Sunday 9 December 2018

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #341

The photo of my snippets card for today isn't very good I'm afraid. We had days on end of really dull and overcast weather with rain thrown in for good measure, then I was at the point where I really needed to take a photo before delivering this card to be taken to the wedding from Len and I by a friend of the bride. So what did we get when I rushed to take the photo? Blinding sunshine and bouncing light all over the place! Sigh - these things are sent to try us!

Anyhow, here's my snippets card for today and the inspiration for it came from an Anniversary card made by our Janice HERE. This is my version, which I made as an easel card:

I used:

- 6" square easel card made using white card stock

- snippets of silver mirri card for the heart and sentiment and snippets of sparkly silver card for all the borders. I went for more sparkle as it's an
'almost Christmas' wedding and I know that the bride has chosen Christmas music for the church blessing and no doubt there will be other festive and sparkly touches

- snippets of White Pearlescent card for the embossed layers and the background to the heart and the sentiment

- first of all I cut and folded the easel card pieces but at this point kept it un-assembled

- then cut the two sparkly borders for the front and the flat part of the card and glued them in place

- topped those with a background layer of white pearlescent card which was embossed using XCut's 'Polka Hearts' embossing folder - there had been a fair old bit of measuring up and careful trimming beforehand I can tell you!

- then die cut the heart from Stick-It backed silver mirri card using a gorgeous die from The Works called 'Swirl Heart' - I also die cut the smaller centre heart from white pearlescent card to add into the centre and bring it all the the same level

- adhered the heart to a snippet of white pearlescent card and trimmed it down to size before backing it with a border of sparkly silver card

- then die cut and assembled the sentiment strip (which acts as a 'stop' to hold the card upright) using another lovely die, so kindly given to me earlier this year by a very sweet friend (you know who you are!) - the die is called 'Congratulations' and is made by Creative Expressions

- the next step was to fix the easel card together using red line tape

- and then I added the image panel and the sentiment panel using reasonably thick sticky pads - and popped a pair of linked Wedding rings into the centre of the heart - hooray for peel offs!

- finished, phew!

The card took me almost two days to make, I kept being distracted by little Dudley and made a few mistakes along the way which meant I had to re-do bits. For instance, embossing one piece of pearlescent card on the reverse (shame it wasn't double sided pearl but there you go!) - silly little mistakes as I wasn't really concentrating. In real life the card looks very special though and I'm well pleased with it, I made up a box for it as well. I really dithered about personalising it with the bride and groom's names - but in the end opted for keeping it less cluttered.

The prize, as usual, is totally connected to this week's snippets card:
It's an Xcut 6" x 6" 'Polka Hearts' embossing folder, a The Works 'Swirl Heart' die and a Creative Expressions 'Congratulations' die. I do so love The Works dies - considering they're pretty inexpensive they cut beautifully, come out of the dies with ease and are well made and robust.

A nice bumper bundle and I won't split this prize at all. As I always say, if you win and really don't want everything (although they go together so well) then feel free to give anything away to a fellow crafter at your end.

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 22nd December. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry and please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you're wanting to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're playing only for fun - otherwise I ignore you on my little list.

Mr Linky is below - please let me know if you have any problems linking, it's easy for me to sort out so don't struggle on alone :)

In two weeks time we'll all be in panic mode I expect getting ready for Christmas! But, do try and find time during the following fortnight to make and link a snippets make into the Mr Linky which will publish on 23rd December as most (if not all) days I'll be adding prizes into the pot for the Grand Christmas/New Year Draw! You will need to comment on any post showing the prize for that day if you wish to be added into the draw for that particular prize. One overall comment saying 'all prizes' won't cut it I'm afraid. Neither will racing through all the posts right at the end commenting on all the prizes be very fair - and it will show up on my dashboard. I know we're all going to be busy so I will allow some leeway of course.

I'm finishing this off on Saturday morning (ie. yesterday). It's been a fun week for Dudley and tonight will be a real test as I'm going to the Archery Club Christmas Quiz evening with Len. To be honest I'd rather stay at home but we do need to see if Dudley can cope with an evening in his indoor pen - along with bed, food, water and toys of course. Plus the radio will be left on for him to 'sing' along to! In fact, his sounds vary immensely and he almost yodels at times. I feel so bad that we have to try this but Len has rigged up an indoor CCTV camera so we can monitor him from where we'll be. And who knows, it may go well.

