Sunday 28 February 2021

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #396 Ruby's Memory - results

We have glorious sunshine here - Happy Dance around the garden! Long may it last as it's such a lovely sign of what's to come when seeing new shoots sprouting in the garden ....... and no doubt the rhubarb patch will spring into life any time now. Hooray for more rhubarb than we can eat, although this year I plan to pull it often and bake pies, cakes - as well as gently stewed rhubarb instead of apple sauce whenever we have roast pork. We still have a way to go yet with the weather though, so don't be packing those woolly vests away just yet.☺

First of all, the picks:

Alice used absolutely loads of snippets for this beautiful card - I love it and there's so much detail, each time I look I spot something else! 

Here's a really clever way to use snippets - make a woven background!  Kathy A brought this lovely card to share - I can't get over the wonderful co-ordination of the papers as well as the colouring.

And another way to use up snippets and at the same time 'pull together' the papers and the image itself. Lynne shared this card with us and it's absolutely delightful - what a splash of Spring.
And a fourth pick this week as I just couldn't whittle my short list down to three:

Lia shared this delightful card - so perfect for Spring/Easter! Again. wonderful use of lots of snippets and such a cheerful card. Told you Spring is on the way! 

And we had one new Playmate who came and joined in:
Dotty Jo

Jo is a friend of Ruby's Mum Lynne in NI and it was a lovely surprise when she linked this lovely card in! In return, can I point you in the direction of a great Challenge run by Jo and Gail (Ionabunny) who also plays here. It's fairly new and is called Let's Squash It. It runs monthly from 10th to the end of each month and the idea is to use an embossing folder (hands up who neglects theirs!) along with another theme(s) which vary each time. For example, February's Challenge was a Love themed embossing folder and the colour Red/Pink. Note to self to make more effort to join in this fun challenge.

That's my picks from Challenge 396 in the Playground, we had 49 entries and one new Playmate.

Now for the prize draw, which is a Poppystamps 'Mushrooms and Toadstools' set of dies - kindly donated by Connie - plus a set of LOTV Easter Bunny toppers as well as some silver Easter/Spring sentiment peel offs, kindly donated by Kath B And the winner is: 


Congratulations Marjeta! I'm super-delighted that your name popped straight out when I ran the Random Number gizmo - as far as I can tell, you first played in January 2017 and although you've had a Gold Star and also been a Playground Pick at least once, in four plus years this is your very first Playground prize win! 

Please send me your address, even if you know that I know it already, with your full name at the top as well so it can be can be copied and pasted for speed and ease. It's also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course.  Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

Remember folks, there's still almost one more week to run on the current Challenge 397 HERE. The prize is an Indigo Blu 'Flower Heads - A5' set of stamps.

A little more time during this past week has been spent by Len, doing more trimming of Dudley - right now his little legs look a bit like matchsticks giving him the look of a little barrel-shaped cartoon dog on skinny legs (think of Gnasher in the Beano comic, but without the bared teeth and evil look!). So now his torso needs taking down to a lower level of cut as basically he still has too much fluffiness around his body. I have rolled my eyes and asked why Len doesn't just shave him bald and then he can begin growing again from scratch! This is going to be a bit like painting the Forth Road Bridge if we're not careful. He's so patient and will play nicely at being good for about an hour at a time, then he lets you know he's had enough by just flopping down flat and resting his head on his front paws. Almost there - and nope, I doubt if I'll be posting any photos of him just yet. Still, at least no-one has fallen about laughing and pointing at him when he's out for 'walkies'! And, he looks a darned sight better than he did when that dreadful groomer couldn't cope with him properly a year ago.

Dudley is such an inquisitive little chap - and it's not just when I'm cooking either. He can hear the rustle of a cheese wrapper from the other end of the house or garden and comes running into the kitchen on the offchance of a little nibble. And he's so comical when post or parcels are being opened - he always has to be shown the contents and then he gives it one single dab of his nose - which presumably means it's been stamped as 'approved'! 

His latest trick (Dudley not Len) is the discovery of a small gap in next door's fence - low down where the boards meet the bottom cross piece. He will crouch for ages peeking through into next door's garden in the hope of seeing their dogs. They have Teddy the Shih Tzu and now a little girl puppy Shih Tzu called Tinkerbelle. Talk about a peeping tom! His very best friend is a dear little dog called Arnie - they live over the way from us and we just need to say 'Where's Arnie' and he's rushes around the house looking for him! Never a dull moment.

This challenge #396 was our first one in memory of dear Ruby, beloved Westie of our lovely playmate Lynne in NI. Ruby, who was originally rescued from a life of misery and 'puppy farming' by USPCA in Northern Ireland, was then adopted by Lynne and Greg and what a wonderful time they had together until just before Christmas 2020.

So that some good can come out of the sadness, I pledged to send USPCA a donation in lieu of what I would have spent on a prize for each Ruby's challenge we run (hopefully every six weeks until we run out of prizes - we actually have loads which is so heart warming, what a lovely lot you are!).

