Sunday 15 September 2019

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #361

It looks as if Autumn is on the way here, although we do still have some hot days, mostly it's quite a comfortable temperature.

Huge thanks to everyone who so kindly sent Birthday cards, as well as good wishes via Facebook this past week. I've been very touched by all your kindness and only wish I didn't manage to miss a few of your Birthdays throughout the year. I have a perennial 'Birthday Book' - which is great ......... so long as I remember to actually check it!
And here's my snippets card for this fortnight, using stamps and dies I've had for months:
I used:

- 5.5" x 4.25" pink card blank, tent style

- snippet of white card, just a bit smaller than the card front, onto which I stamped the words of different fruits in different colours, using the Avery Elle 'Mimosas' set of stamps and glued it to the card front

- then added a rectangular snippet of pink card to the stamped panel

- used snippets of white card, Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink and stamps from the same set of stamps to stamp the pretty flowers and the cocktail glasses - all of which I coloured using Pro markers

- snippet of white card, onto which I stamped the main sentiment using a pink SU ink pad and trimmed it down 

- then die cut the cocktail glasses (I'd stamped and coloured two sets) as well as the pretty flowers and foliage. As I often do with more detailed dies, I cut a template first to make sure I positioned it properly - it take just a few minutes but can save a lot of heartache!

- then glued all the elements to the front of the card and called it done!

And of course the pinks match so well in real life but the camera often shows card and inks as being totally different shades, sigh. My card is a CASE of one I found on line needless to say. A lovely blog which you can find HERE, and a shop as well (in the USA).

So, the prize this fortnight is:
An Avery Elle 'Mimosas' set of stamps with matching dies - and of course both items make up one prize.

I'm quite conscious that currently I have a lot of stamp sets with matching dies in the Toy box as prizes. Don't let that put you off if you aren't into die cutting as the stamps can be used without die cutting - or you could even fussy cut them. It's just that sometimes I find good deals on matching sets of stamps and dies! 

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 28th September. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day. 

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list.

This week was busy with some good fun - I finally ordered a new car (prompted very much by Len buying me a personalised number plate for my Birthday). I'm really very sad to see my beloved convertible go, but it's time - as they say. Two seats plus a pooch in a dog booster seat just doesn't compute in a two seater sports car - unless Len sits up on the roof or hangs onto the boot/trunk of course :) Also, it's not the best car to get in and out of with wide doors and idiots people who park too close.

Before today I've had to resort to opening the roof and scrambling in that way in an underground car park in Brighton. The friend who was with me (business trip) was almost wetting herself as I scrabbled and cussed. My parting shot was to leave a note on the mean person's windscreen saying 'Next time you're stupid enough to park like this - leave me a can opener!' I was fuming - more so as I showed the whole car park my knickers! No doubt I'll shed a tear when the new one finally arrives in around November time.

No photos of Dudley today I'm afraid. We applied his Advantix tick prevention stuff yesterday to the back of his neck as usual and from just a few hours later he was very subdued. He's spent yesterday curled up under my desk, with his head on my foot a lot of the time as I was writing this, fast asleep after being really, really sick mid-morning. I almost joined in with him as I was cleaning it up!

He's always had a sensitive tummy, mostly as he gobbles his food down without properly chewing it. But this was different so we kept a close watch and just let him rest in a dark and quiet place whilst making sure he drank his water. After all the soul searching and avoiding ingested flea and tick treatments, it seems that whatever you use can still cause a reaction, sigh.

However, almost 24 hours to the minute after the medication, and as if a switch had been flicked, his cold damp nose returned, the lethargy disappeared, his eyes now have the usual sparkle - and basically he's into a bouncing bundle of mischief once again! Also very keen to give 'leg hugs these days'. And am I EVER glad to see that, my boy is back!

