Sunday 10 November 2019

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #365

And the wet weather lingers on - but nothing like as bad as further North where there's now flooding. Flood water causes such dreadful damage and my heart really goes out to anyone affected by it.

Today is Remembrance Sunday here in the UK and also in many other places around the World. Armistice Day is tomorrow of course (11th November). I always watch the Cenotaph ceremony on TV - and always end up in tears, needless to say.

We have a slightly different format this week, in addition to my own card and prize(s) we also have a very talented guest designer who recently came to play for the first time. More further down this post.

First of all, here's my snippets card for today:
I used:

- 6" x 6" white card blank

- snippets of backing paper for the 'frame' and then the top layer, from the Studio Calico 'Snippets Collection' paper pad. And they are snippets as I used scraps from the 12" x 12" paper pad, just in case you think I'm cheating!

- glued the layers onto the card front

- then stamped the image onto a snippet of white card using a SWALK 'Friendship' stamp and Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink pad - as well as the Misti of course

- coloured the image using Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils 

- die cut the image using a circle die from the (now sadly unavailable) set of 'Stitched Circle' dies by The Works 

- glued the image onto the card front and called it done!

I've had this adorable stamps for absolutely ages - using coloured pencils made it very easy to colour and I do think it reminds me very much of the Playground. 

And this is the prize is for this fortnight:
A SWALK 'Friendship' stamp (which is grey unbacked rubber) and a Gemini 'Stitch Edge Circle' set of dies. As I said, The Works seem to have discontinued their stitched circle dies but this set I have on offer as part of the prize is actually even better as it has eleven dies in total. The largest one is 4.6", the same size as my die which I used for this card. I'd prefer not to split the prize - you can always give part of it to another crafting friend of course.

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 23rd November. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list.

And now onto our Guest Designer - who is Karen Letchworth, of 'My Cup Runneth Over'. 

First of all a little bit about Karen who is a lady who loves using snippets. I love her work and when she offered to be a Guest Designer for the November Snippets Challenges, I jumped at the chance!

So, to introduce Karen to you:
And this is what Karen wrote:

Hello, my name is Karen Letchworth, and I'm so grateful to be a Guest Designer for Diane here at The Snippets Playground.  I've been crafting for most of my life, and I always enjoy using my snippets (paper scraps) in creative ways so that all those cute little bits and pieces of our favorite patterned papers never go to waste.  I hope that the ideas that Di and I share with you this month will inspire you to use your snippets and play along with us.  I welcome you to visit my blog, My Cup Runneth Over, to see my give-away (additional prize for this challenge).  Let's all get creative and make some lovely new cards and projects using our Snippets! 

And here's what Karen made, firstly the pile of snippets followed by the finished card. I think it's absolutely fabulous and certainly makes wonderful use of a lovely variety of snippets:
Thank you SO much Karen. That's such an inspiring snippets card!

We'll see Karen back here in two weeks time - and I do hope you manage to hop over to her blog, the link is above and Karen also has a give-away of her own for the challenge.

Of course, you might only use one snippet on a card, and that still qualifies you to enter the challenge. I'm often guilty of using minimal snippets when I have a prize to offer that doesn't especially lend itself to using lots of snippets, such as my prize for this next fortnight. Last fortnight of course I went a little bit mad with all those tiny butterflies! But it's wonderful to see innovative ways of using up the little perishers.

Latest Dudley news:

Dudley's hair is already growing nicely and he really does so look like a puppy! But, no photos of him at the moment, the right opportunity just hasn't presented itself.

We had some local idiots set off a horrendously loud display of fireworks in their back garden the night before Guy Fawkes.

Dudley had been fine with other fireworks but this lot absolutely terrified him. It was heartbreaking to see him frantically scrabbling to get onto one of the sofas with me, he was shaking like a leaf. I wrapped him in a fleecy throw, a bit like a sausage roll, and held him close - which seemed to help calm him, a bit like a Thunder Shirt works I guess. Poor little sausage (roll). It's such a shame too as he'd been fine with fireworks up until that point.

