Tuesday 17 January 2017

What can I say?

Here's a HUGE 'Thank You' for all the very supportive comments you left on Sunday's blog post about the future of the Snippets Playground.

I was overwhelmed by the understanding - and also the delight that the Playground will continue. Of course it will continue until such times as I truly am unable to carry on. And I hope that's a looooooog way off :)

I've updated the 'rules' - on their separate page above to reflect the fortnightly time scales etc.

A couple of things are still a bit up in the air, such as how we choose/operate the Guest Designer spot - which I really think is a great idea (thank you to Jane J especially for first suggesting it). And also, Andrea's idea of a 'Gold Star' now and then is a really great one! I have some thoughts about how to make that even more fun needless to say ('Kiss Chase' three times around the Playground with Parsnip?).

I also love how you came across as welcoming more time to visit one another during a challenge fortnight. Andrea's really helpful suggestion to keep my number of picks down is one I'll have difficulty with until I'm really sure that people who deserve recognition are all being visited :) So - that's one you can all help with?! It would help me immensely to cut down the number of picks - but I don't want this Playground to lose it's heart and soul so no doubt 'motor mouth' here will still rabbit on too much!


  1. Just read your previous post and totally understand that you want some time for yourself, besides running the playground! That must be such an immense task!!!! Not sure how you do it... Every two week is still ample opportunity to play along. As for a GDT spot - why don't you put it out there and whoever would like to do that can add a GDT behind their names and then you can pick somebody who is interested - just a suggestion. Have a relaxing week. Hugs, Cornelia

  2. I'm so pleased that you have found all this helpful dear Di and this has re energised your enthusiasm for herding us lot!! I think the idea re a choosing a GD as Conrnelia has suggested is great or you could have a 2nd linkie for peeps to add their name to if that makes it any quicker? Happy Tuesday, it's turned nippy again, Hugs xxx

  3. I say "Bring On The New"...I am all for it!

  4. Hi Di, I missed your message below and I took the dictionnary to understand everything you have written. And I must agree: it was a 'hell of a job' to choose the picks every week. So it's a good decission to do it every 14 days now. I am in (as always) because I like your snippets playground so much and the cards I see over here.
    Good luck Di with everything you do!!!
    Lia xx

  5. Wahoo for the new term! xxx

  6. Di, I have always admired you how you managed all this work with challenge ...
    I totally agree with changes and I hope you will have more time for yourself :).
    Yes, I agree with Cornelia too - to add GD behind our names and then you choose because the idea how to promote using snippets in a new, innovative way is very interesting.
    hugs xx

  7. Some great ideas here Di and when you need some people to step forward for a DT spot you could just ask for names and choose someone perhaps making a list and gradually working through it so that all those that want to get a chance. I'm sure it will all work out well, and the main thing is it will continue. x

  8. Yes - I was gonna say what Cordelia suggested :-) So glad the playground will stay open. I know I don't attend regularly but there again I am a Foreign Exchange Student hahaha :-D
    IKE in Greece xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. It all seems like you've a grand plan here, Di. I like the fortnightly challenges as I can't always find time to join challenges every week. I know it will be hard to cut down your picks, but you could choose the winner with Mr Random and then your 'Top Three' as it would cut down on a lot of your work.
    Kath x

  10. So happy the Playground is staying open and the new roolz are to everyone's advantage 'cos now we don't have to rush to get our homework done!
    Can't take credit for the gold star idea though as it came from you saying in your last post "What would be fun is if we could mainly focus on innovative ways to use up snippets" I for one would love to see some out of the ordinary uses for snippets. Don't forget to pack some sunshine for the Playground xx

  11. So glad the playground will stay open and like the changes!

  12. You're very welcome, Di! The new changes sound like a wonderful compromise to keep everyone happy! Now if only the governments of the world could work together as well as Playmates do!! Lots of love and hugs, Darnell

  13. All sounds good, Di! And I am glad to hear that your are planning on making life a bit easier for yourself, life is too short not to do that! Looking forward to more visits to The Playground!!

  14. Everything will be cool and happy in the playground as the new term commences! We all love ya teach! xxx


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