Tuesday 29 November 2011

A Tuesday Tale

I felt awful, croaky and very groggy, last night and was tucked up in bed with a huge glass of fizzy vitamin C and a Lemsip - administered by my OH at about 8:30 pm. As I'd been ironing for ages (snort, I could be allergic!) there was no card making yesterday either. On a brighter note I don't feel quite as 'rough as a badger's bum rear end' this morning as I thought I would!

So, it's time to tell another 'Pat Tale' in the absence of any cards/photos to post about - although my desk is strewn with some half made ones :))

The recent mists and fog down here reminded me of 'smog' - mostly a thing of the past but defined on Wikipedia as  a word originating from a 'portmanteau of smoke and fog'. What a lovely description huh - 'portmanteau' :)

The infamous Pat (of the wrecked hat from her tumble during the wartime blackout) bought herself a little car during the early 1950's. One evening, she'd been out and upon returning to her car realised that she couldn't see much more than a few feet ahead due to heavy smog. Undeterred she got into the car and crawled her way towards home with her nose almost pressed against the windscreen. The rear lights of a vehicle appeared in front of her - a London bus! Then, 'ping' on went a bright little light in Pat's head......from the number shown on the back it was actually the bus which passed the end of her street so all she had to do was to follow it home :)  Yeah, right Pat!

Every time the bus stopped at a bus stop, so did Pat - determined to stay behind her 'knight in shining armour' who was going to lead her home. This happened a few times and Pat stuck behind all the way - even when the driver indicated it was safe for her to pass she stayed resolutely behind her saviour. But then the bus didn't seem to stop again for ages and Pat still hadn't seen the end of her street.....undeterred though, she tootled on behind it. Aha, then the driver braked and indicated left - Pat did too and, once again, stayed behind the bus. The driver now furiously waved her past and the conductor appeared on the rear platform also gesticulating. Pat ignored all this with a little toss of the head (much as she'd ignored the ticket collector in the previous tale) and eventually the bus did turn left with Pat's little car stuck to its rear end like a piece of chewing gum.

When the bus showed no sign of moving on though Pat did begin to wonder - until suddenly there was another bus right behind her. Err, she'd only followed the bus all the way back to the depot and was now parked for the night in the bus sheds with a load of other London buses!

Hey ho - have a nice day!



  1. Hehehe thats brilliant. Thanks for the giggle. Hope you feel much better very soon and at least you get lots of TLC while you are feeling rough.
    A x

  2. Hi Di

    I was going to suggest that you might have over done it with the ironing .. .. plus crafting withdrawal symptoms LOL!!

    I hope you feel better as the day continues.

    Love your Pat story!! I do believe you could write a book!

    Love Jules xx

  3. You are such a tonic, Di. This is priceless. Poor Pat, but she was full of good intentions!!
    Hope you feel better very soon. There are so many bugs about at the minute but why do we always seem to catch them as soon as we get back from hols, it always undoes all the good you've done by relaxing in the sunshine.
    Take care
    Hugs Lisax

  4. ROFLMAO xxx Hope you feel better soon my friend xxx

  5. Oh dear I can just imagine her face as red as the bus she followed!

  6. Poor you! I had the lurgy last week & it's taking it's own sweet time to go.

    Feel better soon so you can make some more of those beautiful Christmas cards!


  7. Lol, poor Pat, and poor you too. That'll teach you to go near the ironing again! Hope you feel better soon.


  8. and there was me finkin a portmontow woz a handbag............hope you are on the mend. Hope to hear more misadventures of Pat, she sounds like a right giggle - as are you. Am deffo allegic to ironing and cant tell this without getting within 100 metres of the stuff.xx

  9. I mean I CAN tell without getting within 100 metres.duh!

  10. How can you feel poorly with such great stories as Pat's?????? Made me larf out loud!! Get well soon ...xxx

  11. Great story Di. Do hope you feel much better soon. x Jo

  12. What a tale, she seems to be my kind of person, I just knew what the ending was going to be.
    By the way I have been informed today by my lesser half that we eat too much meat, so for Friday's feast could you do something that doesn't include meat BUT no Italian muck. There's a task for you.

    Kath x

  13. Oh Kath - hooting with laughter here. The second sentence in your comment summed up a situation perfectly :)) Tune in on Friday - there might be a surprise especially for you! Di xx

  14. There is a theme starting here....Tuesday's tale, Fridays Feast and Sarn's Sunday roast!!!! oh, and WOYWW....come on thinkup some others for the rest of the week! xxx

  15. OMG Di, can you imagine? The poor dear!! I really don't mean to laugh. Love your stories!!

  16. Lol, such a lovely bright tale for the morning, will be chuckling to myself all day now.


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