I do so wish that legislation would be tightened up regarding outdoor fireworks. A neighbour's two cats were absolutely terrified and also various local kiddies woke up screaming in fear. And I bet there's a lot more. This can't be right or fair surely? I'm probably a lot more sensitive now that we have Dudley and can see the effects, but my vote is to ban domestic garden displays! Or at the very least to limit them to one night only for Chinese New Year, Diwali, Guy Fawkes and New Year. As it is, we'll have them all the way to New Year and beyond from now on.

Rant over, hops down from soap box :)

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley and of course me,


  1. First let me say when I saw Karen's picture I thought............this is the queen of snippets and can throw stuff together to be as beautiful as can be like nobody's business. Love her. It probably took her 60 seconds to make this cute little card.

    Second, in our city anything that shoots from the ground and explodes into the air is illegal. Unfortunately, it's so difficult to police. Everyone can go into another county and purchase them and bring them back. I call it burning up money because that's what is happening. I'd rather spend mine on crafting. I agree that it could and should be for very special events.

    Third, I'm in for the prize. Thank you. [Bunny]

  2. Yes please for the prize Di, but I am not sure if being the first is very lucky

  3. Wow 2 fabulous cards and Karen has done an amazing job with those snippets. As for the fireworks I am with you all the way. We even had them going tonight my poor buddy won't go outside now if he hears one so it is 2am wee and hopefully some sleep. He was OK as a puppy but for last 4 years he just tries to hide mainly under me so I too cover him in a blanket and rest my hand on him.

  4. Love this beautiful card, the image is so cute, the sentiment stole my heart.

  5. Poor Dudley and poor all scared animals!!! I would vote to ban all the fireworks forever!!! They are a damage for the animals (here there are always fireworks in any town for local festivities and a lot of pets run away and get lost because of the horrific fireworks!) Fireworks are also an environmental damage for the gunpowder that pollutes air and water. Why man have always to do so much unnecessary noise? :(
    Your card is a delight, such sweet feel and adorable little girls!
    Welcome to Karen, I'm already a her follower and love her layered cards with a lot of use of snippets. This one is a delight!! Well deserved GD!
    Hope to have time to play, my weeks are so busy because of a lot of works for school and personal problems.
    Big hugs

  6. Cute card and another great prize. Welcome to the new guest designer - off to visit her blog next. I am with you completely about fireworks - if we must have them at all it should only be for authorised public displays and certainly none should be available to the general public. They equate to literally burning money and why would anyone do that??

  7. I agree with totally banning the (private) fireworks - my cat got a fright last Saturday night and has been inside and hiding most nights since - even tonight we had more going off, and he was in like a flash as soon as they started - add to that some thunder, and we have had a rather noisy evening!

  8. Forgot to say that I'm playing for fun this time

  9. A lovely snippets card Di and I'll be in the playground on Wednesday. A fabulous card from Karen too and a great use of snippets.

    I agree about a ban on fireworks and not just because of animals being frightened. Several years ago a rocket landed in a friend's gutter, whilst it was still alight. By the time the fire brigade arrived the whole of their roof was ablaze and it caused thousands of pounds of damage. The firework came from a neighbour's garden.

    Kath x

  10. A really cute card from you Di and Karen's card is fabulous too. If I tried to put something like that together it would just look a mess. Hope Dudley has recovered and I'm sure you'll be giving him lots of cuddles. Luckily we don't get many where we are xx

  11. Great cards from you and Karen Di. Poor Dudley I so agree that fireworks really only need to be in public displays. Funnily enough my very nervous Billy who jumps at everything is not bothered by them!After yesterday's rain the sun is back today, enjoy and thanks as always for all your hard work. Yes please to the fab prize too. Hugs xxx

  12. Your card is simply adorable Di! I love the sentiment and how true it is! Your coloring is beautiful too. What a great prize! Welcome to Karen!!! Wow, I love the way Karen used those beautiful snippets. Her card is fabulous! Poor Dudley, glad you were able to calm him some by wrapping him up like a sausage roll. I have issues with a neighbor who likes to fire off a homemade canon and scares the begebbies out of all of us! Humans and dogs! It's not right and wish something would be done about these people who think it is funny to scare people/pets like this. It isn't even a holiday here when they do it, they just do it any ole time. It even brings Bret up out his basement room as it shakes the whole house! So I can sympathize with you on this. Give Dudley hugs from me and my doggies as well as Parnip. Of course I'm sending hugs to you as well! Hugs, Brenda

  13. Sorry about the wet weather! It's about to get below 20 here in Chicago this week and 2 inches of snow tomorrow...
    Your card is darling! I love the little friends!!! I definitely will be playing this week!

