Sunday 2 May 2021

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #402 - Ruby's Memory

Our wee Ruby 2005-2020

So, it's a holiday tomorrow here in the UK - and many other places as well - to celebrate May Day, which is the return of Spring. Ha, after some lovely weather recently it's forecast to be not so good - typical! According to folklore, the dew on 1 May has magical properties and anyone who washes their face in it will have a flawless complexion for the entire year. Nice thought but highly unlikely here.

It's time for another Ruby's Memory Challenge challenge and this time we have a two part prize kindly donated by Vicky. I've known Vicky (via blogging and Stamping Up for a good while now) and was delighted when she sent me two sets of stamps for Ruby's Challenge. Over the years I've had at least four Stamping Up Demos, including April, Vicky and Lesley all of whom play here. Some of you will have had more - and I do think they're all innoculated with kindness and generous hearts.

This runs very much like my usual challenges and the rules are exactly the same. The main difference you will notice is that I won't make sample card as the prize has been donated and I don't have a duplicate. Instead, I'm donating what I would have spent  to the rescue charity who saved little Ruby as a wee puppy. 

BTW, the Toy Box is full to overflowing right now after another lovely package of goodies arrived, so unless you feel a burning need to send any unused goodies in order to clear your own craft space, for now I do have enough prizes to last for some considerable time. Your generosity is amazing - thank you all so much as by donating those prizes you have effectively donated to the rescue charity as well. Please read the end of this post for some more information about donated goodies.

So, here's an image of a gorgeous card that Vicky made using a sentiment from her own duplicate of one of the stamp sets:

And here's the prize itself - slight difference in quality between Vicky's photography and mine though. I do envy crafters who stage their work so beautifully, I just never seem to have the time, let alone the skill:
See what I mean?! Anyhow - first of all there's a lovely set of Clearly Besotted stamps called 'Dog Years' with lots of adorable pooches (a couple of the upside down ones remind me of Dudley), plenty of sentiments for different occasions as well as some sweet little 'accessories' such as a Santa hat. There's also a set of great sentiments by W plus 9 called 'Strictly Sentiments 2', one was used on Vickys card above.'.

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 15th May. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list. And I won't be splitting the prize of course.
Please also remember that I only allow a total of nine other challenges, which makes 10 in total, when you enter a snippets make into the Playground.

I'm typing this on Friday as we have a bath scheduled for Dudley on Saturday after his midday walk - sssh, don't tell him. I might add a little 'pupdate' here afterwards, we shall see.
Edit: So funny, Dudley escaped from the big 'burrito' bath towel I'd rolled him in and went right for a bedroom where we'd forgotten to close the door. The clip of him drying himself on the bed is massive and I can't seem to be able to embed it on this post but it can be found on my Facebook account as well as YouTube - under 'Dudley the Havanese' - HERE.
Here's the final still from the video after his mad frenzy - what a pickle he is! Then, he was beautifully fluffy and white with those beautiful peach ears after a good brush and blow dry, within less than half an hour.
The 2nd COVID jabs went well for both of us, Len sailed through it and I just had a short reaction that evening (very cold and shivering for a while) but thankfully was right as rain after an early night and a long sleep. 

Back to the subject of donated goodies and prizes. Most of you will recall our lovely Playmate Mary McMillan in the USA, who lost her home and all of her craft goodies in a terrible California fire some while ago. When I finally found out about what had happened I put out an appeal on here and many of you responded so generously. If you didn't, then no need to wade though what follows.

Most of you opted to send items directly to Mary but some of you sent them to me to add into my own parcel, as I was going to be sending my own stuff as well ........................ and then along came COVID! Any thoughts of posting that parcel went out of the window and in fact it was likely to need a courier service rather than Royal Mail.
So, I still have a box of goodies from myself, and a few of you, waiting to be sent to Mary. A while ago I picked up vibes that she really had been quite overwhelmed by people's generosity, potentially had more stamps than she would ever get round to using (I know that feeling well!) and was almost struggling with storage etc. So, I emailed Mary the other day for a 'catch up chat' and also to ask about the donated goodies. I heard back from her today and whilst she's so very grateful for your kindness she really isn't managing to do much card making. Richard, her husband, is virtually blind and Mary is having to care for him and also the house - with very little time for card making or blogging. She would prefer that the items go to people who have more time on their hands to play and I do understand this. I also understand that some of you might be disappointed that your donated items never went to Mary, but we really had no idea of the impact COVID would have and life has moved on for so many of us.

I have a solution though. How about I make up bigger bundles of items for Ruby's challenge every so often? Some of them will be pre-loved but they're either new or in excellent condition. And of course I would still send a donation to the rescue centre as always. Or we could have a bumper draw on one/some of my own snippets weeks with several prize bundles and you saying what you're playing for. Trickier to administer but 'doable' nonetheless. Thoughts or any other ideas please.