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley and of course me,


  1. I feel for you on the car. We can literally park in the north 40 and someone will still park right next to us. The grocery store is the worst. All those grocery carts just eye baling any new vehicle in the lot. Your note you left cracked me up. [Bunny]

  2. Wow! Wanna love the color composition on this! So pretty at all! Love the stamp set, a YES for me!

  3. I'll join you for a cocktail at the Mimosa Bar anytime! Lovely summery card Di . .. and a great prize.

    Glad Dudley is feeling better after his tick treatment, poor little chap.

    Sorted your new car too . . . Way to go.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. Fabulous card Di, and thanks for sharing your Brighton adventure. I'm sure you must have been fuming, but you painted a very funny picture, and the note was classic! Hugs to Dudley, they are such a worry, glad he bounced back xxx

  5. Such a pretty card using a lovely prize. I had no idea it was your birthday but belated birthday hugs anyway. It is always a wrench getting rid of a favourite car but I'm sure you will get to love the new one when it arrives. Glad to hear Dudley is back to his normal happy self after the 'treatment'.

  6. Lovely card Di. I think my car has a magnetic attraction for big, long cars, that always park next to me despite the rest of the car park being empty.

  7. So gorgeous as always Di is your card and the parking adventure made me 😂 also l too would be fuming no consideration for others parking their 🚗 too enjoy your day and love to Dudley xx

  8. First through the gate this week! Gorgeous card Di, love the super stamp set and I'm definitely up for cocktails... but tossed a coin and it said no to playing for the prize!

    Some drivers are so selfish when parking but I'd have loved to have seen your car escapade.... glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humour.
    Just had a quick look through your last posts and I love your new dies with the lovely shiny backgrounds.... and Dudley is such a handsome chappie xx

  9. Oh dear, poor Dudley - my boy (cat) was also very quiet after his last treatment, but he had also had his annual vaccinations at the same time - all a bit much for his system.
    Love your card, and I am sure there will lots of folk playing for the fabulous prize.

  10. Happy Birthday Di!!! Sorry, I'm late!!! :( Congrats for your new card! :)
    I'm so sorry for Dudley, sometimes there are bad reactions after tick treatments, and some doggie are more delicate than others... But I'm happy to hear that he is going better!!

  11. Forgot to say I'm playing for fun this time

  12. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday Di, I was away this week and although did manage to do some commenting and looking I missed that but hopefully will do better next time. I know you will have had lots of cards and hopefully managed to do something nice on your birthday. Getting a new car will be great I'm sure you will not be climbing in and out of the roof with this I love the card with these pretty Avery Elle stamps and love the mix of colours and would be great for all sorts of occasions, and if I get a card in I am a 'yes please' for the prize. x

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What day was it!?! I wish I knew.... I would have sent you a BDAY card from me and Maddie!!!
    Maybe we will get a belated one out to you! Just playing for fun this time!

  14. Fabulous card Di using a lovely prize. Love the set, a big YES for me, please!
    I am glad to hear Dudley is better, hugs to him and a big huh to you.
    Wish you all a gret week, Majda

  15. I've never had a Mimosa before... but if I win this set I think I'll have one in celebration. So, please count me in! (And am so glad that Dudley is feeling better. ANd will now be safe from ticks and fleas.)

  16. Hi Di,

    I try to post my card, but I cannot load it! Don't understand why. I'll try again.
    Wonderful card with the prize. I would like to be in the draw.
    Hugs, Liv

  17. Oh thank goodness it only lasted 24 hrs! Don't scare your folks like that, Dudley Dog! What a fun card with lovely coloring, Di! Hoping you like the new car so much it eases the pain of giving up your convertible! I fall in love with all the new dies, but really what I enjoy the most is stamping. Good reminder that the matching dies aren't always needed & think how much money we could save--haha!

  18. Gosh Di I have heard other people say similar about that particular pest prevention. I'm so glad Dudley perked up. Happy belated birthday and wow the new car sounds great. I laughed at your antics getting out of the roof of your current car, you are lucky no one put you on You Tube! Your card is lovely and yes please to the prize this fortnight. Thanks as always and have a great week ahead. Hugs xxx

  19. A lovely card Di, such pretty colours. I will be a yes please for the draw this time. Your little story about climbing out of your card made me chuckle and very posh with a new car and personalised plate too :) !
    I'm pleased Dudley has recovered, I think it must be about time we gave our little boys another dose of tick treatment. Have a good week x

  20. I love your beautiful card Di, it's been a while since I was in the playground and it not for the lack of scraps either. I'm playing just for fun this time around.

