Thursday 26 September 2019

Rudolph Days Challenge - September 2019

Time once again for ScrappyMo's Rudolph Days Challenge. I really thought I'd miss it this time round, with Dudley being unwell, but found some spare time over the weekend after all. And, I'm entering this into Craftyhazelnuts Christmas Challenge too - where it's anything goes .... so long as you don't 'bare yer bum in Fenwicks' shop winder! Explanation below this post :
I used:

- 5.5" x 4.25" white card blank, side opening

- piece of the same brand of white card, which I embossed using Craft-Too's embossing folder called 'Snowflake Banner', then trimmed to one eighth of an inch smaller all round than the card base and glued it to the card front

- stamped the bauble using Taylored Expressions' 'Iconic Wishes - Christmas' stamp and die set and Altenew 'Enchanted Gold' pigment ink pad (luscious, although I still think that Delicata has a slight edge!). Huge thanks to Mo for gifting me this stamp and die set last Summer - it's lovely!

- then die cut the bauble using the die which came with the set (in the UK, we call them baubles rather than ornaments in case you wonder if there's a difference!)

- glued the bauble die cut to the front panel of the card

- die cut a bow using Penny Black's bow from the fabulous 'Whirl Wreath' die set using a snippet of deep red satin mirri card and glued that on top of the bauble

- next, die cut holly leaves and berries using snippets of dark green plain and deep red satin mirri card - and, interestingly, my Poppystamps 'Stitched Holly Leaves and Berries' die was also a gift from sweet Mo!

- and called it done

Believe it or not I made six the same whilst Dudley was resting under my desk. Mostly as I needed to just do something a bit mindless for a couple of hours to relax, if that makes sense. He was quite poorly and it wasn't a happy time for us. Seeing your beloved pooch lying with a hot and dry nose just listless and almost where he's well out of the way is heartbreaking. The little monkey is making up for it now - racing round the house doing 'zoomies' and generally in 'Dudley Plus' mode!

BTW. I got the idea for using the Penny Black bow die cut with the bauble from Laurie's blog - thanks honey!

And now for a proper Dudley update. I certainly think we have our little bundle of mischief back on form! He's eating really well and is even tackling 'Naturo dinners for dogs' with chicken, rice and vegetables. And, his 'output' is nice and solid once again - betcha didn't need to know that really but the nurses at the vet's told us that it would be the last thing to return to normal. So, with fingers and toes crossed, we're living in huge hopes here.

Explanation of the 'bare bum in Fenwick's window'. My roots are North East of England, despite being a nomad all over the World for many years whilst Dad was in the UK Forces. I was born in Newcastle General Hospital eons ago (they're still in recovery, like me). We returned to the North East when my Dad had his final posting, just before I left school in Germany aged 18 - ha, they thought I wouldn't find them 'cos they moved during term time ...... but I did. And I lived, worked and married there until things in life changed so much that I sort of ran away to London and the South of England for a new job - and to escape a lot of hurt and sadness.

A Geordie's humour is raw and can be right to the basics, it took me some time to get used to it I admit - but they're mostly the most wonderful people I know. So, if there was an issue, people who spoke 'broad Geordie' which my Dad would most certainly have not tolerated, but I heard elsewhere and stored in my memory bank, would exclaim, to express disbelief, shock or horror some of the following 'Wey pet, ahl gan to the foot of ower stairs' (goodness knows what that meant! Why would one go to the lowest tread of the stairs and gawp upwards except to ask for help from above I guess?). And another one was 'Ahl bare me bum in Fenwick's shop winder' aka window - so it's pronounced like 'wind - err'. Basically - 'Good grief, I am so surprised I will drop my pants and show my naked rear end to everyone who has the misfortune to be passing the largest department store in Newcastle, based on Northumberland Street which is the poshest shopping area of its time'.

Fenwicks, which has branches throughout the UK, is in fact a Newcastle company family, despite the London and York connection, as well as elsewhere. 'Yer canna keep a Geordie doon pet, when ahl's sayed an' dun'. I'm evil really and, although not really brought up in the North East, I do love to tease my Len now and then with the local vernacular I picked up and saved in the memory banks when living and working up there - such as 'Hey ye ower there, hoy yer 'ammer ower 'ere - and divvent gi' me any sh*te either'. Which loosely translated means 'I say, my good fellow over there. May I borrow your hammer - if so, do please pass it across to me - and don't waste time arguing about it'.