I haven't dug right through the box but each item sent to me for onward posting to Mary is identifiable by sender - so if you feel 'Hey, this isn't on and it's not why I sent my stuff' - then I would happily package up and return your donated items to you of course. And that would remain purely between us - just email me if you want me to do that.
And apologies once again for a wordy post and also the fact that I haven't caught up on commenting as well as I should.
Stay safe and be kind.

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley and of course me,


  1. Look at me with the first entry! Wow...I think the world must be coming to an end or something. Ha.

    A big thank you to Vicki for donating the prize this time...and to you for arranging this way of remembering dear Ruby. The stamps in the prize package are just adorable. I am a cat person, as you know, but I am throwing my name into the hat this time with a YES, PLEASE...and thank you. I have tons of cat stamps, but very few doggy ones and this is such a cute and versatile set that I can't resist. I do, upon occasion, make a dog card for dog-loving friends. I love Vicki's beautiful card using the gorgeous sentiment set that she is including. Just lovely. That really tipped the balance for tossing my name in for this prize pkg!!

    So sorry to hear that Mary's husband is having troubles. Bless her as she cares for him! She has her hands full and I wish her strength through all of it. It is so sweet of her to request that you distribute the "COVID-refugee goodies" elsewhere. Who could have guessed all the strangeness that has occurred? I am in favor of you doing whatever is EASIEST for you! You are so fabulously generous with mailings all over the globe that it feels very selfish of us to say add them to the prize bundles. Really...just do what will cause you the least stress and effort. We care a lot more about you than prizes!! <3

    Hugs to you and that adorable Dudley!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  2. Saw the Dudley video on FB yesterday and howled, hope your lovely white bed was dry by the time you settled in for the night! I wasn't a donor for your Mary appeal, poor woman an event like that can be life changing but I do hope she gets some time for herself. Think your idea of using the gifts as Ruby challenges is a very good one.

    I'll probably be back with something for you to see over the next couple of weeks but with the new challenge stating on the 5th things have been a bit busy round here! x

  3. Lovely card from Vicky, such great design with the beautiful sentiment as focal point! And thanks so much to you both for the fabulous prizes, the critter stamps with the little accessories are soooo cute!!!
    Dudley always makes me smile, I watched the video and I laugh a lot... Poor him, he want dry itself!! "Please, don't use phon with me, I hate blow air!!" LOL :D
    Sorry about Mary's husband, hope that all will be better for her!
    Hugs and make some cuddles to Dudley from me :)

  4. Hi Di, So pleased all went well for you and Len's shots - you can breathe easy now! Am also so pleased I had this puppy card ready for the Ruby's Memory challenge. Our pet's are so much our loved family - I don't know what I would do with out our two furbabies!! I would love to win the prize if lucky enough this time around. Saty safe & well - Cheers Maurs xxx

  5. Glad you and Len are both ok following 2nd jabs.

    Dudley is a little scamp isn't he?

    Congrats to Vicky on guesting this week.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  6. So lovely to be with you today Di and thank you so much for donating to the NI Rescue Charity. I feel so sad for Mary who seems to have had a really rough time. If the donated items were used as Ruby's Memory prizes, they would still be going to a very good cause. What an adorable photo of a damp little Dudley! Good to hear you and Len are doing well too. Hugs, Vicky xx

  7. Lol there's never a dull moment with Mr Dudley around, I did laugh at his antics on YouTube! Glad to hear you both got over jab #2
    What a fabulous prize from Vicky and a beautiful card too! (I'll play just for fun this week)
    Sounds like Mary has her hands full, so kind of her to donate all those goodies to the Toy Box, I would say to do whatever is easiest for you Di X

  8. It's always a bright spot in my day (week) when I stop by here, Di. You keep us entertained, informed, laughing, and always creating. Love the inspiration, too. I will say a BIG....YES PLEASE to this darling set. I don't own this one, and our pets need cards too!! I had fun creating my entry using lots of patterned paper snippets on my card base. I sure hope you're having a blessed day.
    Karen Letchworth
    Las Vegas, NV

  9. Oh Dudley... you need to write a book... adventures of Dudley :)
    I LOVE these two stamps! Definitely playing this week for the prize!