  14. This is awesome!! I never knew there were snippets challenges and I have a ton so I want to play!! LOVE that cute image. The coloring is fabulous!!! I also love Karen's card, whose blog I follow and this challenge was linked from. I have not linked up yet but would love to play for the prize!!! I think I use pieces of my scraps on every card I make I have so many of them!!

  15. Fab card and prize. Would love to be included in the draw if I get time to play. On my way to the UK soon. Hope the rain stops. At least it will be a bit warmer. Very cold in Norway at the moment. Yes, get rid of fireworks. Why send all that money up in smoke for a few minutes pleasure for a few people. Anyone with animals knows how terrifying it is for them to have sudden bangs going off. Not only dogs and cats but horses and rabbits, cows, sheep etc. Not to mention the injuries every year. And the pollution!!!! Why would you want all those heavy metals raining down on you?? In Norway it is only allowed on New Years eve and the air quality is always quoted as very bad on New Years day. Worse than high pollen season. I don't see the point. Rant over too LOL. Stay safe and dry. Hugz

  16. Quite a rave from the grave this one Di...can't beat the oldies! Lovely card and welcome to the guest designer who really has showcased a great way to use those snippets. x

  17. This is a very sweet image Di and prettily coloured by you and it looks great on the stitched circle and with the multi coloured pattered paper to complement it beautifully too. I do have a couple of lots of stitched circles already so will only play for fun this time if I manage to get my card in. I know what you mean about incessant firework noise which can be irritating to us humans and not so nice for animals, but we are lucky around out location as we don't seem to get much of it at all. We had just a couple of evenings and nothing since so we are lucky. Perhaps it would be good if they banned the large extremely noisy bangers from private displays and let people stick with the pretty catherine wheels, roman candles and such like which are colourful without being noisy. x

  18. Sorry I completely forgot to welcome Karen as the GD and love all the patterns she has put together with her beautiful banners and the swiss dots embossing makes a great background too. x

  19. Love the fun stripey background on your card, Di! Karen's card is fantastic too - really great use of snippets.

    I completely agree with you about fireworks... I'm not a fan. To me it seems like burning money, with the addition of terrorising all the animals around (pets get scared enough and they're inside - what about the wild birds, rabbits, squirrels, foxes...?) and, at least where we live, it always seems to lead to a load of litter from discarded firework packaging and whatever is left of them after the active part takes off. Yeah, not a fan.

    Anyway... Yes please to the prize!

  20. Your card is beautiful, Di, a really lovely image and sentiment. Congratulations to Karen on her Guest Designer spot - what a super way to use snippets on a card.

    I'm with you with the fireworks, Di. We help with the local Round Table fireworks every year which usually attract up to 15,000 people and raises thousands of pounds for charity. You would think that would mean there is no need for displays in back gardens, but we've had them most nights for the last two weeks, many much louder than the organised display - I can even hear them now!! Mini rant over!! Hope Dudley has got over his terrifying experience.

    Nearly forgot so say that I'm a Yes Please for the lovely prizes. xx

  21. I'm definitely tossing my hat into the ring for this prize, Di, and praying with crossed fingers that I win! :-D I need that die set!! I love your card and the stitched die you used. Wonderful paper choices for the background. Sweetest little girls in their swings.

  22. Hello Di, stay on your soapbox I totally agree with your regarding fireworks. They should only be let off in controlled public displays as far as I'm concerned. The poor animals get so frightened, mind you so do some humans.
    Anyhoo, lovely card and Karen's card with all the snippet strips is just gorgeous, such lovely mixed patterned papers.
    Going to GP on Wednesday so I'll get the xray results. Legs are a bit easier, but there is still pain. Hope you are doing well Kate x

  23. Thank you for all the warm and welcoming comments, everyone. I'm so grateful to Di for having me this month and I can't wait to see your snippets creations. Our poor little miniature schnauzer, Belle, has to take valium when the fireworks start. She gets terrified and hides in the closet or clothes hamper. She gets SO worked up, it breaks our hearts. The fireworks are so dangerous, too, and I worry about unsupervised kids (or dumb who might get hurt. Thanks again for having me, and let's get creative with those snippets!

