Saturday, 30 March 2013

The best laugh for ages

On WOYWW (on 20th March) Annie posted that she had some Scrabble tiles on offer - and you just had to leave a comment saying what was the strangest thing you kept 'just in case it could come in handy'.

This was my comment:

Number one is my lovely Len :))

And next is an indication of my kleptomania - if EVER there's a free ballpoint pen going then it's into my handbag and then stored in a mahoosive poly bag in a drawer here. No hotel, conference centre etc. is safe. Think I'm covered if there's ever a world shortage of biros! The sad thing is that every now and then I have to go through and dump those that are so old they've dried up! Sigh, keep saying I ought to get out more!

I left old pairs of pants and knickers as cleaning cloths off the list :) Err, or did I 'cos I just told you?

On Thursday this week a package arrived in the post - and when I opened it, these were inside. Oh my gosh, I'd only gone and won those Scrabble tiles! There was a lovely card plus the much longed for tiles, in what I thought was the way Scrabble tiles come these days, in a nice drawstring bag:
When I read the card it did make me smile but in the excitement my brain wasn't fully in gear.
 And THEN, I opened up the bag to peek inside at the tiles!
Bwahahahahahah - Len came running to see why I was hopping round with my legs crossed in tears of laughter. Soooo funny, the bag is only a pair of panties made from a duster - so in return, I'm linking this into Annie's Friday Smile for this week. The girls, Annie and Jo, were giggling so much making this package up they only posted it and forgot to take a photo :) They truly didn't ought to be allowed to play together :))

So, from me it's a very BIG:
There's only one letter X of course in a set of tiles - otherwise there'd be a LOT more!!

It's a new week in the Snippets Playground on Sunday of course - you might just want to hop by and see what's been going on, but I won't be modelling the panties - not even as a jaunty little hat:)



Hettie said...

Oh My Goodness!! Di! You are sooo funny and it could only be you!
Love it!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

HHHHHaa! Chuckling all the way over here Di!!
.. so gorgeous and brillaint an idea they really do take the cake (or the knickers :D)

well done you! Shaz in Oz.x

(now no excuse for dusting huh!)

Gillian R said...

That is brilliant. So funny!

Darnell said...

Oh, Lordie, my sides hurt from laughing so much, Di! Such a fun bag, and what a brilliant poem ... around your piles INDEED!!

Thank you ALL for a great, great laugh!!

Mrs A. said...

The Doc collects biros up too and uses his unmentionables as cleaning cloths!! I think I need a drink. Hugs mrs a.

Mary said...

I can't stop laughing. I think we are sisters in crime...I'm so bad I tell clerks in stores that I am a pen thief and they can help me by asking for their pen back. I think we both need pens anonymous.

ike said...

Absolutely brilliant !!! Thank you so much for my early morning larf !!!!!
EXCELLENT and I'm so glad you won the tiles.
I am going off to have another chuckle about this now LoL xxxxxx

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

So funny and creative idea,
Tamara :)

mamapez5 said...

Love it, love it, love it! We are so alike Di, but I won't go into details of which bits I can identify with in your post!
A very Happy Easter to you and Len. Kate xx

Jules said...

Oh that is brilliant Di .. .. and so funny.

Your prize has been made extra special!!

Hope you are having a good Easter break.

Love Jules xx

Anonymous said...

That is so funny Di, thanks for providing me with an early morning giggle.

Well done on your win, those tiles are certainly going to provide you with hours of creative fun.

Off to remove any pens out of my handbag in preparation of us meeting at AP ;)

Big hugs xx

Annie said...

As you can imagine Di I am in fits of giggles again here now. Thanks for posting the pics and sharing it.
Biggest hugs,
Annie xxxx

Debs Willis said...

That's hilarious! And that knicker bag is fab!! The idea of u dusting your 'piles' had me j. Stitches ;-))

Debs x

Sandra H said...

Oooooooh What fun and thanks for sharing this Di....congratulations xx

Sue - said...