  10. Oh... love the prizes this time as I don't have many dog stamps. So yes please! And what a fun story about Dudley's after-bath antics. I'll have to check out the video as I'll bet it's adorable! TFS

  11. Yes Please to this adorable stamp set and prize! We love dogs in our house, even though my dog, Toby, lives with my parents for the past 10 years. Whenever my kids ask for a pet of their own, I tell them that they already have a forget about it! I'm glad to hear that you and Len are now fully vaccinated and you didn't have too many side effects. My husband and I got our second shot on Friday and had very few symptoms as well, yay!
    I can understand how Mary has too much on her plate right now to do much crafting. I also understand how craft supplies can start to take over the house and require a lot of time to organize and store. I love the idea of adding the extras to Ruby's special prize box. You are always so generous and thoughtful Di, and come up with the best ideas.
    That Dudley kind of reminds me of how I look, straight out of the shower and before my blow dry too, lol.

  12. It's a YES PLEASE from me this time around too - fab prize.

    Delighted to hear your jabs went well and that you had only slight reactions too, I've also had my second jab and only experienced a slight soreness around the injection site for 24 hours and nothing more - Woo Hoo!

    Dudley is such a treasure, I imagine he's kept you well entertained during lockdown, as he's also kept us amused too .... as you've shared his antics!

    As to the redistribution of those piled up donations, with Mary's agreement ... sounds like you've hit on the best way round it too. Thanks so much for organising this, I'm sure Mary was so delighted to hear that there were so many people willing to help.

    After a pretty nice weekend the Bank Holiday Monday appears more typical, wet and windy!!! Have a good one!


  13. Playing for fun this time to give others more of a chance with this super prize. Oh dear your generous nature certainly seems to land you with some serious logistics problems but your solution to this one seems a good idea. Sorry to hear that Mary isn't doing so well and hope she does get some time to follow her crafty path.

    Gorgeous photo of the adorable Dudley and another amusing tale of his antics, don't subscribe to FB but will see if I can find the video to watch.

  14. I've been away too long! I'm playing just for fun and have enjoyed seeing/reading about Dudley. You are such a caring person...I wish "across the pond" wasn't so far so I could meet you in real time! I'm fully vaccinated too and wasn't going to do it but family pressure won out! Stay well.

  15. Hi Di the card is gorgeous I just love it. So it is YES Please from me this time. I love hearing about Dudley. Have a great week. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  16. I too will be playing just for fun this week. I have my own overwhelming supply of crafty goodness that doesn't need adding too for now LOL I understand Mary's situation and I know she must be struggling with all she has to manage - I can surely relate! Vicki's card is beautiful and what can I say about Dudley! He's a cute wet mess after a bath! LOL

  17. Beautiful card by Vicky and so kind of her to donate the prizes. I'll be a Yes Please for my name to go in the hat.
    Glad you got through you second jabs fairly well. We've had both of ours now with very little after effects from the last ones, thankfully.
    Love the photo of the bedraggled Dudley, it made me smile!
    I sent my donation of crafty goodies direct to Mary, so I don't feel a can comment on what to do with the ones you have. I'm sure you will make the best decision. xx

  18. Thank you to Vicky for these great stamps and a very pretty card using one of the sentiments, but as there are so many others who will make much better use of the cute little dog stamps I will be playing just for fun if I get a card in. With regard to the donated items which Mary has asked to be used in some other way, we would all I'm sure be happy for you to do whatever you think is appropriate. Sorry to hear Mary's husband needs a lot of care now and this is obviously limiting her crafting time so can understand why she thought the items could be better used elsewhere. I did laugh at Dudley's after bath antics rolling himself dry on your bed, he is a scamp but such a cute one x

  19. Hi Di! Glad you & Len are doing well after your 2nd shot - yay!! My hubby, too, thank God.
    Love Vicky's beautiful, modern card. Pretty colors! And yes, her photo skills are awesome! And she's generous as well. I'd love to play for this wonderful prize. All those dogs are so cute!! Thanks for the chance! ;-)

  20. This time I participate just for my soul.

  21. Love so much that you're supporting rescue animals, Di, along with the lovelyladies donating the prizes. Glad your second jab went well. I had one day when I felt pretty fatigued (second day after second shot), but I recovered after a good night's sleep.
    Yes please on the prize.

  22. So nice to read both you and Len have had your 2nd jab and that you didn't suffer too badly l myself had a sore arm and it lasted for just a couple of days glad to of had both of my jabs....the stamps are so adorable l myself am just playing for fun Di beautiful card l love the sentiment the floral flower heads are gorgeous as is Dudley take care x

  23. Answered pray in this post, Di, came over to see how you were travelling post Jab 2 and good news so glad.. loved the video. Having wee break, not 100%, hurt right hand so seemed a good time to be quiet for a while. Thanks for your comments and lovely posts and chuckled at dear Dudley. Prayer hugs dear DI, may God watch over you all and keep you in His loving care each day. Shaz.x

  24. A fabulous card from Vicky and I would love a chance to win the prize, please.

    Dudley is so cute - I love the photo!