As I type this, late on Saturday afternoon, their website is kicking me out - I'm trying to donate but it isn't playing ball, right at the point of final verification. I've raised a query with them and will keep you up to date. Sigh. Otherwise it will be The Dogs Trust or similar - but I really want us to help the charity actually which rescued Ruby. Watch this space.

Love from Parsnip, myself and the usual happy 'high-five' and woof from Dudley.


  1. Four beautiful picks and congratulations to Marjeta for winning the lovely prize this time. Glad you are gradually getting there with Dudley's grooming and I'm sure he will look great when you get the body to match the Sorry not to get a card in but I just don't seem to be able to get myself into gear..just can't push myself to do as much at the moment. Hopefully this will pass soon and normal services will be resumed. x

  2. Such creative snippets cards--love the picks, Di! You guys are so brave with the grooming & bless Dudley's heart for cooperating for an hour! I wouldn't even begin to attempt it with Fritz, but it's probably my fault for not doing it early on. Luckily here, groomers can operate as part of "animal care" from what I'm told. Fritz got very shaggy, so I was calling him a street urchin--but oh so cute! Too much stuff in his "feathers" & he gets too matted (terrible mom, I am!), so it was off to see Ms Jessi. Hubby thinks he's freezing now, so sometimes I leave his fleece jacket on in the house. How these furbabies fill our hearts with love & make us laugh!

  3. What lovely picks! I'm sitting here chuckling at the thought of Dudley squinting under the fence.

  4. Some great picks this time and congratulations to the winner. Love hearing about the progress of Dudley's grooming and his other exploits.

  5. Hello Di. Just wanted to say thank you for the comment you left on my blog. It was lovely hearing from you. Super cards on here. Take care Anne x

  6. What wonderful picks, Di, and congrats to the winners -- they're wonderful!
    Dudley is such a hoot -- inquisitive maybe, but smarter than a whip I believe!
    Glad you are all doing well!

  7. Great picks! And congrats to the winner! OH DUDLEY! Love your tales of grooming! So sweet of you to donate to the USCPA!

  8. One of these days I'll get back into playing but for now I just enjoy reading your posts. Happy Sunday to you!

  9. WOW! Thank you Di. I am super happy to win this prize. Wish you lots of fun and crafty days.

  10. Thanks so much for picking up my card in your compilation of tops!! Congrats to the other picks and to the winner!
    Congrats also to you and Len for Dudley's grooming!! Well done!
    Hugs and cuddles to him!

  11. Congrats everyone and lovely to see my crafty partner in crime Jo joining the playground. Thanks for the shout out for Let's Squash It! Di and the tip about pork and rhubarb. Nam nam. The stories of Len and Dudley continue to amuse. Take care. HUgz

  12. Thank you for showing my card as one of your picks Di and congrats to Marjeta. We have far too much rhubarb each year - we end up giving a lot of it away, but I must make more of an effort to use it this year. We managed to get our two boys groomed last week saying they would get matted up if they were left much longer so their little legs are like matchsticks too :). Have a good week x

  13. What a lovely surprise to see my card get a mention, and thanks for the 'shout out' for Let's Squash it too, Di! I'm delighted to be a new player and only dropped by today to find the details for another challenge. Hugs, Jo x

  14. What stunning picks Di! Well deserved picked for sure. Such unique ways to use snippets and I hope I can remember some of them. Things seem to fall right out of my head anymore! Glad to see a new playmate as well too! The more the merrier! A big CONGRATS to Marjeta!! Dudley sounds like such a joy and he sounds so much like my gang. They crack me up too. If I leave the house, which is so rare these days, they have to sniff me all over to see where the heck I went. Oh and don't rattle or open a wrapper/bag of any kind because they think it is treats for them! Which it isn't. lol I'm with you on just giving Dudley a close hair cut and starting over from scratch. He sounds like he is doing well with getting groomed though, an hour is pretty good for his tolerance! I love that he is peeping through the fencing. So cute, so funny and love that he has a bestie too. They sure to bring a lot of joy don't they?! I hope you are able to get your donation through. Frustrating when things like this don't work right. Enjoy your week Di! Hugs, Brenda

  15. Wonderful top picks and congrats to Marjeta for the win! I'm glad I tuned in for another segment of Dudley's Antics. I hope Dudley gets to visit Arnie soon.

  16. Wow, what impressive snippet tops picks and congratulations to everyone. I will fall asleep with a big grin on my face tonight as I envision little Dudley peeking through the fence, trying to get a look at the pups next door, lol.

  17. What beautiful cards Di all of them are totally stunning creations and many congratulations to Marjeta enjoy your win ...been lovely here too nice start to spring hope it continues take care xx

  18. Such fun to see one of my cards among your picks! And to think that I almost threw that little woven mat away because I wasn't sure that I liked how it turned out. (The little ladybug digi covers the rough spots beautifully.)
    As usual, I love hearing about your hubby and furry friends. Our pups used to hear cheese wraps from rooms away, too. So funny! And anytime we said "Where's the squirrels?" one of our dogs would run to the window. The other reacted just as quickly when we said "Where's the kitties?" (our neighbors had three that used to like sunning themselves on the driveway.) Dogs are so much fun!


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