Sunday 15 January 2017

The future of the Snippets Playground

Thank you so much for your input about ways in which to ease things a bit for me, yet still keep the Playground running. I can't tell you how helpful your ideas have been - and one thing I did pick up is that there would be some very sad people if the Playground closes. Not least Parsnip and myself! So first of all, let me most emphatically assure you that whilst it's in any way possible I'll carry on with the Playground. I can't afford Parsnip's redundancy cheque in any case - he's already muttering about being worth his weight in gold here :)

Having weighed up Parsnip plus suggestions and options, this is what I propose:

- the Playground will now run for two weeks at a time, rather than the old weekly challenges

- for the minute we'll stick with just one entry per person per fortnight. I know that some of you welcome the fortnightly idea to have more time to join in (and indeed I had picked up that a few challenges had moved to fortnightly so thank you for pointing that out girls) yet some of you could probably make several snippets cards. But, whilst we still have prizes it seems fair to say just one entry and keep a level playing field - and it also eases my commenting and choosing picks of course, which is part of the objective! Of course, it might lift the bar a bit as you have more time to think up inspiring ways to use up those snippets - and I hope that we have some more great ideas in store from you :)

- challenges will begin every other Sunday at the usual times (00:00 GMT) and close at 11am on the next but one Saturday - same times of day as now

- my new Sunday Snippets post after the closing of a challenge will contain a fresh Mr Linky, my own snippets card and details of the prize to be won during the coming fortnight

- on the interim Sunday I'll post the name of the winner of the prize for the challenge which closed a week before - as well as a selection of 'picks'. The reason for this is to try and ease the mad rush I have each Saturday morning - even though I always try to at least have an outline post ready I still only add the final list of picks as well as doing the draw at the last minute once the Playground gates close. This sort of 'leap frog' arrangement will give me a whole week after the gates close to finalise and write up the picks as well as doing the Random number draw at my own pace. In truth, I've always avoided this idea as I really wanted to keep things on the 'boil' and totally current - but, it's taking its toll on my health as well as tying me to the laptop each Saturday, so I hope you can see why I'm making this change. I truly would love to be able to go out to archery with Len on a sunny Saturday morning - if only to walk around the local village and some very impressive historical ruins (ha, NOT the archers!!)

- I really like the suggestion of us having a Guest Designer now and then as well - who would have a snippets 'make' (remember it doesn't need to be a card) showcased in place of the card I would usually make on the day that the new Mr Linky appears! What would be fun is if we could mainly focus on innovative ways to use up snippets, although that's not a total requirement it's good to have new ideas and inspiration. I know that lately I've been lacking in new ideas myself so would really welcome this. We have a few ways to choose Guest Designers of course so I'm open to suggestions about this one! Volunteers, picked from folk (say) adding GD after their name when entering (I could use random selection for this which might be some added fun) - and of course I would allow plenty of time before a GD 'make' was required! I am sooooo off the thought of any pressure and certainly have no intention of putting pressure on any of you girlies.

It was so interesting to see how many of you came up with a lot of these ideas or similar and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your sweet words. The Playground WILL live to fight another day, I promise you!

Perhaps you might want to leave a comment on my proposals below?

I hope this made sense - shout if it doesn't!

And thanks also for the good wishes about my 'teacher training' venture as well. That expression was a euphemism for 'holiday' and right now Len and I are in sunny Portugal. Blue skies, sunshine and pleasantly warm - can't knock it. But, the little white furry snoop is keeping me up to date of course!

I'm trying hard to comment but am having issues with my baby laptop so currently am having to resort to my notepad - which is much more tedious of course. Plus, Dumbo has forgotten her FlickR log in details and a couple of other useful things. So I might be playing catch-up at some point - like when we get home!


  1. Sounds like you have come up with the perfect plan, Di. Much less stress for you and still keeping the Playground gates open, which I'm sure we're all relieved about.

    Enjoy the rest of your 'teacher training' - hope the sun continues to shine for you. :-) xx

  2. Enjoy your vacation, Ms Di--I was suprised when you said teacher training, but thought you had a life I didn't know about--haha! I'm so glad you've come up with these changes to make running The Playground less stressful. Your plan sounds perfect to me--really like the 2wk time period & doing the picks in between the challenge starts makes a lot more sense to me. There's a challenge that shall remain nameless that I'm sure never chooses the last entries because they have to post them too close to the end of the challenge. I've been doing some serious talking to myself--life is short & getting priorities straight is so important. Enjoy those historical ruins (you are so funny!) by all means!