Yesterday (Friday) for example was a case in point. I got myself into a real tizz as Friday got closer and Dudley was being left alone at the groomers. He trotted into the main store quite nicely but was hesitant when we went into the 'grooming parlour' and he positively backed into a corner with his paws firmly dug in when he needed to be handed over to the girls! However, one worrying hour later I returned to collect him and guess what? He'd been an absolute angel throughout - hardly a murmur from him and the girls had fallen in love with him of course. In fact, the little scamp just gave me a glance and carried on licking the girl who brought him to be handed back. So much for a frantic little dog scrabbling to get back to 'Mum'! In loads of ways it's really heartening that he's not as fazed by these things as we thought he might be. And, he looks (and smells) utterly fabulous! He's fast asleep right now and with this evening in mind it isn't fair to disturb him to take a photo. Just think very white and fluffy with a coat that feels like spun silk :)

Hope you all have a lovely week/fortnight. And remember, if it doesn't get done before Christmas, things will still carry on so try not to get into panic mode with preparations. She says - being the world's worst! I actually have a list which lists all my to-do lists here!

Love from Parsnip and myself, and of course a 'woof' from Dudley ☺

Edit: Dudley coped amazingly well! He looked as if he was doing well on camera when we spied on him from the quiz venue. He was 'all of a quiver' when Len went into the house whilst I parked my car  - whether it was excitement at seeing Len or he'd been a bit stressed as the evening wore on we're unsure, but to be honest that little chap is proving to be tougher than we thought. Lots of play time and snuggles and he's absolutely fine!!


  1. Fabulous card, Di, so elegant. Popping the peeloff rings in the centre of the beautiful heart die cut is a perfect finishing touch. Hope everything went well with Dudley while you were out and he didn't get up to too much mischief! (Although with just one look with his adorable little face and I'm sure you'd forgive him if he did!) I'll be back to play later and will be a Yes Please for the prize. xx

  2. Oh I do wish I was close enough to come visit little Dudley in person! So, so happy the grooming went well (I've got horror stories over the years--haha, but a wonderful gal for all of Fritz's life!) & he did fine with you guys gone, too! We do leave Fritz occasionally, but actually we try to schedule things so one of us is home! He barks like crazy as we leave & when we come back even after all this time. Lots of people would think we're crazy, I'm sure, but he's family, too. Your card is a stunner, Di--they will treasure it! I'll play for the prize this time. Wishing you a very happy holiday season, my friend!

  3. Wohooooo .... Extra Duddles & pats for Dudley for being so well behaved while he was home alone! Hope you managed to enjoy yourselves last night.

    Fabulous easel card that will be a great keepsake.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. What a beautiful wedding card - I find dies from The Works to be great as well although my nearest store often have very few on display which is a bit disappointing when I don't pop into town that often. I will be back later with a card and would like to be included in the draw please. Had to smile at your 'spy camera' trick to keep an eye on Dudley - none of us safe from CCTV surveillance nowadays it seems. There were no cages when we had our first puppy and we had to get someone to 'babysit' if we both went out so that things weren't wrecked in our furnished rented flat!!

  5. Beautiful card Di. Managed to get internet to link up but just playing for fun xx

  6. Ooh my goodness Di your card is so lovely such a pretty die and the embossed folder is just perfect for the background love the silver as always nice on wedding cards and congratulations die perfect size and the rings in the middle complete your card ooh Dudley he really is a gem keeping you on your toes Di and you wouldn't want it any other way take care enjoy your day and week ahead just playing for fun xx

  7. Gorgeous card, Di! Love how it has a Christmas feel to it. You rocked this one!

  8. A lovely card Di and I'll be posting my card soon! I would also love a chance to win this beautiful prize, please.

    I'm sure Dudley will be fine with his indoor pen. My mother has one for her dog which she keeps in the corner of the room. He often goes into it when her grandchildren visit and he needs some peace. My mother also has a small teddy (the sort you can heat in a microwave) and she warms it slightly before leaving her dog and puts it in the pen with him so he can cuddle up to something warm!

