Thursday 24 October 2013

A last post before I leave for the Playground

...........and check to see what's been going on there. My fear is that Parsnip will still be comatose and unable to 'snitch' though :( This Anon email arrived the other day - I kid you not!

Hi Miss,

Erm Parsnip  might be sleeping oft more than just a angover.
It might have been wot wos being mixed up in the bucket behind the shed for the  um forthcoming party.
Snot my fault.
A.     I told im not to drink from the bucket.
B.      I told him not to snort it up through a straw.
Think he must ave cos he wos found laters  laid on his back surrounded by  a pile of straws. He wos muttering about seeing spiders , bats, bugs and goblins crawling outta the walls but I explained that wos just cos it was dat time of the year and he sighed  (appily I swear) turned over and passed out like. Dat wos Friday!


Sigh, I knew we ought to have brought him with us :(

It's lunchtime here on Wednesday as I type and we're all packed bar the last minute stuff - which is a great idea 'cos we did it right after be breakfast and still have the rest of the day and evening to play with, wahoo!!

This was my 'Five a Day' fruit at breakfast this morning:
My choices vary from day to day, this morning I just had two types of melon, pineapple and a slice of the delicious fruit on the left Any guesses? I bet at least Kate and Sam will know from their Far East jollies - it's called 'Dragonfruit' and is delicious. One variety even comes with deep purple flesh and little black seeds, the more common one has white flesh - as shown.
These days most large supermarkets in the UK sell Dragonfruit but at one time they were the sort of thing that a check-out person would look at in bewilderment :) Cost about £1 each at home, here they're 'cheap as chips' of course. Yummy too!

So my leetle Playmates - I guess I won't be on line until Friday sometime, last party here, long journey, time changes and the jet lag will wipe me out for sure :(

But I thought you might like to see a little new friend. Earlier today a quite young Nok Kaew came and sat on our balcony for well over half an hour, all puffed up and singing his heart out. For ages we didn't dare move to get cameras lest he flew away. Eventually I got a few average piccies, but this one taken from the rocking chair I was sitting in tickles me most:
'The Birdman of Samui' (aka Len) only went and found a little plastic 'nibbles' dish that we bought here and crumbled up one of our bedtime Hershey's chocolates for the little fella! I can't say that he was overly impressed although he did take one piece and then spent ages vigorously cleaning his beak :)

Each evening the hotel 'turn down' service leaves us this on our bed (Len's side):
A glass dish with two Hersheys chocolates in and a single long stemmed red rose. What tickles us most is that often they then carefully place the TV remote control alongside :)

And this will be us at tomorrow morning - look closely between the palm trees and you'll see our 8:45 am plane from today, just taken off for Bangkok:
Yup, it had been raining but now the sky is bright blue again.

I hope you enjoyed just a little peek at Thailand over the past couple of weeks :) See you soon!!



  1. I love that sweet little he was cleaning his beak, he was prolly thinking "what i wouldn't give for a waterless sanitizing gel" right now!


    Cute that you got the piccie of the plane on your photo...hope the jet lag is not too brutal for you both.

    Soon we will be welcoming you home!

  2. Oh dear !!! Anon has certainly let the cat out of the bag !!! I hope you don't come back to too much chaos :-( hee hee
    Your little bird friend is cute and I'm sure would have much preferred your Breakie fruit LoL. Funny how they do that with the Remote sometimes... are they trying to tell you something about your bedroom life bwaahahahaha !!!! LoL

    Have a very safe journey and we will see you back soon

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Aww lovely little friend you made there Di(look at the size of his feet!) :)
    Im sure you will be sad leaving your little bit of Paradise behind-thank you for sharing it with us,I can't actually believe that you have travelled so far and still managed to keep your lovely Blog up and running-and not only your Blog,but kept up with all your commenting too-you put the rest of us to shame Miss!
    Have a safe jouney home-see you in the Playgound(I expect the diggers and things will have finished the landscaping by the time you get back)and Parsnip will have been cut free from his underground bunker and dusted off-oh,sorry did you not know about that? I think MrsA arranged it-MMwwaarrggh !!
    Hugs,Nessa xx

