Sunday 17 October 2021

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #414 - Ruby's Memory

Our wee Ruby 2005-2020

Hello again - thanks for calling by! It's time for another snippets challenge dedicated to sweet Ruby's Memory, in aid of the centre who originally rescued her, and this is our seventh one.

The prize for this challenge has been kindly offered by Kathy Asper - who is also in the spotlight as a guest designer for this fortnight as well. First. lets take a peek at the three lovely cards Kathy made:


I love all three of these cards - each one showing how well snippets work on die cuts for Christmas cards. To find out how Kathy made them, do hop over to her blog HERE.
And, Kathy has generously donated two sets of dies - both make up a single prize which won't be split. The prize will also be posted directly to the winner by Kathy:

The prize is an Echo Park 'Candy Cane Christmas' set of dies plus a Neat & Tangled 'Medallion Flower Builder' set of dies. Just perfect to play with before Christmas!

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 30th October. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list. And I won't be splitting the prize of course.
Please also remember that I only allow a total of nine other challenges, which makes 10 in total, when you enter a snippets make into the Playground.
Dudley has been in disgrace here, for only as long as it took for his sweet little face to melt our hearts. So, all of one minute probably. Len was cutting the grass in the back garden and Dudley spotted a neighbouring cat lurking underneath a bush on Dudley's patch no less! He made one frantic dash, the cat soared over the tall fence like a rocket and Dudley returned with his head hung low absolutely covered in sticky seed heads, bits of grass cuttings and also muddy paws.
'I only wanted to introduce myself' he moaned - as he was brushed to within an inch of his life and then had his paws and tummy given a good wash. 

A few of you will have already seen this as I posted it on Facebook - once we stopped laughing (discretely of course). One of our neighbours commented and asked was it one of theirs (it was). She saw the funny side when I said that Dudley only really saw the tail end properly. ☺ 

However, Dudley redeemed himself in the early hours of Friday morning when he was out in the garden for a final toilet trip before bedtime. He suddenly stopped mooching around and alerted Len to this little creature underneath the arbour:

A baby hedgehog, being held in Len's cupped 'gardening gloved' hands and probably the size of an orange. Light as a feather as well, so we need to watch out for it and, if it returns to feed again, weigh it in case it needs to be taken to a local hedgehog rescue place. I know it seems a shame to take a hedgehog away from its Mum and possibly its siblings. However, it's already fairly independent and without expert help it just wouldn't survive hibernation if it weighs under 500 grammes. Watch this space and let's all hope for the best.

Thank you from Len for all your Birthday wishes! And yup, he did love his Birthday card I made for him, posted on here on Friday 15th October.

Lots of love from Dudley Dog and of course me,


  1. Lovely trio of cards from Kathy and very generous prize.

    Playing just for fun this time, especially as I was lucky enough to win last time.

    Just look at the state of Dudders! Little tinker. Although he did redeem himself with the hedge.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  2. Great cards from Kathy, guest designer and a lovely prize too, back later with my entry. Had to smile at Dudley, he looks much the same as I did after a pruning and weed pulling session - my clothes were covered in sticky seeds and the like. I had to clean myself off though 🙄

  3. Back again with my card this time and also a 'yes please' for the draw. Thanks.

  4. Kathy’s cards are amazing as are the prizes ....Dudley looks as he should 😆 it’s a learning nice to see the new hog too l will be playing for fun good luck all xx

  5. Such a sweet Christmas creation made by Kathy!
    The little puppy is so very sparkly! The look on his face made me laugh Dudley must be realy great company for you both Di and your stories always make me smile, thank you.
    Fab prize - a "yes please" from me for it.
    Hugs, Majda

  6. What a great trio by Kathy! I will definitely play this week...
    OMG! Poor Dudley! It's fall here and Maddie seems to collect EVERY leaf that has fallen and bring it in the house on her fur!
    That hedgie is SOOOOO CUTE! ANd Happy Belated Birthday Len!

  7. Three beautiful cards from Kathy and I'll be a Yes Please for her lovely prize. Still makes me smile when I read about Dudley's latest adventure. Fingers crossed that your little hedgie gains weight in time to hibernate for the winter. xx

  8. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for a good laugh! Dudley and all his adventures are quite humorous. We have had several pups that have been in the same predicament and like you say it’s hard not to get angry with such a cute face! But what a mess it can be for the cleanup. Hope all is well and a belated happy birthday to Len!🎂🎂

  9. Yes, please.

    Poor Dudley. A great picture though. It must have taken an eternity to comb those dadgummed things out.

    Love the little hedgie. So cute.