  24. Entered in the challenge :D Yes to being in the draw, please.
    A lot of cuddles to the poor scared Dudley

  25. Your card is adorable, Di! So sorry there are fireworks making life miserable for Dudley--so not fair! Love Karen's wonderful snippets card--great GD!

  26. My heart goes out to poor Dudley - and to you as the concerned mama! I hope they do restrict the awful fireworks where you are. We are very restricted here, of course, because of the fires. There are always a few boneheads who defy the law, but nothing like what you experience! Your friendship card is so heartwarming! I love it! And thank you to Karen for GDing for you!! Hugs, Darnell

  27. So adorable Di is your card and images used love your colouring too! and l checked out Karen's card and its a brilliant use of snippets just love it and poor Dudley l have been there with the fireworks it would be great if they could only sell on 5th Nov then they wouldn't be going off before hand and organised sites hopefully he will be over the worse now although l am still hearing here in my neck of the woods take care and lots of hugs to Dudley only playing for fun too xx

  28. Awww . . your card is CUTE with a capital C, Di.

    Karen's is a perfect example of a snippet-busting session. How satisfying to use up so many snippets on just one card!

    Can't understand why people buy fireworks . . . might as well set light to your money!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  29. I absolutely LOVE your card this week Di! Such a beautiful image and background and I like the way the sentiment follows the line of the circle. It reminded me of the Playground too :) Great to see Karen guesting here. What a wonderful use of snippets!

    I'm not playing for the prize this week as I'm still so excited about winning last week's that I'd probably burst if I randomly won again!!!

    I'm absolutely with you on the fireworks front. No matter how beautiful they are, nothing justifies terrifying wild or domestic animals. If fireworks didn't exist, the world would go on and people would find different (and hopefully more peaceful) ways to celebrate. I used to have a friend who was brought up in Northern Ireland in the troubles; fireworks terrified her too.

    Vicky xx

  30. Wow, so wonderful card. Love the cute image and your great design.
    Yes for the prize please.
    Hugs, Valerija xx

  31. That's a wonderful card and an awesome prize! Would love to win :) Thank you :)

  32. What a lovely cards! I am a follower of Karen’s blog and she always comes up with wonderful things with snippets. I would be interested in being in the prize draw this week.

    I think it is illegal to set off fireworks here, if you don’t have a permit. At the 4th of July, people do it anyhow. But if it causes damage you would probably be in huge trouble.

  33. Oh no, poor Dudley! Two of my cats do the same thing - they head under the bed and hide. They are terrified! They don't like thunder either. But on a happier note, your card is adorable! Such a sweet image! I'm definitely a YES for the prize, thank you! Congrats to Karen on her GD feature - she did an amazing job - I want to CASE her card with all of those snippets, love it!

  34. Flipping eck just had to swim twixt here and the playground with me trusty snorkel on. Mind you I surfaced up in the duck pond with an irate more hen perched on me ead.!! Just playing for fun. Hugs me. P.s. me cozzie looks like one of those knitted ones from the fifties. Wet and round me ankles. Will just have to accept that I’m a size 8!
    Right, bout turn and making me way back ome. Should reach theG.H. by midnight as the tide is in me favour now.

  35. I am already familiar with Karen's beautiful cards but this snippets design is just spectacular! I love the cozy look of the papers she used, and all those lovely layered banner strips are so festive and fun!

    As for fireworks...ugh...I can't stand them. There is a time and place for them, and that is never near my backyard. We're lucky that Toby isn't bothered much by fireworks, it's me that's a nervous wreck!

    Yes please to this adorable stamp and die prize offer!

  36. Oh wow, Karen's card is just the ultimate in snippets art!
    Just playing for fun this week as I've literally only just treated myself to a set of stitched circle dies, in fact I've used one on my card today.