    I read what you had put about Dudley and the Advantix. When we had out dog the vet changed to this and we had the same problem with him ending up being sick. When I returned to vets and mentioned this he change it back straight away saying that it was not suitable for him. It might be worth mentioning it to your vet.

    Sue xx

  21. Happy belated birthday Di! Hope you had a lovely day :)
    Your card is one big celebration this week - all gorgeous colours and bubbles and fun! Absolutely stunning. I think I will take your advice and enter the prize draw as die-cutting seems an ever closer possibility and the stamp set is gorgeous!
    Isn't it annoying when people park badly? It happens all too often. So funny to leave the can opener message - and I hope you were wearing fabulous undies!
    Len may not be keen to hang off the outside of your convertible as the winter draws near so it's just as well you've ordered your new car ;)
    Poor little Dudley. Maybe the Advantix isn't a good fit for him but I'm glad he recovered quickly.
    Have a good week!
    Vicky x

  22. Your card is beautiful, Di, but as is the norm now, I'll just be playing for fun later this week. Glad the Dudster is feeling better xoxo

  23. Belated birthday wishes - I didn't know it was your birthday this month! It sounds like you're having a real treat with a new card too!

    A lovely snippets card and I would love a chance to win this prize please - I'll be in the playground soon!

    Kath x

  24. Your challenges and prizes are so fun and super, Di. tfs Yes, I'd like to win. :-)

  25. Fun and beautiful card :) Would love to win!!

  26. So glad Dudley is feeling better. You are correct that all medicines have some kind of side effects....too bad the little guy got sick. Be sure to mention this to your vet next time around.

    Your card is so pretty and fun. I am playing Just For Fun this time.
    Thank you for another sweet challenge.

    Happy Birthday...again. I never have my act together enough to send overseas mail in time for BDs, but at least I manage to pop in with a Happy BD on FB. :) Hope your day was a treat.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  27. Beautifully created and totally FUN card...yes count me in please! Weather here is still summer like, but looks like rain is moving in with cooler temps next week...I LOVE Fall, but it leaves us way too fast!! Your little Dudley is so CUTE, my Mack will be 2 on the 20th, I am hoping I can get a party hat on him lol!!

  28. Hi Di, love your fun and festive card. I love how you stamped all the fruits on the background. I'd love to play for this fun prize. And well, I still can't seem to get my card link to upload, even with the changes you told me about. Grrrr… lol Here is my link, if you would be so kind as to add it for me:
    You are the best!!! :-) hugs, Becca

  29. Love, love, LOVE how you used that great set of stamps and dies, Di! Wonderful color combo. So sorry to hear Dudley had a bad day but really happy that he's back to normal. I'm playing just for fun this week.

  30. I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday Di, and I have to say that a new car to go with your personalized birthday license plate is quite a gift! Had to laugh at the thought of you climbing into your little two seater through the top!

    Our Toby always has a reaction to his flea and tick meds, but it's an allergic response and not tummy troubles. We have to give him a benedryl when we give his flea meds, to keep him from itching terribly. It's always worrisome when the flea meds cause reactions and you're left wondering if it's worth it. So happy that Dudley was only out of sorts for one day though.

    Yes please to this challenge's fun prize. Not a drinker, but most of my friends would appreciate a nice mimosa...if only on a card!