Twiglet said...

He he - doesn't a little sisterly madness go a long way!!!!! x Jo

Carol said...

Oh my, that did make me laugh. What a sense of humour those two lovely sisters do have!
Congratulations on your brilliant prize.
Happy Easter.
Carol xx

Lynn said...

Oh Di, this is so funny! What lovely and clever ladies. Congratulations on your win. (p.s. love the basket of bunnies too). Lynn x Happy Easter x

MaryH said...

Oh thanks for sharing such a laugh with us this afternoon. Somebody (several somebodies!) got awfully clever on this one. Congrats to you for winning the tiles and also to the lovely ladies who thunk up the astonishing packaging & the amusing poetry. Thank ALL of you for sharing this and sending some smiles world wide! Happy Easter. Hugs

glitterandglue said...

Brilliant! Smile?? NO - laugh out loud so much! Well done for winning the tiles.
Margaret - glitterandglue

Caro said...

LOL! That is fantastic...both the story about you using old nickers as dusters and the fact that the girls made you a knickers bag for the scrabble tiles. Excellent! Thanks for the smile. Caro #7 Have a very Happy Easter.

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

You three could become a really good comedy act. That is just hysterical. Absolutely brilliant. Sorry I shall not make the playground this week. I lost my calendar this week and forgot it was nearly playground day - that is my excuse and I am definitely sticking to it. I cannot believe how fast this year is flying and we are still freezing. Thank you for your lovely comments on my parchment card. In truth, it is quite easy to do, just following the pattern and counting, sort of cross stitch on paper. Have a good week. xx Maggie

Anonymous said...

Oh Di, you've cheered me up no end! What a fantastic post; so funny!

Angie said...

I love the duster pants clever of them ....and the ditty too...thanks for sharing.

Anne said...

So so funny :-) Anne x

Kathleen said...

Well my lovely blogging friend, this post had me in stitches and I would also like to thank the lovely Ladies that sent you this gift of the scrabble tiles as I really do feel that there is a great lack of humour in the card making blogging land and it is so refreshing to read posts that really make you laugh.

Oh dear, still laughing about keeping Len as he may come in handy.
Who doesn't try to nick pens, for really no reason at all, and I have to say that if they run out very quickly, I get really cross.

Well, huh, you commented on my pair of old knickers on my radiator but forgot to mention that you use them as well for crafting and cleaning.

Funny enough the idea of using old knickers came from my Dad as he used to use my Mums old silk panties to clean his glasses.

I am so sorry that I donor know the two Ladies that sent you these tiles but I have to say that they and you have made my Easter.
Really sorry Len, but I still can't stop giggling about this comment.

Have a great Easter.

Kath x

Elizabeth said...

So funny and absolutely brilliant! I'm so glad you won the tiles - I've never giggled so much - those little knickers are fabulous :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

scrappymo! said...


MagsB said...

Only you, Di, only you! I have tears in my eyes through laughing at your wonderful post! Many congratulations on your win!

love Mags B x

Sarn said...

You nutter! xxx Congrats on your win! xxx

JoZart Designs said...

That is priceless! Lucky you winning and lucky us knowing two such lovely people in blogland. The poem is a hoot and I love your knickers.. .as for the pies (of stash) enough said either way!!!
love Jo x

Gill Edwards said...

Oh thats so funny its making my cough worse laughing ;-D
well done for winning them. You have cheered me up no end

gill x

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Congrats Di!! You 3 made it a fun coffee break. Ideas galore and it's so fun to see what crazies those 2 come up with. Enjoy your tiles and have a great week

fairy thoughts said...

fantastic! thanks for the smiles

famfa said...


Angela Toucan said...

oh ace!

Lynn Holland said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha oops ! Bring on the Tena ladies !!!!

Lynn x

BumbleVee said...

That is funny! those two are a hoot!! I love knowing there are others out there like me... having a blast with little things ... enjoying life to the max between the harsh realities....