Thursday 7 May 2020

'Dirty Pour' technique - my way

A couple of months ago, late to the party as usual, I fell in love with a card made by Viv using the 'Dirty Pour' technique. I had lots of encouragement from Viv to give it a try, with the warning it was messy but good fun. Then I watched loads of videos on line with my mouth hanging open in horror. I already had the Yupo, umpteen tubes of acrylic paint, plastic to spread over the work area, wooden coffee stirrers (why do I always pick up a few extra of those?) aprons, latex gloves - and could obtain the pouring agent and paper cups on line. But, as I often say, I'm not truly a fan of 'messy', as well as the added factor that if there's an accident going to happen then I'll certainly be first in line.

However, after prevaricating for weeks, I finally came up with this card. Make sure you read right through to find out how I did it:
I used:

- 5" x 5" square white card blank, side opening

- snippet of black card for the 'frame' - the core and back of the black card is white so I just ran a black Pro marker round the edges

- then I trimmed my 'dirty pour' piece to just slightly smaller than the black piece of card and glued it on top using Collall All Purpose glue

- some while ago, Robyn had enclosed a lovely die cut flower in with a Thank You card. It was cut from white card so I used a black Pro marker to colour the whole flower black and then glued it onto the 'dirty pour' panel using a glue pen- thanks again Robyn! x

- next I glued the image panel onto the card front using Collall All Purpose glue again

- the sentiment is a sticker from Claritystamp's 'Word Sticker Collection - Christmas and Celebrations' - which I popped onto a little frame of the same black card, again with a black Pro marker run around the edges

- stuck the sentiment in place, using narrow pieces of thin sticky pads

- final touch - three black gems in the top right hand corner

And how did I make the 'Dirty Pour' piece? I could say it took several attempts, a full waste bin, a lot of mess to clean up, one ruined t-shirt, paint splatters on the walls and a near miss with Dudley.

However, I cheated - big time! Joanna Sheen sells two different pads of semi-glossy patterned paper called 'Faux Pour'. 24 8" x 8" papers in a pad, 2 x 12 designs. Here's a link to the pad I used. The papers are prints from actual 'dirty pours' done by Joanna - and she produced the pads for wimps like me, who love the technique but not the mess. So, if you're hovering and too scared to try the actual technique - that could be your solution, at just £4.99 per pad ☺ So, unless you already have lots of the materials needed, it's loads cheaper too.

And, as I used the 'Faux Pour' paper pad for the very first time, I'm joining in again with Darnell's NBUS Challenge #14 for May. - if only to be cheeky!

Having said that about avoiding the mess, it still intrigues me and I do admire those who bravely tackle the technique (Viv plus Bonnie, Loll and Darnell I think, to name a few) - so perhaps one Summer day I might just strip off and have a try for real, in the middle of the back garden.

Thereby scaring all the wild life away and causing mass hysteria amongst anyone unfortunate enough to see the crazy English woman working away 'naked as a jay bird'.


  1. Brilliant card, the paper surely looks like the real deal. I, too, have seen videos of the technique but I doubt it's one I'll ever try. I look forward to see the results of your experiments in the summer.

  2. Di - this is ever so lovely! What a fantastic idea for a card - and the 'messy pour' turned out quite striking! Love the bold flower die cut as a focal point - just superb!

  3. A fabulous card and I also love the 'dirty pour' technique although I start to get palpitations thinking of the mess! So I love the idea of a cheat's paper pad - thanks for the link!
    Kath x

  4. I so looked forward to reading how you got on with the 'dirty pour' technique and just laughed out loud when I read how you achieved the end result - wicked (in both senses of the word)!!! I must say this is something I've not tried either although I have thought about it - think I might try your solution. Still smiling. xx

  5. This looks great, nice card.
    Hugs, Chantal S

  6. I love the card Di, but had to giggle when I read how you created you pour. I have not seen those paper pads but will pop over and take a look. I spent a weekend last year trying this technique with a friend. We had great fun, made loads of mess and have not tried it again. I might just have to give it a go again.

    Sue xx

  7. Oh, my goodness, had my mouth just watering to hear of your adventures. Hahaha....the joke's on us, I guess. :D

    As for myself, I tell you....every time I try so much as to fix myself a cup of coffee, I end up with the Dirty Pour technique!!! I am so much messier than my kids ever were!!! What a disaster I make in the kitchen...and everywhere else! Big stainless steel bowls under my kitchen projects help to contain the mess when I am mixing, measuring, and pouring....but I figure everything is washable and it is all part of the fun. Ha!!