    Kath x

  25. Yes please to the fabulous prize from Vicky! I pretty much love all things with cute critters, but have a soft spot for pups. Vicky's lovely floral card shows how beautiful the sentiment looks on a card as well.
    I saw Dudley's romp through the bedding on FB and had to laugh. Our Toby does something similar after his bath, but he can't get up onto the bed so he makes do with the carpet. Dudley's just trying to be eco-conscious and save using electricity on the blow dryer, ha!

    Also wanted to say that your idea of adding the donated goodies for Mary to Ruby's prize box sounds like an excellent one, and now they will be even more special. Used or new, we love everything crafty!

  26. Vicky made a wonderful card. Love the photo of the Dudley.
    I would love to be in the draw for the prize, please.
    Valerija xx

  27. Great to hear you and your hubby are well after your shots! Thanks so Vicky for the great prize on offer! Always fun to read your updates and have a smile at the adventures of Dudley!! I would love to be considered for a prize please. So pleased when I came back to check today and my card was up!! It is never easy to link up!! Stay safe and have a good week! Cheers Helen :) x

  28. Vicki's card is beautiful, and a great example of that fun sentiment!

    You're so sweet, trying to help a crafter in need, and since it was her choice to donate it back, I think a few "bonus" items in draws would be awesome.
    As for Me? I'm here to enjoy the company, and just have fun, so please pass on me!

  29. What a gorgeous snippets card from Vicky!
    I'm a 'yes please' for the prize draw.
    Helen x

  30. Glad your second shots went well. We had ours last week and the only side effect was that I slept for about 16 hours solid afterwards - quite amazing considering everything that is going on at the moment. Maybe I should ask for a once a week booster to help to keep my sleep levels topped up.

    As you know, I'm much more of a cat person than a dog one, but that means i have very little suitable stash when I want to make a doggy themed card for somebody. So it's a huge YES PLEASE from me for these adorable stamps.


  31. Entered with my project. Absolutely YES for entering in the draw, please! :D
    Hugs and cuddles to Dudley :)

  32. Hi DI! Yes please to these fabulous prizes! I'm so glad your jabs went well. Hubby is having his 2nd tomorrow and mine will be in a two weeks. Perhaps life can start returning to normal soon 🤞!

  33. I am so proud that all papers and card on my entry are snippets. I have them all organised by colour in some fab colour coded bags my sister got me and use them so much more now they are easier to grab.

    If I am lucky enough to be the winner I would love those little doggies to come live with me. I promise I would give them a good home <3

  34. Gorgeous card from Vicky, yes please to the fabulous prize.
    So glad you and Len have had your second jabs.
    Katrina x

  35. Gosh, so much news....... Glad you have both had the jabs without too much discomfort. Dudley looks gorgeous all mussed. Gorgeous card from Vicky and yes please to be in the draw for the cute puppy stamps. Take care. HUGZ

  36. A lovely card from Vicky, so pretty. Pleased to hear your jabs went well, ours are on Wednesday this week. Just had a look at Dudley's video and he is so funny. The one where he is a tiny pup made me laugh too. I will be a Yes please for this lovely prize, thank you x

  37. You know me, Di. I love dogs!! Yes, please to the chance to get this prize. Kudos to you for you remembering Ruby this way. Love, love the video of Dudley. What a scamp.

  38. Very happy to join in this challenge. Please include me in the drawing for the prize.

  39. For the first time in ages, I'm tossing my hat into the ring for the prize. :-D Loved the video of Dudley drying himself on the bed covers. lol What a character, he is! :-D

  40. Yes please for lovely stamps - thank you Vicky and Di. Dudley looking super cute as always. Horrified to see that I hadn't posted any cards on my blog this YEAR! Always lovely to come back here though and see all the inspirational cards. Hugs, April xx

  41. Vicky's card is so beautiful!! And how generous of her to make the card and donate a prize!! The pups are super adorable, but I think I will play just for fun this week, thanks!

  42. Vicky has spent really cute stamps for the challenge and my YES is in capitals! Thank you so much Vicky and Di for the opportunity to win this prize.
    I will have my 2nd Pfizer jab oncoming saturday and I am looking forward to this! Hopefully life will become a bit better and 'easier' in summer for all of us.
    Lia xx

  43. Yes please count me in.Thanks, CarolG

  44. I have just watched Dudley's video, he is so funny. and adorable.
    great card from Vicky, I love flowers.
    and yes for the beautiful prize, please.
    I was thinking about Mary several times and how is she doing now. thank you for the update. I totally agree with you and I can understand Mary in this hard situation. I will send some card to her again.
    have a great weekend and thank you for everything you do.

  45. A beautiful cheery card from Vicky it looks so lovely. I'm just playing along for fun.
    L x


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