Sunday 12 February 2023

Playing around with Gummiapan dies

Chrissie Stokes on YouTube is a huge fan of the Swedish company 'Gummiapan' and I can absolutely see why. Their sweet and quirky little dies in particular are SO detailed, very reasonably priced - and postage to the UK is very fair as well.

So, I had a first play the other week and came up with this 'one-off' Christmas card, making up a story as I went along:

I used:

- 5" x 5" square white card blank, cut from Syntego 'White Linen Silkweave' textured card stock, scored, folded and trimmed to size

- then used the flat/plain side of the leftover snippets to make the die cuts for the card of the card - hence no photo of just a bunch of white snippets

- I did cut a piece of the same linen weave card for the image layer, just a bit smaller from another sheet - my middle name isn't Houdini!

- and then the fun began and I used the leftover snippets of white card to die cut a selection of Gummiapan dies - teeny and so sweet as well. I used the following sets, 'Sitting Gnome', 'Fluffy Trees', 'Gift Bags' and 'Lantern with Candles'

- coloured them with my Ziggy Pens and then whined to you lot about how 'flat' the colours looked, even after spraying them with some clear Glimmer Mist

- for the sake of not ruining my work, held off playing any further with coatings and sprays

- the little lantern was a late addition and such fun to make - die cut the lantern and candles from white card, same as all the rest. Coloured the lantern frame with a silver calligraphy pen then decided it would be fun to add some clear acetate (from a snippet of packaging) to look like glass. It looks so good in real life, with the candles stuck in place behind the acetate, using micro dots

- then added all the elements to create a little scene whilst trying to stick to a bit of CAS too

- before sticking things down - using a mix of glue and mini glue dots, I did run some grey Pro marker 'grounding' lines along the bottom of the image panel

- then stuck every little piece into place - even the gift bags are so detailed, one has a teeny lifting handle for goodness sake!

- once everything was in place - I added a spare layered sparkly silver die cut sentiment (another snippet?) that I found in a little pot, left over from my 2022 Christmas card making sessions 

- glued the whole panel onto the card front - finished!

My little story, woven around the card, is that Papa Gnome had been last minute Christmas shopping. Buying his personal gifts for his beloved wife, Mama Gnome. He was well on the way home, but was also really tired from all the other male Gnomes fighting and jostling in a panic just before Christmas. Then he, then spotted a little candle lantern in the woods beckoning to him, beside a tall tree - so he dropped his shopping and immediately leaned back for 40 winks! The gift bags are now leaning against the Gnome's leg! That's the thing with glue dots - they can move around a bit!

This did remind me of many years ago when I worked in Newcastle City Centre and we were rather cruelly made to wait on the 'whims of senior management' but usually did get 'let out' slightly early on Christmas Eve. I loved to walk up the 'main shopping street', all lit with Christmas lights, where the biggest department stores were, to the bus station, past the likes of Fenwicks etc. and quietly smile at the last minute 'male buyers' straight from the pub or an office party. 'Weebling into the stores' .... totally at the mercy of the awaiting and smiling perfume, jewellery and lingerie shop assistants! At that stage they truly didn't care what they spent! Memories!

This past week was kinda busy with this and that, including the optician for me on Tuesday just gone. Absolutely no change, which is really interesting given the cataracts panic button business three years ago by my previous optician. I have total trust in my current practice though - which is a good feeling. If you find a good optician then try to stick with them. Avoid the ones who are there purely to sell their latest frames.

Dudley was 'super-charged' from Monday morning onwards! As soon as we stirred he hopped back up onto the bed, licking, bouncing and generally trying to wake us up - PRONTO! It shows how down he must have felt after the vaccines - it was like having a Jack-in-a-Box in our bedroom!

We've had some warmer days lately so he's had loads of walkies this week and that too has given him some more 'bounce'. Won't be long before it's warm enough for me to go along as well - yay!

Remember that we're halfway through Sarn's Challenge #447 and the latest picks and prize winner are over HERE on the Snippets Playground!

Love, as always, Dudley and yours truly xxx


  1. Oh that is such a cute card and I love Papa Gnome’s story!
    Glad all well with you and yours - with lots of bouncing around going on!!! xxx

  2. You are so right about Opticians Di, been with the current one about 20 years and he's brilliant, so on the ball with my optic nerve and visual impairment issues and got my cataracts done proto (just as well as Covid kicked in a few weeks later).

    I have a few products from Gummiapan and I adore the little Gnome of today's card.

    B x

  3. This card is great fun with a lovely story attached. Not sure I should investigate Gummipan - you know how easily tempted I am 🤣

  4. Love this! And the story 😃, but pleeease stop (not really) tempting us!😂😂😂

  5. Cracking make and back story too

    Happy Sunday


  6. So far I have resisted visiting Gummiapan but can feel myself weakening! Lovely card Di and glad Dudley is back to his normal self. xx

  7. Such a wonderful story that goes along with this gorgeous card Di.

    Sue xx

  8. I loved Chrissie's Gummiapan die posts before Christmas. I know what you mean about those fabby dies, but must use others before I spend any more. As for your card, it's an absolute delight Di. I love the story with it too. And so glad Dudley is back to normal.

  9. Lol i love your little Papa Gnome card Patti, what a cutie! So glad to hear Dudley is back to 110%!!
    My boss is like that too, I don't see what the big deal is in letting you know IN ADVANCE that you're getting away early, must be a power thing or something! Makes me so cross every time!!

  10. What a fun wee card, and story, Di - I love that the lantern is almost as big as Papa Gnome. I love those dies also, and like you the cost and postage is quite reasonable, even to here...
    Good to hear your weather is warming up, and Dudley is 'bouncing' once more

  11. Cute and fun card Di, and love the detail of the acetate on the lantern. Lovely story too. So glad to hear that Dudley forgot quickly the vet and is super charged! LOL :D
    Glad also that you don't need a change of glasses
    Hugs and some cuddles to Dudley!

  12. Such a cute card, Di. Your little gnome is adorable and I loved the little story. xx

  13. Di your card is so cute love the acetate on the lanterns and the story such a good read x

  14. This is totally adorable Di .. very cute and so detailed - absolutely love the detail on the lantern! Love your little story too ... I could just picture it in my mind's eye ... and of course you're not wrong about the last minute shopping panic of many male Christmas shoppers ... I daresay that online shopping has done away with a lot of that now!
    Pauline xx

  15. Such a cute gnome Di, and love the little accessories, including the lantern which looks great, and finished with a lovely glittery sentiment. Glad Dudley has got his bounce back. x


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