Friday 7 December 2012

Friday Feast - Black Forest Trifle

'Tis almost the season of naughty desserts and everything else that goes with the Christmas and New Year festivities :) I've been slipping a bit on Friday Feasts so here's a really easy but very indulgent recipe by James Martin to make up for it a bit:
Black Forest Trifle

Serves 8

500ml tub ready-made chilled custard - look for one with real vanilla seeds
100g plain chocolate, broken into pieces
400g chocolate brownies - see my notes below
2 x 390g jars cherries in kirsch or similar - see my notes below
300g tub double cream
200ml tub crème fraîche
25g icing sugar
Grated chocolate, to decorate, and fresh cherries (optional)

Put the custard into a pan with the chocolate pieces. Gently heat, stirring,
until the chocolate has melted into the custard. Cover with cling film and

Arrange the brownies in the base of a trifle bowl. Drain the jars of cherries,
reserving the liquid, and scatter over the brownies. Drizzle over 100ml
reserved liquid. Spoon the cooled chocolate custard over and chill while
you make the topping.

Lightly whip the cream with the crème fraîche and icing sugar until soft
peaks form. Chill until ready to serve, then pile on top of the trifle and
decorate with grated chocolate and fresh cherries, if you like.

Things I do: the recipe truly is very rich and I think chocolate brownies could be too heavy so I substituted chocolate muffins, even a good old fashioned unadorned chocolate swiss roll would do the trick but you try finding one of those elusive creatures these days!

Also, jars of cherries in kirsch cost an arm and a leg - I bought just one jar plus a tin of black cherries, there was more than 100ml of (hic!) kirsch/cherry liquid in the one jar to use.

I bought the teeny little chocolate hearts, made by Silver Spoon and found in Sainsburys baking section - and added flaked toasted almonds along with some of the cherries in kirsch which I'd reserved

Finally, this was to take to friends so I used disposable dishes - the ingredients made two trifles as shown above so you do need a decent sized trifle dish.

As I said, it's a typical James Martin recipe so it's quite an indulgent dessert and I doubt if you could eat a lot of it - but for chocolate lovers it's truly yummy!

Hide the bathroom scales and enjoy!



  1. Mmmmmm ... This looks yummy! Hugs! xx

  2. Yum yum .....just a little for me pleaseeeeeeeeeee :-)
    A x

  3. oh my that does look very good and makes me want to nip to the supermarket and get the stuff to make it. Hugs, Amanda x

  4. OH. . . MY . . . GOD . . . I MUST try this!

    Drooling here . . . and it's not a good look!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sarn xxx

  5. Looks very indulgent Do so I'll only have a tiny portion! I remember in the late 80's and early 90's how popular Black Forrest Gateaux was, every pub and restaurant had it on their menu! I have my eye on a recipe for Mincemeat and Cranberry Eve's Pudding for after Christmas. Otherwise that half jar of mincemeat stays at the back of the fridge forever!


  6. Mmmmmmm Overload overload overload....fancy mentioning luscious trifle AND James Martin in one post!!!! I know what I want for Christmas tea!!x Jo

  7. Yum! The chocolate hearts are the perfect finishing touch!

    love Mags B x

  8. gone from 22 to12 dont show me lovely stuff like this

  9. Awwwwwwwww this is heaven!! thanks for sharing it Di xx

  10. Perfection in a bowl - chocolate and cherries :) And the chocolate hearts would finish off anyone's will-power. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  11. Come on be honest, you bought it from Sainsbury's then hunted around for a recipe...only kidding, looks delicious.
    It's funny about chocolate swiss rolls but I used to buy one from Tesco's about half the size of the norm for about 20p to cut in half and put in my Hubby's jock but as he has no jock these days I haven't bought one for 3 years but I have not seen them either, no doubt they would be a £1 now! they way the price of food has shot up.

    Kath x

  12. Drool, drool, drool. I don't know what a lot of the ingredients are (probably do, just by diff names in the US!). It was all I could do to just read through the directions. Looks delicious, sounds delicious...and I'm positive it must TASTE delicious too! TFS.

  13. I'm with Mary. I don't know some of the fixins, but I know chocolate and I know "hic," which means this has to be devine with both ingredients!!


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