  3. Have a wonderful time in Portugal Di! Your plan sounds terrific and it'd be fantastic to get out amongst the ruins now and again :) Cathy x

  4. That sounds like a very sensible solution Di - I will give it a thumbs up!

  5. Well, I for one am glad that Teacher Training is a much-needed and well-deserved VACATION!! I didn't know what it referred to...must have been talking to Karen when that announcement was broadcast on the PA! lol... But I thought maybe "Never say Die, Di" was taking on yet another venture of some sort!! (NOOOOOOO!!!...Don't do that!!!) Very relieved it is a vacation. :)

    Regarding the new structure of the challenge blog...I like these ideas and solutions to making your life easier and keeping the Playground open. We all want it to work for you!! Have a great time on vacation!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  6. I really like all your changes! I think they are good for everyone as many who work, find it hard to get time to make a card weekly.
    I also think that with a 2 week timeline that I will go out of my way to design a card that focuses on my snippets, rather than just incorporates one or two of them.

    I am glad that this new way will give you time for the winners post. It was a lot of work for you the old way...not to mention a drag for you and len, re archery.

    So, good work, Di. You have found a wonderful way to start 2017!

  7. Great ideas Di. I like your changes.
    Have a wonderful time in Portugal.
    Valerija xx

  8. I think that all your proposals are just PERFECT! Great ideas and surely the changes will be very useful for you (and Parsnip, of course :D ) and also for us! :D Definitely all seems more relaxing and intersting, too.
    Well done!
    I wish you and your hubby a fabulous time in Portugal! Enjoy your vacation!

  9. This sounds like a great plan. Volunteers for gd sounds nice. The bi weekly change for the challenge is most welcome :) makes it easier to create atleast 1 crafty thing. Hope you have a great holiday!

  10. All sounds good to me Di...the playground should be a fun place for you too!
    Helen x

    PS - I'm a teacher...if only 'teacher training' was a euphemism for a lovely sunny holiday! Ha ha!

  11. A perfect plan Stan....LOL..Di.I'm delighted to see that the playground is staying open with changes which make life easier for you. Having results in the interim week allows you time too which in my books is win win and you really should put yourself first and get out with Len. Guest designing is something that I am really happy to take part in...those snippets get used in so many ways. Enjoy are missing rain today in Surrey. Take care and hugs hugs and thanks for all that you do xxx

  12. I think this is a perfect plan - makes in fun for everyone including you which is so important. Hope you have a great time 'teacher training' in Portugal and come home refreshed - hugs Nicky

  13. That all sounds like an ideal plan and I'm so pleased to hear you are having a lovely break while Parsnip is here keeping an eye on us all. The whole craft thing shouldn't become a chore because although we are serious about what we do it really must be fun and a pleasure to do, leaving time for rest and relaxation with friends and family.

  14. Anything that keeps encouraging us to use up our snippets HAS to be a great idea. Glad you are keeping those gates unlocked!

    Happy Sunday


  15. Thank you Di, and Parsnip, for your wonderful Playground - I think your ideas are just great and will now give more thought to ways of using up snippets. Hugs x

  16. I love everything about your new ideas for the future of the Snippets Playground mate. So glad it will mean the Playground keeps going AND makes life a little easier for you too. Like Jane said - a win win.

    Enjoy that lovely sunshine . . . it's grey, cold and raining here - and we had snow a couple of days ago!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  17. Hello Di, So Parsnip thinks he is in for a nice little redundancy package, does he? Cheeky wee thing, where else would he find so many enthusiastic playmates than in the playground. Seriously, I'm in complete agreement with all your suggestions. Finding, for both health, family and age-related reasons, it's more difficult to keep up with my self-imposed goals in recent months, I can quite see that it must take a lot of time and energy to keep the Snippets Playground open. You have my total admiration for soldiering on even when you're not feeling so well. Enjoy your break and come back refreshed. Judging by the weather reports from down your way, you are in the warmest place :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  18. Oh lucky you being on holiday and away from this miserable gloomy weather. And by coincidence we've just this week booked a holiday to Portugal. I hope you are enjoying it, everybody who goes seems to love it there.
    I think your plans for the Playground are a great way of keeping it open without having so much work to do in such a short time, announcing the results in the alternate weeks means you aren't committed to spend every Saturday afternoon and evening working on it. And having guest designers is a great solution to the problem of having a design team being like "herding cats" as you once put it, and I think most of us would be eager to take a turn.
    Now, this fortnight's snippets card is half made on my table and the glue should be dry now so I'd better drain my cup of tea and get back to it.

