Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A very crafty move by Santa

I might have written that I'm an avid reader, and reading in bed is such a luxury before going to sleep.

However, unlike me, Len can't drop off to sleep in mid sentence - and any bedside light disturbs him to the point of 'cue a problem/grab a flight sleep mask from the drawer/ and so on' :(

But, this was from 'Santa Len' in my stocking yesterday:
It's a Kandle for my Kindle - yay!
My Kindle is the basic model and I don't have a fancy lit cover, both through choice, but I give 10 out of 10 to this inexpensive and totally fabby little gizmo which just clips onto the top edge of the Kindle and illuminates the whole screen without lighting up the bedroom. It'll also be great on long flights if you don't want to disturb fellow passengers by having the 'above the seat' light on.

Of course Santa also brought some great crafting goodies and what seems like loads of other gifts - but this little beauty is my very, very favourite pressie :)  

I'm really very easily pleased you might think - but peace reigned here as I read in bed until 2am this morning, bliss!!

We're off out for the day today - after a lovely day yesterday - I hope you all had a wonderful time too.



Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Hi Di,
great gift - so useble.
Hugs Tamara :)
Have a nice week

Anne said...

Hi Di what a great idea. Think I should put that on my b'day list! Dh reads for while in bed but I could go on reading all night and light disturbs him.
Thanks for lovely comment on my blog. Hope you have a great day. Anne x

Kathyk said...

What a fabulous little device? ENJOY!

Happy Boxing Day


Annie said...

Love your Kindle Kandle Di. Clever stuff eh? Hope you're having a great festive time.
It's party day here for us.
I've done the early prep that I can do for the party later[quiche, icing of buns, cooking of mini sausages etc] so there is just the last minute bits to go in the oven now. Now enjoying a quick bit of blog hopping and a coffee :-)
Here's hoping 2013 brings good health and much happiness for all :-)
Biggest hugs,
Annie x

Monica said...

My DH suffers from the same nocturnal disorder. Any light or movement wakes him up so I do not read in bed.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh, that's such a clever present! I have a clip on light but it is a pain to be honest, that is so much better!! And good for Len too :)
Thanks for your lovely comments. I hope that 2013 is a wonderful year for you and your family,
Happy Christmas, LLJ 16 xxxx

Samantha Elliott said...

Love practical pressies don't you? I had a 7" tablet so I can surf on there now, though it has been a bit of a learning curve!
Why are you not WOYWWing today?

Mrs A. said...

So you like reading too. Are you up for the reading a book challenge on me blog post ?. Hugs Mrs A.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Your Len is no dummy, that's for sure. Peace in the kingdom of marriage - it's a good thing! You two are so blessed!

I'm wishing your new year blesses you with health and happiness! Darnell

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Luckily my OH can sleep thru anything! This sounds like the answer to your prayers . . . and I'm glad it's helped . . . but there's only ONE 2 o'clock in MY day!!!! xxx

Mary H. said...

What a fabulous & thoughtful gift Santa selected for you. Kindles are the greatest. I resisted for a while, because I love books (and still do read the 'old fashioned kind'). Kindles are great when you don't want to lug a book along, and the light is just great. Good Santa at your house. I got gift cards to craft stores. Spent one awready! Hugs

Princess Judy Palmer said...

The things we do for our hubbies and their precious sleep. Yep, no reading in bed for me either once he wants to snooze. Great present!