Can you tell I'm a happy and very relieved bunnykins here?! Snigger.


  1. Such a lovely card like idea with the diecut bow. So pleased Dudley is eating I always worry if mine doesn't and he will often go a day without yes you can always tell how they are by what comes out the other end. Thanks for the translations on the language. Tee hee.

  2. What a wonderful Christmas card Di with the pretty gold bauble and red die cut bow with the added holly and berries which looks great, and such a lovely embossed background to show it off too. Fantastic news that Dudley is his old self and full of beans again, you must be very relieved. x

  3. Super card Di. I enjoyed your post which made me smile broadly. Being from the north east myself, although I migrated south like the birds in winter, I understood every word you wrote. Used to love going into posh Fenwicks - although couldn't afford much. My brother calls me a soft southerner now. Unlike those from the north east who are so hard they could walk to the North Pole with their sleeves rolled up!!Morgan (my bro) would say that in a very Geordie accent but strangely I didn't have much of an accent when I lived there and after forty years away it has gone totally. Until I've been back up home for a few days and then John says he can here my accent coming back. Christine

  4. Goodness, you've cheered up a lot now Dudley is back to his mischievous self! Gorgeous card, interesting comment about the Altenew pad, I love my Delicata one so I think I'll stick to that.
    Love the explanation of the Geordie phrases. I think local dialects are to be treasured and preserved. I love to confuse Mark (Cornish but raised in Malaysia) with Lancashire phrases like "Put't'wood i'th'ole" (Please close the door) and "Gizzit'ere" (Please pass it to me)
    The Blogger spellchecker is going to go into meltdown...

  5. By the time I'd read to the end I almost forgot there was a super (as always) card to comment on! So pleased to hear that Dudley is back to normal - it must have been a worrying time for you and none to pleasant for him either poor little chap. Your final 'Geordie' tale was a hoot, really made me smile and think of Jimmy Niall.

  6. Hi Di your card is gorgeous. Thank you for the update on Dudley. You made me smile on this dull day. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  7. A beautiful card Di, so elegant. Glad to hear that Dudley now seems to have recovered and back to better that normal.

    Thanks for joining in with the Rudolph Days Challenge this month.
    Sue DT x

  8. Ahh Di - I could almost hear the burr in the words as I read them - I've met enough broad Scots and Geordies to really appreciate the quotes, and I could 'translate' them too - the last one not quite as politely as you did ;).
    So glad to hear that wee Dudley is back to his usual boisterous self!
    Love your card - the simplicity of design and the richness of the embossing is a delight to the eyes

  9. Hee hee hee . . . I'm with Val (Aquarius) in that I got engrossed in your story telling. Now I'm chuckling at her reference to Jimmy Nail and thinking about your " 'ammer ower 'ere" bit! (Nails and 'ammers just go together!).

    Oh yes . . . comment on the card, that's why I was here . . . I LOVE it. Fabulously festive. Happy Rudolph Day for yesterday!

    SOOOOO pleased to hear that you're feeling chipper now that Dudley is back to his usual self.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  10. Your card Di is fabulous l like the embossed folder and the bauble so elegantly done pleased Dudley is well on the mend back to normal and relaxing times with no worries take care xx

  11. A lovely card Di - that stamp and die are beautiful. Glad to hear Dudley is on the mend - poor little soul! We went to Northumberland for our holiday this year so heard lots of Geordie and Scottish accents whilst away - lovely!
    Kath x

  12. Great card, and great story too xoxo

  13. Hi Di,
    Happy Rudolf Days.
    What a very gorgeous card and I love that design.
    Beautifully embossed and the sentiment on the bauble is lovely.
    Fab idea the bow on top also.
    Love that bit of mirri used it's a pity they don't still sell it.
    So glad your little ball of fluff is better now.
    It must be a great relief.
    Thank you for joining the Rudolf Challenge.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L. DT

  14. So glad Dudley is back to his former bouncy self - what a relief for you! I was away for two weeks and got the most wonderful enthusiastic greeting from Tessa when I got home!

