Saturday 6 September 2014

The winner of Joanna Sheen's Voucher to celebrate 300 followers is..............

........................ a really lovely lady who quietly and quite loyally follows me, makes beautiful cards, plays nicely in the Snippets  Playground and always with such inspiring detail about her work. The only rather big problem is that she has never yet accepted my offer to carry her bags when she goes to visit her equally lovely sister (Kate) in Spain - and we would, all three of us have a blast, plus I know how to make my own bed each morning, sigh.

Each morning at boarding school, UK Forces one in Germany a lot of years ago, we had to totally strip our beds right down to the mattress, fold the bedding neatly on top (Army style!), do our allotted chores which were done on a rota (empty waste bin, shake bedside mats outside (a dressing gown was useful to protect school uniform from said dust!), dust surfaces and dressing table/drawer units, tidy inside wardrobes and drawers etc., sweep parquet floor, and then open all the windows wide (yep, in snow as well) before trotting off demurely from one building to another to be fed breakfast.

On our return we then had to do the reverse and make the beds up again and leave the 'dorm' spick and span'. If your drawers (snigger) weren't tidy enough then, whilst you were at lessons in the morning, Matron used to tip them out onto your bed and you lost precious 'room points' that term - sigh. Been there and got the T-shirt more than once.

You know what - I do blame Frau Haberkost (our lovely but formidable German Matron) for a lot of my rebellious ways in that I hate housework and order at times, until she hops onto my shoulder and nags me!!

BUT, it had a load of good points too 'cos as an only kid I learned to be with others (many of whom are my most, MOST loved friends to this day), I had a pretty stable and also 'bracing' environment from 13 to 18 years old .............and it was co-ed!! Yay - boys!! :) Oh - and of course a settled schooling which gave us the best chance as UK Forces kids of having a stable education at one single school :)

And did I already say there were boys? Snigger - I just deleted a whole paragraph here :)

ANYHOW - after all the rambling, I do hope you will all be as pleased as me to know that the winner of the £30 Joanna Sheen voucher is:

Well done Jean - can you please let me have your snail mail address and I'll pop the voucher in the post ASAP (

My love and thanks to everyone who joined in - as always I wish I had a voucher for all of you.

When we hit 400 then there will be another draw - until then, do come and play in the Snippets Playground where it's such fun, and I'm always truly happy to see a bit of 'mussed up' stuff after so many years of being a 'tidy bunny'.




  1. a huge "gi-normous" congrats to Jean as really admire her work!!
    ... your description of school was quite and eye opener for me, Di.. we did not have a matron but had a mum who would check (almost regimentally)if we three girls, who lived in one bedroom, to see if our designated areas were up to muster??
    .. yes we almost had line of delineation in the room to separate our allotted areas:D
    God bless you Di .. and the next 300 followers, Shaz in Oz.x

  2. Congratulations to you, Jean, enjoy spending your voucher.


  3. Many congratulations to Jean...


  4. Many congratulations Jean enjoy your voucher your soooo lucky xx

  5. Well done to Jean. I know how much you like Joanna Sheen's site, so enjoy!

  6. Woo-Hoo how exciting, thank you so much Di. Had a giggle about your schooldays. I'm off now to email you my address.
    Jean x

  7. Hi Di,
    I do love your post today.
    Sounds like you had a great time.
    Now I hate housework too and would rather be in my craft room any day to doing housework, but as you said there is somebody sat on shoulder saying in you ear don't be so lazy.
    I remember once a presenter on Create and Craft saying to a demonstrator what does you craft room look like does it look like you have been burgled, and she laughed and said yes.
    Well that's me too.
    In any rate I digress congrats to Jean on her win.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  8. Congratulations Jean! huggles Sue xx

  9. Congratulations Jean - enjoy spending.

  10. Well done to Jean.

    Well you never let on before it was a mixed school, you little monkey.

    Kath x

  11. Congratulations Jean, enjoy your win. How interesting to hear about your schooldays Di, not sure I could have coped with boarding school myself, but I'm sure continuity of education has to be a good thing, and it being a mixed school too! x

  12. Congrats to Jean, and your post brought back memories if my convent school days in NZ. When random classes were called to the gym for 'inspection' & the nuns measured how far above the knee your skirt was, then lifted said skirt to check you had regulation blue serge knickers on! And being sent home one day for having my tennis knickers on (well, in my defence they had lace on and were much prettier lol!!!)
    Big hugs
    Debs aka Lacey knickers :-)

  13. Congratulations to Jean!! That was a really fun post, Di! I was there with you in your room all the way and it is certainly understandable that you rebel against perfect order now and then!! Hugs, Darnell


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