  37. Beautiful creation. The image and sentiment/s are just the perfect match. It is definitely a YES please from me for the prize. Will be popping back later today with my card for the challenge.


  38. Yes for the prize! Your card is quite cute!! Thanks for keeping up on the challenge!! ❤️

  39. I love those little girls on the swings, they remind me of my 2 granddaughters. How wonderful to have a guest designer now and one that can produce such an amazing card. I completely agree with you regarding fireworks even though I don't have any pets, they have just become a nuisance and are often let off at all hours with no consideration. Yes please for the draw xx

  40. Lovely card Karen, love the way you have used the snippets.
    Yes for the prize. I love the cute girls.

  41. Yes please for the Prize and Yes I want to play - Karen did a lovely job on her card - I am lifting that for this challenge! Thanks Karen for your work and Congratulations on your Guest Designing! Blessings

  42. What a lovely snippert card. Yes for the prize, thanks.

  43. Just for fun this time Di! xx

  44. OMG, both of your cards are AMAZING!!!!!! I have to admit I'm in awe of how Karen used all the snippets!!!!!! She inspired me!!!! I hope Dudley is doing good.
    Yes, I would love to participate in the draw!!!
    Thanks for everything Di, hugs Brigitte

  45. Gorgeous cards from both you and Karen, super prize too but I'm just playing for fun xx

  46. Hi Di

    Beautiful cards from yourself and Karen.

    How come other people's snippets always look more exciting than your own LOL!!

    I am just playing along for fun .. .. and to use up some of my snippet mountain.

    Love Jules xx

  47. Hi Miss Di, I have made it to the playground for the first time in ages! I hope little Dudley has settled down after the fireworks, they are illegal in NSW, but people can go to ACT and buy them and bring them back... there has been a bit of a hoo-ha this week as we had a total fire ban due to the bushfires and some private company still let off fireworks in the city... I'm playing just for fun this fortnight... Have a wonderful week... Megan

  48. Karen's card is lovely and so is yours, Di. What a treat to get 2 doses of inspiration today. Thanks for the challenge and yes please and thank you to the draw. Sorry to hear about the fireworks problem. We have it here as well but people sneak them and so are a bit cautious about it. I pray for rain every July 4th and New Years Eve, haha xoxo

  49. Both your card and Karen's are so pretty! The image you used is so sweet (and yes, please, I'd love to win it!). And Karen is so talented - I always love her layers. She does such pretty makes.
    Well, of course I tried (& failed!) at adding my link so will need your help once again; here is my link:
    Eternally grateful, Di, for your help. hugs, Becca

  50. Karen's card is amazing and what a beautiful way to use all those strips of patterned paper! I will have to start saving my snippets in a box and remember this great design.
    Yes please to the prize this week, as you created such a cute little card with it.

  51. Such a sweet card Di, yes please for the prize...thank you.
    Congratulations to Karen, an amazing snippet card!
    Janice x

  52. Lovely cards from you and Karen, Di! Also loved your hedgies on latest post. Yes please to fab prize. Much love, April xx

  53. Your card is super cute!! And Karen's card is beautiful and uses a LOAD of snippets! I think I will play for the prize this week as I could use some stitched circles (and some larger sizes!). Thanks for the chance to win!

  54. Hello! I love your cards. Yes please for the prize Di. Thank you and blessings!

  55. I have been a huge fan of Karen's work for a long time, so it's nice to see her in the Playground. Her sample card is fantastic for me, because I have a pile of long thin snippets left from Christmas mat pads, and Karen has shown me the perfect way to use them. Love it!.
    Yes please on the prize.

  56. Such a cute card Di & Karen's is just genius...will definitely be borrowing that idea!
    I'm a 'yes please' for the prize draw.
    Helen x

  57. Karens card is so inspiring and I like what she did with papersnippets. The two girls are so nice on your card and fit perfect onto the circle. I say yes to this prize! Hope you and all animals are fine!
    Lia xx

  58. your card is super cute and I feel sorry for Dudley, ahh.
    yes for the prize, please.
    hugs x

  59. Skipping in a little late but here, none the less! That is a beautiful snippets card so artistically put together. x


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