Friday 25 October 2013

Friday Feast - Sausage and Apple Bake with Mash

Whilst I do love travelling and 'foreign' muck as Kath would say food, I also get a huge hankering for good old British cooking by the end of a foreign holiday. This dish will certainly be on the menu again for this coming week! I strongly recommend it - absolutely scrummy!

Sausage and Apple Bake with Mash

Serves 4

1 Braeburn apple, core removed, cut into wedges
1 leek, cut into 1cm slices
150g cherry tomatoes on the vine
1 tsp fennel seeds
6 sprigs fresh thyme
pinch crushed chillies
8 thick pork sausages
250ml white wine
1 tbsp olive oil
mashed potato, to serve
Heat the oven to 200°C/180°C fan/Gas 6.

Place the apples, leeks and cherry tomatoes in a roasting dish then scatter over the fennel seeds, thyme and crushed chillies and season.

Place the sausages on top then pour over the wine.

Finally, drizzle over the oil.

Roast for 40 minutes until the sausages are golden brown, cooked through and no pink meat remains. Serve with mashed potato.
Things I do: Not a lot really, although as it was for two of us  I did think that just two sausages each wasn't gonna tick all the boxes so I used three each (frozen Richmond Thick Irish sausages in fact) with the rest of the ingredients exactly as in the recipe. And no extra vegetables apart from creamy mashed potato 'cos of the leeks and tomatoes in the recipe.

Quick, simple and really yummy!

By the time this posts, we'll be tucked up in our own bed, recovering from the looooooong and very tiring trip back home. Quick edit: We got home safe and sound and I'm already in my PJ's and ready to hop into bed, less than an hour after getting into the house! That has to be the fastest shower on record  - 14 trips I think we've made to Thailand and it seems to get harder not easier :( For some reason the room is swaying right now, I think it's from the flights - no time as yet to go hunting in the Playground for any leftover cocktails mixed up in buckets so we can't blame those! 



  1. That looks delish and welcome back. Anne x

  2. Hi Di - thanks for becoming a member on my blog - welcome! I have a picture for you there, if you have time, come on over - I know I have been keeping you busy anyhow with all my snippet entries.... That dish by the way looks yummy - my stomach is growling just looking at the picture...
    Hugs, Cornelia

  3. That sounds yummy Di. Glad to hear you're home safe. Sleep well.
    Annie x

  4. Welcome home Di. This sounds very yummy. I really don't like cooking with wine, but i guess stock would do1 Kate x

  5. Welcome back! That dish looks scrummy, will have to try it soon!

  6. Glad to hear you're home safe n sound!

    That dish looks delicious. xxx

  7. Nice to know your home safe and well and by now had a good nights sleep your recipe Di is mouth watering and l'm for one is going to do this for tea until the hubby take me out which he did suggest early on but l think this could be a winner if not tonight defo tomorrow take care xx

  8. Glad you are home safe. Sleep well - yummy recipe. x Jo

  9. Mmmmn! I shall be round later so PLEEEESE be dressed!

  10. Yay she's back, bet Parsnip will be relieved! I experience the "room swaying" thing just on the 8 hour Atlantic crossing, can't imagine what it's like on such a long haul flight. Good old banger and mash, doesn't get more British than that does it!!


  11. Yummy looking dish.
    Glad to hear you are back home safe and sound. Rest loads xx

  12. Yum! This looks wonderful.

    I will be mailing your box to you tomorrow.

    Big hugs to you and Len,

  13. Hello Di, and welcome home. I've loved all your posts from Thailand - it's stimulated my travelbug again, sigh!

    The dish looks very tasty - one to try sometime.

    Hope you have a good sleep and wake up wide-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to investigate just exactly what Parsnip has been up to during your absence!

    Elizabeth xx

  14. Well this will go down a treat and it looks delish.
    You have to laugh, when we get home from a P&O cruise all we want is beans on toast or egg and chips, now there foreign muck lol.
    Glad you are back safe and sound.

    Kath x


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