    Love your ornament card - the bow is a perfect embellishment and the embossed background really sets it off.

  15. Just caught up with the Dudley exploits as only logging in as and when shoulder permits. Glad to hear his on the mend now. Good grief how'd it get to the Rudolph end of the month so quick . I do like that Crafts- too embossing folder. Must look out for that as
    I don’t have it. Hugs Mrs A. .

  16. Firstly, before I forget, Di, your bauble card is beautiful and going straight into the "to CASE" folder! All who love you are so very relieved to hear that Dudley is back to himself and his zoomies and poopies! Phew! What heartache, indeed! Now that I have my own ball of fluff, my heart was even heavier for you while this was going on.

    Thank you for the wonderful post and the hilarious quotes! We watch Vera which I think (?) might be from that area? If not that one, then some other show with locals who talk just like you are portraying and I really enjoy it. As for why one would go to the bottom of the stairs and look up? Could it be to look up a girl's skirt or have I missed the the mark there?! Hugs, Darnell xxoo

  17. It's VERA Darnell - filmed in Whitley Bay and North Shields - both of which I know well! And the zoomies are very welcome here for sure!


    Di xx

  18. Hi Mrs A - the EF is still around - just found it here with free postage for £3.95 : It's a folder I love and always return to.

    It's been a worrying time with Dudley for sure - our pets bring so much heartache, along with all the happiness as you know.


    Di xx

  19. I like the bauble stamp and die set. Its nice to see a slightly different sentiment. And I love the red bow!
    So glad to hear Dudley is so much better now. That must have been really worrying. I read the whole story on Facebook.
    It's nice to be touching ground with you again. Kate x

  20. Gorgeous CAS card, Di. The bauble is lovely and I love the embossing folder you've used. I chuckled all the way through the last part of your post and I'm sure I wasn't the only one who couldn't help reading it with a Northern accent! LOL! So pleased that Dudley has made a good recovery. xx

  21. A lovely card, but my attention went to Dudley and a map of England to figure out where and what you were talking about. Thanks, I needed to see where you are and other places I so want to see someday. Thank goodness Dudley and you and Len are feeling better.

  22. Okay, after reading all that I forgot what you made. The dog is better. Yay! Oh, a Christmas card. Then when you started with the sayings I got so tickled because they say we "talk" funny in the south. What's good is that I actually understood most all of what you were saying and could talk like that, too. It's a small world.

    Tell Dudley not to zoom into a wall now that he's gotten back to normal. [Bunny]``

  23. Oh you are so funny! So glad things have improved so much that you can joke with us, Di! Bet Dudley Plus mode isn't irritating at all right now! Love your beautifully elegant card!

  24. Ooh you do make me giggle with your banter Di! Brilliant! Love your gorgeous card and I am soooooo thrilled Dudley is on the mend! Yay! Hugs xxxxxxxxxx

  25. I have understand nothing about your spelling in the different dialects :D LOL but it's fine. LOVE hearing about Dudley health, instead, and I'm relieved knowing that he is well now!
    Amazing CAS card, so classy! Very pretty sparkling bauble and background!

  26. So glad to see you were able to use the stamp and die set. Your card looks wonderful! I could write more about it, but I want to tell you instead that I loved your Geordie humour. We used to watch a couple of tv shows filmed in Newcastle and one in particular had us leaning forward in our seats to "translate" some of the dialogue!
    Your little foray into Geordie sayings was the hilight of this post for me!

    Thanks for taking part in the September Rudolph Days Challenge.

  27. Oh Di, yes I can tell how relieved you are! I am wiping my eyes after reading your bit about Geordie humour. We have Geordie family connections and some of us (not me sadly) can slay a room with some well-chosen vernacular. Some of my favourites are: 'She's ahl fur coat and no knickers!' meaning 'she's just putting on a show of being well-to-do'; and 'Ah'll just flick a duster over the loo seat' meaning 'I'll just get the housework done'. I love the Geordies who have a rich culture of their very own.

    What a beautiful card you've made here. The bauble with that wonderful bow and holly decoration, looks stunning against the embossed background. I love that the sentiment is part of the bauble too.

    Really glad Dudley is up and zooming again. Dudley Plus is such a good way of describing it!

    Vicky xx


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