round straight away but don't come on The Donkey cos I want it before Christmas. ! Hugs Mrs A.

  18. Hi Miss D

    A fabby card .. .. love what you have done with your die and I love Sal's card too.

    That is a great stamp set.

    Don't worry about the lack of "grog" girls. The Nativity Play ticket sales have gone really well so .. .. Baileys, Gordons, Harvey's Bristol Cream, Egg Nog and Mulled Wine being delivered later today .. .. oh and just in case my Mum turns up .. .. a bit of fruit juice and lemonade.

    Love Jules xx

  19. Hello there Di - this card is so pretty. I did a sparkly Christmas tree on an embossed background with a few gems on it recently. Haven't posted it yet though. I love this type of simple card - beautiful.

    Also love Sally's card - it does jump out - lovely.

    Big hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  20. Beautiful card Di, So effective is the plain card with the tree and the pearls great die and Poinsettias and its really come together beautifully x

  21. I saw what Scrappy Mo said about this stamp so I went straight on line and got me paws on one before they become gold dust!! Off on me travels again this weekend sorting out the sick and needy. Heated car seat here I come! hugs Mrs A.

  22. Talk about trudging up the pathway just before the gates close! "This was a close one, Missy." I can just hear you saying that. "But, HM," I answer, "I've brought Hootycreek Cookies and vodka w/cranberry juice. So healthy for you, for the bladder, you know, so strictly used for medicinal porpoises. I'm sorry to see the donkey is fagged out so I've missed the races."

    Love you, Di, and love to all the playmates! Happy Christmas!!


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