Sunday 29 August 2021

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #409 - results

Summer is still 'puttering on' here but who knows for how long? As a September baby, my favourite Season is Autumn/Fall. They do say your favourite season is the one you were born in. I know it's sad to see Summer disappear - but my favourite childhood memories of England are of scuffling through Autumn leaves, collecting conkers, curling up with a book in front of a beautiful fire, hot chocolate or similar before bed, baked potatoes at Halloween, warming casseroles for dinner - and of course the impending arrival of the Christmas Season and maybe even some snow!

It's probably slightly crazy but I'm trying to take up knitting again. I think the point is looming where I'll need cataracts sorted out and that could well curtail crafting/screen time for a while. I used to knit a lot and found it to be something relaxing to do and easy on the eyes as a lot of the time you don't need to really look at your work. Watch this space as they say!

First of all, the picks:

It's been a while since we had a *Gold Star* pick, but this card, made by Charlotte just jumped out as being a real stunner and so worthy of a gold star.  Do please take the time to hop over to Charlotte's blog and see how she made this wonderful snippets creation - with the aid of 'Press 'n' Seal'. I love how Charlotte always explains clearly each step of a design she makes. Please feel free to help yourself to the *Gold Star* badge on my right hand sidebar - if you so wish of course Charlotte.

I love this card, made by Suzanne H. Such a lovely layout/design and a wonderful way to use up lots of complementing patterned snippets!  This is a great example of why it's worth while saving snippets from the same paper pad together. I stick a pouch inside the back cover of my paper pads - made from a suitably sized envelope, sealed and then sliced in half - like this, you get two 'pouches' from one envelope - result!:

Rainbows in every form are so popular in card making right now. Some manufacturers have brought out quite highly arched, slightly funky, sets of rainbow dies that I've resisted buying as this place is awash with rainbow papers and dies. However, clever Karen (Ladd) came up with this brilliant idea - use a set of oval dies! A great card and yet another super idea for you to try - also a snippets buster of course! ☺ 

As often seems to happen, this card was made by one of our prize winners - it's a great idea and a lovely design for using up patterned paper snippets. Made by Katrina and certainly one to inspire us!

One new Playmate this time:


What a gorgeous card - do come back and play again soon Elle-jeane!

That's my picks from Challenge 409 in the Playground and I've stuck to the three picks limit, plus our *Gold Star* and of course a new Playmate.  We had 40 entries.

Now for the prize draw which is a Stamping Bella 'Oddball Easter Bunny' stamp - and there are three of these. Here are the winners:

Carol L




Jeanne H

Congratulations ladies!

Please send me your addresses, even if you know that I know them already, with your full name at the top as well so it can be can be copied and pasted for speed and ease. It's also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course.  Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

As soon as I have all addresses, I'll do one outing to post the prizes together. We're still being cautious here and avoiding any unnecessary mingling.

Remember folks, there's still almost one more week to run on the current Challenge 410 which you can find HERE. The prize is a really fun Clearly Besotted 'Egyptian Feline' set of stamps.

Yesterday was time for Dudley's quarterly dose of worming treatment, purely as a preventative measure. Ever since he came to rule live with us it's always been a nightmare dosing him. We started off with a liquid formula when he was a puppy, as advised by the breeder, and he was an expert at spitting that right out. Visions of Wild West films and spittoons in bars used to come to mind! Then we moved onto pills as less messy and he never ceases to amaze us at how he convincingly 'swallows' - yet as soon as he's released - 'ping' - out comes said pill from the side of his mouth. Len brought one of his very favourite treats to show him yesterday, with the pill in his pocket - and the little tinker resolutely remained firmly under my desk, out of reach and feigning sleep! However, after his walk, he did his usual spinning trick for the treat he'd seen earlier, then without too much of a fuss Len managed to pop the pill into Dudley's mouth whilst cuddling him and holding his mouth closed - success! Phew, we now have three months respite until the next time.

Stay cool if you can - and also safe!

Love from Parsnip, myself and the usual happy 'high-five' and woof from Dudley.


  1. Wonderful top picks Di - what awesome cards in the selection
    Yes, dosing animals can be a bit of a nightmare - my cat is called Tinker, with good reason, particularly when it comes to dosing him!!
    Stay safe

  2. Wow!! Charlotte certainly does deserve a gold star for that fabulous use of snippets! What a fun design, and a lot of work. Congrats to the winner and other top picks as well, and thank you for including my card among them.
    The story of Dudley and his pills remind me of when Toby was younger and did the same thing. I was sure he had swallowed, but then would find it (sometimes hours later) stuck to his placemat, or on the carpet. Now he's much more cooperative and takes him two pills a day in a tiny peanut butter sandwich. As annoying as it can be when Dudley does his best to avoid taking his pill, it's hard not to laugh at him pretending to be sound asleep. Gotta love them!