  19. Hope you are enjoying your holiday Di, it's cold here at home. I'm so glad that the playground will be staying open and going to two weekly should lighten your load. Having GDT is a great idea and I think that having a list of people who are willing to do this is probably the best way to go.

    Sue xx

  20. Morning Di, l agree with all that you have wrote and the best way forward of course is your health so any changes are welcome not only by me but l'm sure by all of your blogging friends so going fortnightly is a great idea it's a 10 from so pleased to see your away lovely place too! enjoy and relax as much as you can get plenty of that sunshine and could you send some over here sending lots of love xx

  21. I certainly agree with everyone, it's an excellent solution. (I'm only sorry we didn't suggest/make you take it easier sooner). Having a guest designer say once a month would be fun and you'd have plenty of voluteers. You'd could show a card too but would know the pressure was off if inspiration was low. I think we are quite good at visiting each other but can I suggest one of the rules is to 'encourage' visiting two or three others, maybe new-to-you friends? I know I sometimes get caught up in the week and forget. Of course there will be more time now.
    Soak up the sunshine and come back refreshed. x

  22. Good morning to sunny Portugal! First of all, huge apologies from me, Di, that I hadn't made any previous comments about the future of Snippets ... time has been very limited with John being in hospital last week and even more limited, it seems, since he's been home. We've had appointments for him during the week and have to be at hospital (two different ones) on four days this coming week, with only Tuesday at home. Sorry, enough about us, but just wanted you to know that I care deeply about Snippets challenge and more importantly about you, Di. I wholeheartedly agree with the proposals you're making ... anything that will ease the load for you. As someone who runs challenge blogs I know the importance of prioritising - as you know I've made changes to my weekly Christmas challenges to free up some time for myself. You are doing a grand job and I know that many more like me are so thankful for all that you do. I hope you are relaxing in the warmth of Portugal ... and forget about the little laptop, tablet, passwords ... they can wait till you get back (I know from personal experience what it's like trying to keep pace while on holiday ... relax and enjoy!). Hugs xxx

  23. I think that is a brilliant idea Di. Gives you more time and me more time to enter as I certainly don't manage it every week, and definitely more time to visit other entries. I know I don't always manage to visit as many as I would like. Hugs xx

  24. Glad you are having a lovely time in Portugal Di and anything that gives you more free time and less stress has got to be a good idea for the playground, and no big redundancy payout for Parsnip either, as blogland wouldn't be the same without either of you. x

  25. Hello Di from a miserable wet and cold part of Blogland - so glad you're having a nice time and good weather but very disappointed that you're still thinking about the Playground instead of having more fun on your jolly hols.

    As for the Playground and my thoughts - well what works better for you also can work better for the Playmates

    yes I do just about manage a snippet most weeks but having a fortnight to play gives more time especially when Mojo goes into hiding or life takes over from crafting

    1 snippet limit a fortnight as you say makes it fair on everyone

    A GD spot in the Playground limelight I'm sure would be a prize for anyone - like being top of the Class at school

    I think you should keep the number of highlighted cards down to say 3 or 5 a fortinght as most Playmates do hop around and visit each other anyway

    and finally the idea of the Playground is to use up those snippets in a constructive way so maybe you could give out the occasional 'gold star' highlight if a Playmate came up with something REALLY original

    Anyway time now to get yourself off to that bar with Len. Don't worry about things here - Parsnip is sitting quietly in the corner making notes to report back to you when you get home, Enjoy the rest of your 'teacher training' xx

  26. Wow Di...I do hope that now you feel as though a weight has been lifted from your shoulders and I am sure all of us playmates are happy with the new arrangements...longer to hangout behind the bike sheds ;) between cards!! Enjoy the rest (literally) of your hols. Hugs xx

  27. I'm surprised Parsnip hasn't made you slow down before this, what was he thinking! Your health and family life comes first no matter what. We are all crafters and know that things come up all the time that we don't expect and throw us off crafting or make it a low priority at the time. Two weeks gives us time to think and create. Maybe even changing the start and end days of the challenge to different days of the week to free up your weekends to spend with Len. I'm glad you are off on holiday and spending time away. I haven't been a good blogger lately and I plan to do better. Hugs to you my sweet friend.