  31. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration and the opportunity to won a gorgeous prize - a BIG YES from me! xo

  32. Thank you for the inspiration. Count me in please!!

  33. Hello, Miss Di! I want to wish you belated Birthday Blessings and tell Dudley he better get to feeling better as he has a blogging career now. Your card is adorable with those pretty colors and mimosas. I'm going to pass on the generous draw, for the time being. Got to thinking about it, and realized that you are in UK, I'm in USA and that postage is horrid. I'd feel guilty as heck were I to actually win, and as I have way too much stuff as it is, this is actually a good thing for me not being in it. XOX

  34. I love your card and what a great sentiment - don't think I've ever had one, maybe I'm missing out!
    Enjoy your new car, when I had a convertible it was the rubbish other people threw out from their cars that narrowly missed landing in mine that annoyed me the most. Your can opener note did make me giggle.

  35. I missed your birthday and I am sending best wishes now!
    You made a nice festive card and I think it fits to that day. Cheers!!
    I like to play for the prize this time.
    Wish you all the best,

  36. I cannot stop laughing, just trying to imagine your bad parking episode and all it entailed! LOL If not for those trying moments in life, what would we have to laugh about? LOL So happy for the new set of wheels for your birthday - how exciting!! Such a sweet and fun card this playground visit, and loving all those colorful flowers! I could use a mimosa right now as I type this LOL Playing just for fun this week, but thanks for another fun playground! Cheers!

  37. Love your very fun and festive card - great colors too!! Yes, am playing this time!!

  38. Love the note you left on the car, hope the driver got the message! It certainly made me smile, visualising you flashing your knickers to the onlookers! LOL!

    A really pretty card, with a fun, summery design. I'm a Yes Please for the draw this time. xx

  39. Love the Mimosa Bar stamps and dies!! Takes me back to August, Dan and Lizzie's wedding in Fiji, and all the cocktail bars...

  40. Poor lil Dudley, but no sympathy for Len at all.
    Love your card, it reminds me of a cruise we went on a few years ago, that each day I would try a different cocktail. My fave was maitai.

    YES please, count me in the draw. CarolG

  41. Big hugs for Dudley!
    Your card is gorgeous!
    Always love to play here and Count me in!

  42. Hi Di your card is gorgeous. I love it. I am here just for fun this time. Have a great week. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  43. Sorry to hear about Dudley not feeling up to par. Hopefully his tummy has settled a bit by now though and all is well.
    Love your card with the fun images! So pretty and makes me want to celebrate anything!!! I'll play along for the prize this time Di.

  44. Hello Di! Happy belated Birthday! Lovely prizes and a gorgeous card, but I'm playing just for fun this time. xx

  45. Love those mimosas. Could use one about now. It has been a full and stressful September. I am glad I finally got to make a snippet card. And yes, I am playing for the prize. The mimosas would go perfectly for the tropical scene I created.

  46. Fab card Di!
    Big hugs to Dudley!
    Helen x

    PS - I'm playing just for fun...and to try to reduce my snippet mountain this time!

  47. Really late to the party this time Di! Your card is gorgeous and I would love to be entered into the draw please.
    Thank you.
    Janice x

  48. Whee! What a fun card, with all those yummy drinks and the pretty tropical colors. Yes please to this prize, and I'm hoping that Dudley's tummy has settled down by now. Our little pups can sure cause a lot of worry, can't they?

  49. This card is so pretty!! Love the colors as it definitely makes for a celebration!! Happy belated Birthday and hoping Dudley is back to his normal mischevious self! Playing just for fun this week.

  50. Love your card I am just in time to play again,as still looking after my friends house. Did chuckle about the note you left, I've left a colouring page with a note saying practice colouring within the lines might help you park within the lines!

    Glad Dudley feeling better, if he gobbled food you can get bowls with raised bits that forces the dog to slow down.

    Love the picks in above post such stunning makes. Playing just for fun

  51. Really awesome party card, Di! I'll be right over! Enjoy that new car! I sure enjoyed your antics in your current one, lol!! Hugs, Darnell xxoo

  52. I love your card, but think I am just playing for fun this month!

  53. such fun post about your car adventure but I totally understand you. enjoy your new car! and this card, wow, such bright design, I like it.
    yes for the prize, please and have a great weekend.
    hugs xx


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