  10. A huge thank you to Kathy for being guest designer and for the chance to win these wonderful dies. I love the little extra dimension on those candy canes with white gel pen, and will have to remember that trick.
    YES Please to the prize.
    I saw poor Dudley's face on FB, and had to chuckle as I remember our Toby looking similar, after spending time out in the yard. Worse than the little sticky seed heads though, are the burrs that get caught in his paws during autumn. Toby doesn't even have the excuse of finding baby hedgehogs!

  11. I can't seem to link up, Di. Here is my URL

    I tried 3 times.

  12. Great cards and two beautiful dies donated by Kathy, and if I get a card in this time I will be playing for fun Di. Dudley's face is a picture with his fur full of sticky seeds and needing some washing and brushing to repair the damage..really made me smile, and what a sweet little hedgie and hope that it puts on enough weight to safely hibernate. x

  13. Welcome, Kathy, for the GD spot! Great cards, and a lot of inspiration.

    Cute stories for Dudley, unfortunately he got the short end of the stick on the first one, he does look concerned he's going to be bathed again - lol. Best wishes for the young hedgie!

  14. Congrats to Kathy as a Guest Designer. Love the trios of her cards!
    Love the cute Dudley's face and sweet Hedgehog, so much fun with these little guys!
    Thanks for the chance to win this sweet prize, so Yes!

  15. Gorgeous cards from Kathy and lovely prizes. YES please to me playing for the prize this month - thank you! Aw i hope your little hoglet will be ok, ive also got two late babies in a nest under the window and not far from the feeding station so they are out several times a day to fatten up - but im keeping a good eye on them! Hugs Emmax

  16. Great cards from Kathy. Hope baby spike pulls through xoxo

  17. Brilliant cards from Kathy and great prizes. Big hugs, Carol

  18. Ha ha - Dudley's face! It looks like that photo was taken at the exact moment he realised just how much grooming it was going to take to get all of those little burrs out of his coat!
    Love Kathy's samples - I'm a 'yes please' for the prize draw.
    Helen x

  19. Yes please for the prize, Di. I wonder if you shouldn't change Dudley's name to Tinker, the mischief he gets into!!
    That is one tiny hedgie - hopefully he will be cared for one way or another and survive your winter
    Stay safe

  20. Dogs like adventures and I know that so well! (LOL!).
    And the hedgie is sooo cute (my most favorite animals!), I hope he will make it.
    Time for making christmascards: so I say yes to the lovely prize which Kathy has spent.
    Lia xx

  21. Welcome to Kathy as Guest Designer with her wonderful cards and many thanks for the lovely prizes she has donated! I love what she did with the Candy Canes...they look soooooo real with the gel pen highlights! Yes, please to this super-sweet prize set.

    Awwwww...poor Dudley all covered with the sticky seeds and debris. He prob feels like his adventure was worth it, though. Sweet little guy!

    I LOVE the pic of your sweet little baby hedgie, Di. I do hope the poor little waif will be okay. He's a cutie!! I do so enjoy seeing your pictures of the prickly little garden visitors. So much cuter than the skunk I surprised the other night on my back porch. Fortunately, he was not inclined to spray, but ran off instead. Whew!! :o

    Thank you for another lovely challenge dedicated to dear Ruby. So nice of you to keep her sweet memory alive by contributing to the rescue center! Bless you.
    Take care and have a lovely day!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  22. Lovely cards from Kathy and adorable photos of Dudley and the Hedgie!
    Sorry for my absence. I apologize if in this period I can't visit your blogs to admire your beautiful works, but my life at the moment is very busy and complicated. I hope I can make up for it and leave comments for everyone, but if not, please excuse me.

  23. I love Kathy's cards, especially the candy cane one. The patterned paper brings back memories of winter/Christmas when I was a child. Yes please to the draw. Dudley looks so pathetic knowing what's in store for him!

  24. Nice trio of cards from Kathy and a lovely prize too (YES PLEASE if I am the lucky winner).


  25. What a little monkey, I bet the cat was long gone! I hope this little hedgehog is alright, what a responsibility. A great set of cards here but I'll just play for fun and try and use my current stash. x

  26. Great trio of sample cards but I'm playing just for fun this time!

    Look at that scruffy Dudley! Autumn is always such a messy time with dogs!

  27. Hello, Di! Here I am with a snippets card! It's been way too long since I played here. Kathy's cards are adorable, and thank you to Kathy for the wonderful prize! Yes, I would be thrilled to win, so I'm a YES! It's so nice to honour Ruby's memory. Poor Dudley looks so cute and funny - he got himself into a mess there, didn't he?! Love the baby hedgie; had to call Brian in to have a look as he adores hedgies. Hope the little guy will be okay.