  28. The most important thing is that this works for you, Di... so if you are happy then so am I.
    Take care. X

  29. I love it, Di! Your post was well-written, thoughtful, and sensible. The only thing you didn't mention as a plus for making the challenges two weeks is that I, for one, find that I am finally slowing down and I'm no longer able to enter as many challenges as I would like within the space of seven days. Just can't do it. Plus, since I make so many one-layer cards, I don't always make a snippets card in the space of a week. (Shirley, I can manage it in the space of two weeks?!!) So I'm all for it for my own personal reasons, but mainly because it is long overdo for you to find a way to lesson the work and stress of running a popular one-week challenge with lots of spotlights the way you have been doing!! So, high ten from me, my adorable friend!! Here's to a HEALTHY new year that sees you and Pars promenading the village green on a sunny Saturday morning!! Love, Darnell and Hammy

  30. Glad to hear you and Len are having fun in the sun and I'm not envious at all!

    Your ideas all sound great to me. The most important thing is to keep yourself fit and well and something that is fun for us all shouldn't be something which causes stress or makes you feel under pressure. It will be good for you to have free weekends and be able to get out on Saturdays with Len. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Raising a glass to you as I write. Barbxx

  31. This sounds like a fantastic idea, Di! You have gone above and beyond in hosting this crew on a weekly basis for so long!

  32. Hello Di, I missed the post asking for suggestions. It really is wonderful that you wish to continue with the snippets challenge. I think the suggestions are great - they sound as though they will make your life easier, and help you enjoy what you do. It is no good if it becomes a chore. Give it a trial and then review. Enjoy your hols. Lynn x

  33. Hi Di that all sounds like a brilliant plan. I would hate to see the challenge stop. If you ever need help just say I am here. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  34. Sounds good to me Maid Marian.

    Kath x

  35. I think you've settled on a wonderful solution. Two weeks between challenges gives everyone plenty of time to participate. Waiting a week to post picks and winners gives you more time, but I think it also helps with continuity and gives us time to sit back and admire the creativity that abounds here.
    Enjoy Portugal.

  36. It sounds as though you have come up with the perfect solution Di, for us but more especially for YOU.
    It's fabulous news that the playground will stay open and you will have much more time and much less stress with the running of it, which is the most important thing.
    Wishing you a very relaxing time in Portugal......wish we were there!
    Janice x

  37. I don't think anyone will have a negative thing to say about the upcoming changes. You need to have your personal time and not be tied to a computer. You're one of the most generous, accommodating people in blogland, but you need to prioritize, and that makes perfect sense to me! Do enjoy your time in Portugal and know we'll all be waiting here for you when you get home! Thanks for keeping the playground open ;)

  38. Your changes sound like great ideas! Your health and personal time should always come first. Hope you are having a wonderful time in Portugal Di!

  39. Hi Miss Di, and the lovely Parsnip.
    Sorry I haven't been around lately.
    I think yours and the ideas put forward by our playground friends are wonderful, and I am up for any changes that ease your load, and give you time to do things you want.
    I do hope you are enjoying a well earned rest.
    Love and big hugs from my house to your holiday place.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  40. Enjoy your well deserved vacation you two (three). I'm all for easing your burden and love the idea of a randomly chosen GDT.
    Em xxx

  41. I hope you are having a great time away. Love entering your challenge as its a great way to use up snippets, You health come first and good luck with the teacher training


  42. Hi Di. So happy to hear you are taking a well deserved vacation and soaking in those Vitamin Ds.
    I love all the changes you are implementing. I use cardstock snippets on all my cards, but I hope to use other types of snippets.
    Take care and hope to be back in the Playground soon.


  43. Hi Di,
    I do hope you've had a lovely break and that you're back is improving. I think the proposed changes to the playground sound like the perfect solution - remember YOU come first and the playground should not become a mill stone for you,
    Hugs Jacky xx

  44. Why oh why is it that I am always so late to the party lol! Happy to hear our lovely friend is having a nice break, Parsnip get out from the back of the bike shed right now!!! If you need any help Di then please shout, and yes I am really happy you are continuing and I have to admit the two weekly idea is better for me too. I hope your back is doing okay miss xx

  45. I think all of your ideas are fab. It eases the workload & keeps the challenge going!Woohoo. I hope you are having a lovely time.

  46. Sounds perfect to me Di :-D xxxx

  47. It all sounds great to me Di, whatever you want to do is fine with me. L x

  48. Hi Di, I totally understand your thoughts and agree with them. I can't imagine how hard it must be fir you at times. I'd be happy to be GD at times too.
    I like to think outside the square and love to learn new things ... esp like it when a new idea I had when out walking works like today's card of brushos with a Brayer. 😄
    Sending hugs and prayers for sunny days for you even if a tad cooler than here.

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}


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