    Kath x

  9. Wow!!! Such amazing card with that pearlescent paper embossed with the little hearts, the wonderful intricate gold heart and the silver rings!!!
    I'm sure that Dudley keeps your ears, eyes and hands just on him and crafting is becoming difficult, but you made a fab work!!!
    Sorry if I don't read all your post, but I'm very in hurry and English needs a lot of time to me, because it isn't my own language :/
    Hugs to you and cuddles to Dudley!

  10. Hope you don't mind two cards in one post and hope it counts as one entry! Yes please for the draw.

  11. An elegant card to be sure. I envy your creative eye on this one. I didn't see that card coming from that die. Great card! You have inspired me to play for the prize this time. - Higgledy Piggledy

  12. This is a beautiful card Di and I love the sweet little hearts in the background and the pretty swirly heart die, and what a great idea to add the little peel off rings, and the die cut sentiment makes a great stoppper for the easel, always a popular and beautiful shape for a card. So pleased Dudley has been coping well with the different things you have been doing, and I'm sure he looks a million dollars since his visit to the grooming parlour, and being home alone seems to have worked well too. It's good to know that you can go out and leave him for a while, and the more you do it the more he will get used to it. It is important for you and Len to be able to do things together sometimes, and I can see you love Dudley to bits, and who wouldn't as he is so cute, but he has to fit in with you as far as is possible, and not the other way, and as he grows up things will fall into place I'm sure. Thank you for this super prize and if I get my card in I am a 'yes please'. x

  13. I'm so glad Dudley was a good boy while you were away, and especially at the grooming parlor! It's like having a new baby in the house, right? :)
    Love this wonderful wedding card, in spite of the time it took you to make it! It turned out just lovely and it's perfect for a wedding with those wedding rings taking center stage inside of the heart! Yes please to the draw this week! I'm always in search of new ideas for wedding cards :)

  14. I entered and say Yes please for entering in the draw :D

  15. An absolutely fabulous card, I do like easel cards and it is a while since I made one, need to rectify that . A really lovely heart die and sentiment die. I have that EF and have had quite a lot of use out of it.

    Glad to hear that Dudley coped very well and I am sure that you will find that sometimes after he has been left, he will ignore you as punishment, he seems that clever.

    Have a great week.

    Kath x

  16. A gorgeous card and that heart die is so lovely. Pleased Dudley survived the groomers. We have a camera in our utility room for when we're out. It's so handy to see what they're up to and also gives you peace of mind.
    Hopefully back to play soon x

  17. Your card is gorgeous, Di. And I'd love this months prize. It's lovely.

  18. A very pretty card Di. Yes for the draw, thank you.

  19. Gorgeous card, Di. I think I will be linking up at some point, so it's an advance yes please for the prize. And I'm so glad the cute lil fuzzball is doing so well xoxo

  20. That is a stunning card, Di. The easel card is a lovely idea and they can display it. The gold makes it such an elegant card. Dudley is a real trooper. I think Molly is relieved when I leave and she can rest. She follows me if I leave the room and some days I'm in and out doing laundry and she gets worn out.

  21. Spectacular card, Di! I'm playing this week but just for fun. Love the story about Dudley and his great test at being alone and am so glad to hear he passed with flying colors. I scrolled the whole blog, clear back to the the last photo I had seen of Dudley, looking for new peeks at him. Do you realize what a star he has become? :-D

  22. Such an elegant card Di, I agree about the light though, it is so hard at the mo to get any photos in daylight! Bless little Dudley being home alone but I agree it is very important that he learns to cope and know you will return. Fancy being able to see him on CCTV, the wonders of modern tech eh! Yes please to the lovely prize, I will be along later in the week to enter with my snippets card. Take care hugs xxx

  23. Such a stylish card Di - I bet that shimmer looks fab in real life!
    I'm a 'yes please' for the prize draw.
    Helen x

  24. Beautiful card!!! Yes please for the drawing this time.

  25. A gorgeous card and that heart die is so lovely.
    Yes please for the drawing this time.
    Glad to hear that Dudley coped well :-)
    Hugs, Majda

  26. Ah the little boy is growing up, no longer able to pull wool over your eyes with the camera spy 🕵️‍♂️ able to view at any time! Brilliant card, Miss, yes please, to prize, my card todayis using your gorgeous nativityscape die! I thank you for it!
    Must move along, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

  27. Lovely and elegant card, top job. Interesting that easel cards were everywhere at one time then fell out of favour but yours is so lovely.