  28. Lol it's not like Dudley not to look his usual gleaming self ;)
    He does look suitably guilty but always a cutie hahaha. Isn't that funny how he knows not to chase the little hedgehog, hope the little waif was OK!!
    Thank you for another Ruby's Memory challenge Di, and thank you to Kathy for such beautiful cards and fab prizes xxxx

  29. Wonderful Christmas cards by Kathy! Great prizes too. Yes, please.
    Poor Doodley, he made me laugh.
    Hugs, Valerija

  30. Kathy's cards are lovely and the prizes are wonderful!! I love the cute phots of Doodley and the little hedgehog!! Certainly brought a smile. Sweet memories of dear Ruby. Our little dog left us last week. So difficult for all!! They are so much a part of the family. Sending love. (I would love to be in the draw for a prize please). Stay safe! xx

  31. Pretty cards by Kathy! Love the pics of Dudley and the cute hedgie!
    Yes, please on the fab prize!

  32. Thank you so much to Kathy for the prize and for sharing her beautiful holiday cards. YES PLEASE to a chance to win.
    As for Dudley...good boy to find that baby hedgie! I like to think that his cat chasing episode was just a practice run for his true calling of rescue dog, lol!

  33. What lovely bright fun cards from Kathy, and fabulous prize so yes please to enter. That happened while walking a friends dog while they were away…..stuck her head in some sheep’s wool, covered in barbed seeds, what a nightmare, many hours of teasing them out! Dudley is such a clever sweetie pie xxx

  34. Ruby - what a little cutie!, and as for Dudley...I bet you had a hard time removing all those sticky seeds. When we visited the UK many years ago, our friend's children put them all over us, and it took us ages to remove them all (the seeds, not the children) lol.

    That little hedgehog is gorgeous. We do not have them in Australia, mores the pity. I hope he has survived.

    Finally, "Yes Please" to those lovely dies. Jennifer. xx

  35. Fab holiday designs from Kathy for her stint as guest designer. Dudley is quite an adventurer. Playing for fun this round.

  36. Leuk speelgoed het ondeugende hondje .
    Wat een werk al die plak dingen om die te verwijderen.
    Maar voor mij tijd om een kaartje te plaatsen. Ik doe graag mee voor het mooie prijsje.
    Groetjes , Elle-Jeanne

  37. FAB makes and smashing story/pic about Dudders. Lovely prize too but I'm just playing for fun this time around, thanks

    Happy Monday


  38. Yes, please to the prize. Thank you Kathy for wonderful inspiration and offering the prize. And thanks for another wonderful Dudley story!

  39. How clever of Dudley to find the baby hedgehog, so sweet :)

    It is very generous of Kathy to donate not one, but 2 sets of those dies. I have a very similar candy can and never thought to use it like that, it looks really effective.

    Playing just for fun this time.

    Best wishes to all

    Mandy xxx

  40. Playing just for fun this time. Generous of Kathy to donate the prize.

  41. Lovely cards from Kathy to show off her fab prizes. I will be playing just for fun this time. Dudley's face made me smile. It's those sticky little green balls that are a pain with our two. Hubby takes them in the fields for a walk and sometimes they are covered in them!

  42. Fab GDT cards and it's a lovely prize, but I'm just playing for fun this time.
    Making this card was nearly as bad as your experience with the paper piecing, lost that little martini glass for a moment or two!

  43. The cards are really pretty.
    Awww, poor Dudley. <3 The hedgehog is adorable.

    I'm playing just for fun this time

  44. Hello … I’ve just found you so would love to play along .. hope it is ok I have posted a card from last Saturday 23 October which is not today but is since your Chalkenge started 😀 I would love to say yes please to your prize.

    Thanks for the inspiration from Kathy, and for the adorable pictures of your dog Dudley and the baby hedgehog .. I absolutely love hedgehogs and it melts my heart when we get them in the garden x

  45. What beautiful cards and dies from Kathy! Those candy canes are so fun and I love her first card. The scene in her paper is fabulous! The next two cards are elegant and so beautiful. I am NOT playing for the prize though. Oh poor Dudley, he just wanted to make friends. lol Same thing happens here-cats, bunnies, deer, etc...The dogs here just want to play make friends too. lol Poor Maverick got into cockleburs and was not a happy camper as he couldn't lay down. I had a hard time getting them out as he had a lot of them. Got what I could out, then had to wait for Bret to come home from work to help me get them out. I felt so bad for him. OMGoodness, isn't that little hedgie so adorable! I sure hope he/she weighs enough to survive on it's own, but if it doesn't I know you and Len will see to it that it gets to the rescue place. Good job Dudley! Happy belated birthday to Len! Hugs, Brenda

  46. oh, such beautiful cards from Kathy.
    Yes Please for a lovely prize.
    Dudley's adventures are always fun :))).
    I really hope your little hedgie gains weight in time to hibernate for the winter.
    hugs xx


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