  3. Lovely picks showcasing great snippet busting. Congrats to Charlotte on her gold star award.

    Waving hello to the newbie Elle-Jeanne.

    Congrats to all three prize winners.

    Glad to hear you and Len managed to win the battle of the worming tablet.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. Brilliant picks as always and some helpful tips along the way. I usually have some knitting and crochet on the go, something easy to pick up and put down. I find it helps in stopping me from falling asleep in front of the TV too!! I had a 'cataract year' in 2019 with two ops spaced over several months - didn't curtail my crafty life too much. You will be fine I'm sure, they seem to have it down to a fine art these days.

  5. What fabulous picks! So much inspiration. Congratulations to the winners. That Dudley is a very crafty chap, but pill giving to pets is notoriously difficult, so we’ll done for succeeding xxx

  6. Congrats to the winners and fabulous snippets examples, some great ideas! I can just imagine Dudley and his pill, it made me smile. I tend to put our doggies tablets in with their food and it seems to work. Have a good week x

  7. Fabulous picks - all so inspirational and so colourful too.
    I remember the tablet tricks with my dog. Even stroking his throat to let it go down and then - yep - spat it out lol!

  8. Well done ladies your cards are amazing great picks they are Di my birth season is Summer which l love but also Autumn like you say playing with the fallen leaves colour changes lots of reasons but l love all seasons enjoy your day x

  9. Wat leuk dat mijn kaartje is uitgekozen bij challenge 409.
    De andere dames ook gefeliciteerd.
    Groetjes Elle-jeanne

  10. What a lovely surprise to wake up and see my name chosen as one of the winners! Thanks so much! The top pics are fantastic this week Di, and I love your clever idea for using envelopes to save paper pad bits! it makes more sense than using a rubber band around them when the smaller pieces keep falling out! LOL Thanks so much for keeping the playground open. I hope you're able to resume your knitting again too. I had to give up crocheting when I developed a trigger thumb which required a surgical fix, but I miss it after crocheting most of my adult life. Gotta keep those hands busy all the time don't we?

  11. Congratulations to everyone. Wonderful picks too.

    I love the fall. We just don't get enough of it in Florida. You blink and 3 days of fall is gone. [Bunny]

  12. Fabulous picks Di, what a lovely selection. Special congratulations to Charlotte on her Gold Star award. xx

  13. Wonderful picks with a big congratulations to Charlotte for her gold star creation, and also great designs by Suzanne, Karen and Katrina, and welcome to Elle-jeanne with her pretty sunflowers. Congratulations also to the winners of the three quirky Easter Bunny stamps too. Glad the worming pill did eventually go down. Dudley is so funny and clever too, but your persistence won the x

  14. Easy to see why these are Winners, Di -- congrats to the winners!

  15. Like you Di, I am a September babe, the 2nd. I always said it was the best present, as the children went back to school!!
    All the cards are beautiful and great designs. All so different. Big hugs, Carol S.xxxx

  16. Oh boy! I'm one of the winners of the prize this time. Thanks so much. I was going to buy that stamp so happy. Congrats to all the winners today and welcome newbies. Hugs, Jeanne

  17. Gorgeous picks for late summer, Di. I've wanted to take up crocheting for years and hope to finally take the plunge soon xoxo

  18. Thanks so much for choosing my card as a top pick. I'm going to use your envelope trick to save my snippets. I have a pocket folder now and I dump them out and try to get inspired! Congrats to Charlotte as a Gold Star Pick - Well deserved!

    Congrats to all the winners and top picks! And congrats to Len for successfully giving Dudley his pill!

  19. Such fabulous pics and the gold star is really well deserved.
    Big congrats to the winner and I'm so happy to see that my good friend Carol name is in the list! :D
    Hugs and cuddles to Dudley, well done with the worming pill! :D

  20. Beautiful Cards Congrats Ladies, Great designs

  21. Such pretty makes as well as some great ideas for using up snippets!
    Congrats to the winners!
    Marianne x

  22. Wow what fabulous picks! Congratulation to the winner as well


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