Friday, 18 May 2018

Hedgehog news!

Make sure to check out the Sunday Snippets Results post this week.

Not only do we have the fortnightly picks and a really great Guest Designer - but also a guest appearance from one of our wildlife photographers :) Err, well - a couple one of his photos at least! I thought he'd taken two but he only emailed one to me so the other one mustn't have been up to scratch! He gets more like a crafter every day!!

This guy (Len of course) almost lay flat on the ground to capture better images of Spike at the feeding trough for you girls. Bless him, our hero.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the photos. :-) Xx

  2. Something extra to look forward to seeing on Sunday

  3. This wild life photographer sounds like a lovely chap..hahaha. Looking forward to seeing the results! x

  4. Waiting the photos, they surely will be fabulous! :)

  5. Our hero indeed . . . well done Len. Hope Parsnip didn't photobomb the Hedgie shots! You know what that bear is like! Real attention seeker! xxx

  6. Looking forward to that.

    Kath x


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