    Just uploaded my make for your challenge and YES PLEASE this challenge, I'd love a chance at this prize,thank you


  28. Such a beautiful and elegant wedding card! The shimmer and shine is just fabulous! Ooo, la, la! I do think I would like to play for the prize this time, thank you!

  29. I won' play along unless
    I truly have a snippet of paper. This piece of pearlised lilac card was out on my desk and just the perfect fit. Yay. Pop me in the pot this time.
    Your card for the happy couple is really beautiful. Hugs Me.

  30. Wow Di, your card is so amazing and elegant. Just love this heart die. Yes for the prize, please.
    Valerija xx

  31. Your card is gorgeous Di, I am very chuffed you found inspiration from mine. As you know I do like a CAS card!
    So pleased Dudley was good for you.
    Janice x

  32. Hello DI! So beautiful card!
    Your card makes me happy.
    I'm always happy to join this challenge.
    Thank you for wonderful challenge. Hugs, Gloria

  33. A beautiful card, Di. Yes, I would like to be in the draw to win your goodies. They sure would come in handy. Hugs to Dudley from Jessie. teehee

  34. Beautiful card Di and I would like to be in the draw please! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
    Hugs Hazel x

  35. I didn't know dogs lost their teeth! Yes, please count me in. CarolG

  36. Hello Di! Your card is beautiful... so elegant and classy! After seeing it, YES please count me in to the draw!

    And yay to Dudley and his good behaviour! He’s so sweet! It will be a first Christmas to cherish,
    Have a merry Christmas! Hugs, Trina xo

  37. Beautiful card, I'm sure the happy couple will treasure it.
    I'll just play for fun this time as I have very similar items in my stash already.
    Have a wonderful Christmas - I'll try to pop in and play along with the giveaways but I'll be in an area with very dodgy internet so I can't make any promises!

  38. This is a beautiful classy card and I love the sheen. I saw that die in The Works yesterday and wondered how I recognised it. That was the incentive to finish this card. Good to know you are getting on so well with Dudley even though he has turned your world upside down. I'm sure you love him to bits. Yes please, to the prize. x

  39. Oh, that is a beautiful card Di, and I had to laugh at your mishap of embossing on the wrong side of the pearlescent card. Little Dudley is probably proud of himself for being so distractingly adorable that you can't keep your card stock straight...haha! Love the story of his visit to the groomers, and his reaction when you picked him up just means that they took very good care of him. Yes please to this prize! I hope to have some crafting time because my daughter just delivered her new baby boy on Friday and I've been gone for a week. So that translate to being very, very late on my Christmas cards and gifts..oh my.

  40. I am joining the challenge this time and yes: also the draw for this great prize!
    I wish you, your hubby and Dudley the best Christmas ever! It will be fun with the little fellow playing around.
    Lia xx

  41. I'm back to play and sorry it's of cute kittens and not a cute puppy :) . I'm a yes please for the draw too please x

  42. Such a sweet story about Dudley at the groomers. I hope he remembers next time that he likes it so well!

    Lovely card and thanks for the challenge. I would love to be in the running for a prize.

  43. Gosh where does the time go. I'm in!! Please count me in for the prize Di. Merry merry everyone. Hugz

  44. O gosh! Been playing long enuf I should I have this all figured out by now! So sorry! Your card is absolutely stunning I love those color choices together. Yes I would like to play for the prizes with my entry. Thank you so much happy holidays! Pam

  45. Such a pretty card, Di! Yes please to the lovely prize. Merry Christmas!

  46. Beautiful card Di. Just playin for fun.


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