    My craft room messy projects are a completely different story!! Fortunately for my across-the-fence neighbor, I haven't resorted to your stripped down in the backyard idea!! lol...

    Your card is lovely using Robyn's pretty die cut flower! And...with such fabulous backgrounds available, nobody *needs* to make a mess, unless they really want to. It's not's a win!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  8. Well l never - another string to your bow Di absolutely stunning l love it and the colours used are fabulous too great technique stay well x

  9. I'm with you Di, the only mess I enjoy working with is a pile of snippets of paper! This turned out gorgeous though, so we can easily leave the mess to those who enjoy it. I find that if I buy all the supplies, I usually use them once and then never pick them up again, so a tidy little paper pad without all the added mess and expense works perfectly!! Great card!

  10. Hi Di your card is gorgeous. I love it. That background is just amazing. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  11. I love this. Cheater diry pours for those of us that thinking wearing the pour is in vogue. Lovely card. [Bunny]

  12. I'm with you Di - my idea of fun crafting does not involve clearing up a load of mess! Or indeed any kind of nudity LOL !!! I love your 'cheat' version and it's as striking as if you HAD got messy and safer for Dudley too :)
    Hugs, Vicky xx

  13. I think the cheat method is a truly genius idea! Very effective, less mess and wonderful result. What's not to love?

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  14. OMG hun, you did make me LOL, to be honest i so don't blame you, as the already done paper sounds like a brilliant idea ;-) - a classy CAS card, luv Sam x

  15. I'm with you, Di - love the outcome but not the mess! Lovely card. :-D

  16. That gorgeous background caught my attention immediately and then to find out it’s from a dirty pour pad?!!! What a BRILLIANT find ans a beautiful card, Di! I’m not keen on doing the actual dirty pour myself, so thank you for sharing the info and link.
    Take care. Stay home and craft on. Hi Dudley! 👋

  17. I love your non messy messy pour Di curtesy of Joanna Sheen, and very pretty dp it is too, and the black die cut flower looks great over the top. Like you I have thought about giving it a try and even bought some little tubes of metallic acrylic paints, but would need to buy one or two other things to do it, and not having a craft room I am a bit nervous of making a mess on the living room x

  18. I have decided. NOT to add to my stash by getting the paint pouring supplies. As cool as they look. But a paper pad, I can go for that! Great card!

  19. Love your card. I've never tried "dirty pour" but have shaving cream and that's a huge mess. I just may have to try this sometime.

  20. You're a corker, Di! Did you really buy all the schtuff or just the paper? That really is brilliant paper and if you'd not fessed up, no one would've known! I sometimes feel that way about other background techniques when there are papers that look just like it. But it's lots of fun doing it, too, especially in a group with gals who are pros and willing to teach. I'm not sure I would've done this on my own if it weren't for Loll's retreat.

    I love the design layout you used to showcase it and it was smart to just color Robyn's die cut black. See, now that's something I never would've thought of. Always learning something new! Thank you and thank you for sharing at NBUS! Take care and all of you keep safe!! Hugs, Darnell

  21. lOVE this fabulous card and your super dirty pour technique.
    Went straight over and ordered a couple of pads.... and of course a few extras to get free shipping. Hubby groaned until I showed him a video of how it can be done and then he breathed a sigh of relief that I'd gone for your technique! xx

  22. I'm with you on steering clear of anything called Dirty Pour...beautiful or not! After all, I can barely manage to stamp an image without dropping the black ink pad on the carpet or on my pants (good thing I only wear black pants). My first attempts at Color Burst powders were too frightening to describe and I intend to use them outside in our back yard from now on. However, not sure I need to strip down to use them..I'll settle for wearing old clothes, haha!

  23. Clean crafters unite! In my world this is not cheating... it's beautiful! xoxo

  24. Im not a deft crafter Di, but rather inept.. and an accidental mess galore is likely to happen with yours truly in the mix! So will too look on in admiration from sidelines and dont need any paper pads..
    Thanks for sharing your lovely cards, Miss well done!.., and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love, in these different times.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  25. Ha, you had me fooled there for a while but your card looks so good I thought it was the real thing. I am with you, would love to give it a go but can't cope with the messiness xx

  26. I love the card and I'm with you, I hate messes and I am the messiest. I'm a messy cook and a messy crafter. When I read about your great find I had to check it out. I'm so glad there is someone out there to take care of us mess makers. Again, I love your card.


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