Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Free to a good home

EDIT: Sorry, these have now been re-homed!

During my tidying the craft room session I opened a drawer and found some new, unused, and never to be used Ikea Ratjan spice jars. I bought them ages ago, in readiness for my craft room to be finished, to sit prettily filled with flowers, buttons etc. on open shelves or the desk. Well, that's not how the final design worked out so I have some jars looking for a new home:
Those are large fabric flowers in one of them by the way. On their sides the jars are about 3" high and 3" from front to back - too big for spices in my opinion but just right for little pretties we love to craft with.

I have eight of these and am happy to post them, within the UK only though I'm afraid, for nothing whatsoever - I hate waste-  although otherwise, it's off to the bottle bank for them! They're not expensive to buy but not everyone has an Ikea within reach and you can't get them online. Well, you can from eBay if you wanna shell out almost £10 - extortion!!

Just leave a comment if you'd like them - I can't see a flurry but if need be I'll just draw a name out of me sunhat - that's the only use for it right now :)



Annie said...

You are so generous Di. I need to keep my stash down to a minimum until we have moved and even then who knows what space I will have to fill then :-)
I hope you find a good home for them.
Annie x

Elizabeth said...

Hello Di, don't count me in - I have a set already and they are great for storing buttons. You are truly generous and I'm stunned that anyone would have the gall to charge £10 for a set!!! Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Penni said...

I'd love some of these Di. Perfect for keeping flowers in colour collections and buttons too. Thanks so much for sharing.
Thanks for visiting my blog today and for the lovely comment.

Debs Willis said...

Hi Di, could definitely give some of these a good home - was rooting in the bin for an old peanut butter jar but hubby already recycled - dry his efficiency!

BTW - I was totally hooked by your glue shortage story - told others too - just stamp gullible on my forehead! That was sneaky!!

Debs xx

Debs Willis said...

Whoops! Should read 'drat his efficiency' but stoopid spell checker didn't recognise drat! Has it never experienced Dastardly & Mutley??!!!!!

MaryH said...

Such pretty jars! You're a generous person, and some sweet UK person is going to get some joy from your generosity! After mailing Mrs. A's goodies yes'dy, I can totally see why you want to keep the postage within the country! . I think next international candy I do, will be a voucher!!! Hope you found something wonderful on the Big Day. Hugs.

Kathleen said...

Can't you use them for chutney or something.

Kath x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It's a jar of pink Fluffy!! Did you capture one from the wild or is it a tame one? Excuse my's very pretty in the jars, neither of which I want so don't put me in the draw...or the cupboard...or the shed....I'll stop now shall I?? It's been a long few days sorting stuff out in Wales and I'm going doo Lally tap!
Hugs, LLJ 36 xxxx

Hettie said...

Ooooo! I have lots of those in my crafty room as they are great for storing things like pink fluff! I cannot believe you are giving them away though! Nor that I missed you yesterday!

Kath said...

I can definitely use some jars - much more attractive than the jam jars I use!
Kath x

Lynn said...

Lovely creation Di - such patience. My dots would have been sent scurrying to the floor and eaten up by the vac. Have played with the new stamps and posted into the playground. Lynn x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I bought some very similar jars at a scrap and stamp yard sale (used or unwanted craft stuff, like your jars here). I bought them because I bought a shelving unit at the same sale and the jars fit perfectly! They have buttons in them now. I paid $1 each for my jars and hubby just rolled his eyes. I was so tickled to see similar jars in the store for $3.99 each AND hubby was there so I could point it out to him.