  4. What a beautiful place to have a holiday Di. Just what you both deserved. Have a safe journey home and I really hope you find Parsnip safe and well recovered!
    A x

  5. It sounds as though you have had a wonderful time. We never got roses, but our bed was strewn with chrysanthemum heads in one place, and there were lots of orchids of course.
    I certainly had my fair share of dragonfruit but I didn't think they tasted as good as they looked. It was the very fresh pineapples that bowled me over. Hope you have a good journey home. Kate x

  6. I certainly HAVE enjoyed my vicarious visit to Thailand thank you. Great photos.

    Safe journey back!

    I'm sure Parsnip will recover quickly.

    Sarn xxx

  7. Gorgeous place for holliday
    I hope you had great time
    save trip back home
    hugs Tamara

  8. So funny that email! I fink I can guess who snitched though!
    I LOVE Dragonfruit and ate loads of it whilst I was away. When it is in Waitrose here I tend to buy a few too! Very refreshing!
    Have you smuggled the bird in your case for the Playground then?
    Have a safe flight back. Do'n you worry about nuffink!

  9. Have a safe journey back and thanks for all the pics from your hols looks amazing and hope the jet lag isn't too bad hun huggles Sue xxx

  10. Thank you so much for your posts Di, and have a safe journey.

  11. I have enjoyed looking at all your photos Di. Have a good journey back home. Lynn x

  12. Hi Di - I am not happy that someone as let the 'Parsnip' out of the bag! Wot goes on in the playground shud stay in the playground. Don't be too angry with him 'cos he was missing you and miserable.

    Thailand looks to have been wonderful, especially those Dragonfruit - I think they are alright, had them in Dubai, but those little seeds do get stuck in the old pearlies.

    Big hugs to you and safe journey home.

    Sue Pxxx

  13. Well who sent that then!! Has anyone seen the key for the handcuffs. Gotta get Parsnip outta the bunker and ship shape for Miss when she returns. Also any one know how to get plaster burn off ?
    Hugs Mrs A.

  14. That's six pieces Miss or ave I been drinking wot Parsnip as!!

  15. Fabulous photo's, now I could eat that breakfast, need to have a word with P&O get dragon fruit on the menu and not only leave chocolates but flowers too on the pillow.

    Now, I can't really comment on the playground because I am not a regular visitor but it seems to me that it has been a case of while the cat's away.... Poor Parsnip, next time send him up to me to look after.
    Probably set off by now so hope the journey has been safe and you soon get over the jet lag.
    You have treated us to some fab photo's.

    Kath x

  16. Such a lovely place Di thanks for sharing your photo's and cute bird enjoying it five a x

  17. Safe travels, and thanks for sharing your pieces of paradise with us over the past several weeks! Parsnip should be clean & sober by the time you arrive back at the playground ;)

  18. Safe journey, I'm sure Parsnip will be fine. I understand memory loss sometimes is best (for EVERYONE). As for the handcuff keys, I last saw them on the seat of the swing. How they got there...I do not know (and that is the truth...pretty much!).

  19. What a lovely send-off post that was, Di! I have thoroughly enjoyed your brilliant Thai photo journal as it's the closest I'll ever get! Thank you so much for sharing your marvelous time with all of us!!

    Safe travels! We'll have the place looking as good as, um, well, you'll hardly notice anyone was even at the Playground, really.

    If certain little bears have alcohol-induced amnesia and are unable to file a report with you, well, golly, p'haps his resume wasn't fully investigated, that's all I'm saying. And I'm sure the electrician can reattach the wiring on those security cameras you installed, too. Nice try, though!

    Hugs, Darnell


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