Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Fluffy little robins

I adore robins, they're perky, bright little birds - but the dark side is that they will fight to the death over territory. These two seem happy together though:
I used:

- 5" x 7" red card stock, already embossed in gold round the edge with 'Seasons Greetings' (bought from Craft Creations centuries ago) and chosen as I didn't want to spoil the image with a sentiment

- an upcycled Christmas card from 2012, just cut down to suit

- gold mirri card

All done, and I used one of my purchases from Ally Pally, a new XCut guillotine. Got it from Crafty Devils and am super-delighted with it :) OK, so the Woodware trimmer has been spared as the interchangeable blades are great for fancy edges - but I could weep at waiting so long before buying a decent guillotine for such straight edges with no wobbles or slight curves! I put off for so long as I feared for my fingers if the truth be known :(

Oh, and earlier today Len spotted the photo of the Playground outing on yesterday's snippets post. His comment? 'Crumbs, looks like the St. Trinian's Mob on an outing'. I grabbed me lacrosse stick and chased him round the garden three times threatening exactly where it would end up what could happen if I caught him - man, he can really run too!! :)

This card is for the current challenge over at Craftyhazelnut's Christmas Challenge where the theme is 'Wonderful Wings'. It's also for Craftyhazelnut's Christmas Challenge Extra, for April, where the theme is always 'Anything Goes'.

I suspect I might have two entries this week for 'Wonderful Wings' as am likely to be stuck in the craft room most of today while the leak is sorted out in the kitchen. Sigh, unless I bring the ironing board up here - am not suggesting that one, me not totally stupid!



scrappymo! said...

Oh poor you...stuck in the craft room...hope will you ever cope!!! teehee

DH is tackling the 4 hour drive up to the lake to get all the hard graft done up there, getting ready for the RV season.
We have bylaws to protect the tall deciduous and evergreen trees but last fall we did some decided hard pruning on our deciduous ones. We spent a full days raking and hauling the leaves away and then a couple of days at least scrubbing the concrete patio and brink walls with beach to get out the dye transfer from the leaves. i don't know the name of the tree in question, but man oh man, does it ever discolour the concrete!

He will dewinterize the RV, erect the gazebo roof and curtains, pull out the chairs and cushions etc, set up the fire pit...the list is a mile long! I used to help but then got smart and stay home to protect my back!!!

Why am I rambling...cuz no DH from Tues am till Sat pm...I'll be in heaven...I will have so much crafting time! No Mr retired DH popping in to "see what I'm up to" no projects planned in the garden that always involve me!!! teehee

Yep...crafty heaven...that's where I'll be...maybe I will manage to make 3 cards for the draw for that gorgeous stamp!!!

Julie said...

My guillotine definitely has the odd off day,if I could trust myself with a craft knife and one of those fancy rulers I've seen on C&C I'd give it a go( wonder if my local A&E could cope lol) I'm loving your up cycled card,wish if not thrown mine now! Genius! Have a good one,Julie x

Anonymous said...

Being stuck in your craftroom sounds just plain awful Di, my sympathies go to you :)

Great card, perfect use of recycled cards. We love robins too and have a couple that visit the garden. Last night we enjoyed the blackbird singing goodnight to the day, it was lovely.

As for Len, you should of hooked his right leg as he set off, that's what us St. Trinian's would do!

Big hugs xx

Kath said...

A great card Di, I've got a large box of cards to upcycle too. Some of them make such quick cards I almost feel like I'm cheating!
Kath x

Carol Willis said...

Love the fluffy robins Di.
Caz x

Sarn said...

Ha ha . . . poor Len . . . he can't HELP being male you know!

Hmmm, St Trinians . . . perhaps we SHOULD dress up next time!

Oh . . . back to your card . . . I love robins too, this card is just delightful. Well done for upcycling too.

Sarn xxx

Hettie said...

Such a hardship to be stuck in the craft room. Wanna swap?
Don't pick on poor Lenny!
Nice card there. We have a one legged Robin visits every morning when we are feeding the girls. We throw him some corn over the fence!

Elizabeth said...

Hello Di, super card - love robins and your purpose made card base if fab.

Have been thinking of buying a mini guillotine (I have a large Purple Cow which is great but too big to take on my hols) but have had trouble deciding which make to purchase ... the X-Cut was one I was considering.

You're confined to the craft room ... how dreadful is that :) I don't suggest you take the ironing board out of the kitchen. That's the start of a very slippery slope, methinks. It will be the hoover next!!!

Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Gorgeous card Di,
love the birds,
hugs Tamara

Sandra H said...

LOL....Never a dull moment in your house Di, I like robins too they are gorgeous on your card and look good company for one an other no fighting with these two cuties your card is stunning xx

Carol L said...

So you were chasing your hubby with a lacrosse stick! Is there video of that?! LOL
Your re-cycled Christmas card is just precious with those beautiful birds, and I love all the gold trim!

Hazel said...

Hope the kitchen leak got sorted and you didn't have to resort to the ironing board - crafting is much better. Your robins are so cute - I always love to see them on Christmas cards - thanks for entering both of my CHNC challenges - hope to see you again soon. X

Mrs A. said...

I got all excited as I read Kath's comment as a box of cakes first off!! Wot. You mean you dun iron your cards then?!!!!! Sorting through me goodies from the Ally Pally and me pile of ickle snippets today. Hugs Mrs A.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I had no idea robins could be so brutal. Then again, I totally get it--personal space, man! We have roadrunners here and they have no problem eating meat--like lizards and snakes and baby birds and cute little mousies. Yeah, some birds can be real hard-asses.

Bonnie said...

What a beautiful card, Di! I'm still laughing about the chase scene!