Wednesday, 23 November 2011


OK - so who stole this last week huh?! And also, who turned off the sun down here and dumped a load of mist and gloom in its place?

I just hopped into my craft room, flicked on the light and this is the current state of affairs in there:
As I left it yesterday afternoon to go on a round trip to a garden centre, a printers (it's my old school newsletter time again) and the Post Office - after carefully checking in the mirror for any streaks of glitter on my face!

On top of the pink netbook at the back are papers ready to make up another Christmas card as well as some stamps on the glass cutting mat that I'd just been trimming ready to use.................hmm, a couple of 'ready' words here!

But, I have been busy honestly - making some poinsettias a bit more pretty (as if I really have that much time to spare!). I posted a while back about using Twinklets to 'bling up' large poinsettias from Wild Orchid Crafts - following Bev Rochester's great tutorial. The results are super although the flowers are quite big ones so on Sunday I dug out some of the smaller WOC poinsettias - approximately 1" across. A few pictures coming:
The flowers before I went into 'attack mode' - see how orange the 'red' ones are?
The yellow centres have been snipped out and the wire loops removed then the centres have been opened up with a poky tool. No need to separate the layers though. Anita's glaze ready in a glass tot pot - safer than trying to work with a tall bottle of the stuff! Yup, I have spilt a pool of the stuff across my desk before now :(
Holding the flower on a poky tool (I use an old one), paint glaze all over the white parts of the flower - missing the green leaves out 
The poinsettia after being dunked into sparkly stuff from an unmarked pot - much finer than Twinklets which are little glass crystals really but not as fine or costly as Glamour Dust. And I think it's time to change that nail polish :(
And the end result - the drying white poinsettias dunked in clear sparklies, red ones dunked in red sparklies (changing that orange to a rich red) and a couple of red ones dunked in clear sparklies as a try - they came out looking a bit pink which could be useful. And the finishing touch - some Papermania gold and silver sparkly brads through the centres. The packs also had jewelled brads in - topaz and clear which I mixed and matched. So now I have a little box of poinsettias ready to use on more Christmas cards - saves time as you go along :)

To see what everyone else has been up to (no doubt a lot more useful time spent than mine!) and what's going on wherever they craft - hop over to Julia's here for your WOYWW snoop!

Have fun - and as Brucie could say 'Keeeeeeeeeeeep crafting'. The big man in the red suit is probably planning his routes into his Sat. Nav already!



jude said...

Iuse the glamour dust deoart for my poinsettas same thing dont they just sparkle tried some gold ones thats brill once dried.Have fun thanks for showing.
Have fab wednesday pop by as i have candy up for grabs hugs judex 18

Annie said...

Hi Rudolph,
I'm just doing a quick whizz round a few desks while I eat my breaky and before my little grandees arrive [I've got 4 of them coming this morning now :-) ].
Your life sounds as busy as mine at the mo. Love to see what you're busy with so thanks for sharing:-)
A x

Sarn said...

Morning Bilbo . . . . great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

Happy WOYWW xxx

Neil said...

Hi there. Thanks for letting us peek into your creative space this week. It's always inspiring seeing where and how we create! Hope the rest of your week goes very well for you. It is fantastic how you can change the look with a bit of pixie dust!
Neil #31

Anonymous said...

The poinsettias look wonderful they will finish off your Christmas cards perfectly. Have a lovely Wednesday. Laura

Mrs A. said...

What is the tall grey metal looking thingy with the handle on top? I thought for a minute that was the plunger /detonator for blowing a big whole in the wall!!! Lol. Hugs Mrs A.

CLaire said...

How super pretty they look...nice idea.. tidy desk too

Debs Willis said...

Love the sparkly poinsettias, and read your Rudolph story - honestly, the number of times I notice the glitter AFTER I've been somewhere!!


Debs #80

Karen said...

WOW those poinsettias look fab with the added shimmer to them, ideal for those Christmas crafts and cards :) Enjoy your day Di xxx

Hettie said...

Lovely Schparkly Ponsyflowereyfings you have there. There is posh that you have an "old" pokey tool. Mine is old too but it is the "only" pokey tool!!
I wouldn't be worrying about tipping the glue, it would be the glitter I would get everywhere. I can get glitter on me even when I haven't used any!! Hence Hubby's name for me "Glitterpuss"!! LOL! That is not for public consumption though!!

505whimsygirl said...

So much of the world is unknown to me. Glamour dust?!? I am learning so much from all of the WOYWW participants.

I do need a lesson in your slang, however. Although my imagination sometimes goes wild..... heee

Sunshine Girl said...

Looks like you have had a fun week there! Thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl – No 19

mamapez5 said...

Very prety flowers Di. How organised to do a batch.
I had such a laugh at your saga yesterday. But it's Christmas, so what's wrong with a bit of glitter!
Kate xx

okienurse said...

Very impressive change in those poinsettias! I think I am going to try this on some silk poinsettias that I bought years ago that haven't been right for anything! They are small and I think with the glaze I can totally change their look! Thanks for the tutorial! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #64

Bernie said...

Beautiful! Great Tutorial!

Sandra H said...

Hi Di, Lovely how you share all your ideas with your fellow bloggers and this was a fab tutorial:) Sandra H

Anonymous said...

Those Poinsettias are definitely much better after the transformation than before. I've been researching my family tree for about 10 years, and I have loads of my families from Northumberland and then Durham. Almost half of my Mam's family moved from Cornwall to Durham between 1871 and 1873 to come and work in the mines, must have been a huge shock and adjustment for them! I would love to live in the wilds of Northumbria but it ain't gonna happen! Don't be sending me a begging letter you're the posh one who went to a boarding school!!

Brenda 82

Kathleen said...

Hi Posh Spice, well I read the above post didn't I, lol.
Your pointsetters are gorgeous, spotted the holiday luggage (pink laptop)
Brenda's doing well for an 82 year old isn't she!!!

Kath x

Tracey FK said...

I would think a few stripes of glitter would tart up the post office a bit... goodness knows my local could so with a liven up... great how to on the flowers xx

The Crafty Elf said...

What I'm getting from your last two posts my friend is that you love glitter and are a sucker for punishment! Do hope you had no where to run today after sparklin up those poinsettias. LMAO!!! Honestly though Di, they are wonderful and a great inspiration especially this time of the year!
Fa la la la la la la! The bells on my elf shoes just jingled for you! :D

lisa said...

Ahhh didn't you have your glittery nose on today, Di. I'm disappointed. I went out in mine in your honour!!!!
Your desk is looking definitely "ready" and I love your glittery flowers. Something else I need to try!
Hugs Lisax

Sarah said...

Love those glittery flowers - so festive and great colours. Love the ballerina card above too - now that's a beauty and should go down a real treat. Thanks for taking some time to share your desk...Sarah at 14.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Poinsettias..glitter..yay, it must be Christmas soon!! I could just dive into that pile of glitter, I'd be a happy woman.
Hugs, LLJ #39 xx
PS Your princess card is cute too :D

Shoshi said...

Lovely poinsettias, Di! You've given them a whole new lease of life and they are much better now! Such a pretty flower, so decorative. Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #70

Julia Dunnit said...

Di you're so good at making things pretty..and I understand that there's more pressing things time wise, but the details are very important AND somehow, more pleasure to do! Am late enough to have seen Friday's casserole. My DH would move in with you. I'll just have the gravy please!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hello Di, what a difference a bit of bling makes to those poinsettias. I have the red ones and, yes, they are more orange than red, consequently I haven't used many of them ... might give them the treatment. Elizabeth x #81