Sunday 14 April 2019

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #350

Easter is almost here! The local kiddies have already been off school for a week now. Mixed weather for them so far but the past couple of days have been gloriously sunny and quite warm.

Dudley didn't have his trim as planned on Thursday (although I finally had my own hair trimmed etc. on Tuesday - at last!). But, Dudley's 'Auntie Steph' has moved to another branch and that leaves the local groomers without anyone qualified to do a scissor trim at the moment - so we're off down to Winchester on Thursday with 'a no doubt yodeling his head off' Dudley to see Auntie Steph for a trim. Recently the little chap has started to develop mats of hair where his harness rubs. We're doing out best to keep on top of them but it's a lot of extra work and probably not all that comfortable for Dudley - although we're both very gentle when working on him. So he might come home with a puppy cut of sorts - but certainly not shaved which is the only option at the local branch right now! Watch this space for more news after the visit :)

And here's my snippets card for this fortnight:
I used:

- 5.5" x 4.25" white card blank, tent style to make a step further on that bit easier

- a snippet of Kate Knight's 'Totally Tropical' paper, which was free with a magazine ages ago. I was reminded that I still had some snippets of this gorgeous paper when Sandra H entered a card into the Playground just recently

- a snippet of blue card to add to the strip of patterned paper - later on

- snippets of bright pink, blue and green card - which do match the patterned paper better than in the photo needless to say

- onto those snippets I stamped a selection of nine sweet little pandas from the Clearly Besotted 'Panda Planner' set of stamps. Three pandas for each colour, stamped using the Misti and a Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink pad

- then used my SU 1" square punch to punch out the little images into squares

- gently did some pencil lines on the card front and adhered the nine squares using a tape runner - then rubbed out the pencil lines

- at that point I could see just how much room I had left at top and bottom of the card and trimmed down the patterned paper into two strips, leaving overhangs at either side

- popped them onto strips of the blue card using the tape runner

- final touch was to flip the card front over and, from the back, trim off the excess from the strips at the sides of the card

I do so love this sweet little set of panda stamps, some very clever touches in the designs if you look closely (eg. the panda holding the heart has hearts in his eyes) - and there are actually 12 stamps in the set to choose from. So, you could make a lovely little planner with a different panda for each month! I didn't add a sentiment as my box of 'ready finished cards' is sadly very low on general cards.

And of course, the prize this fortnight is this:
It's a set of stamps, same as the ones I used, made by Clearly Besotted called 'Panda Planner'. AND, there's more as well!! I bought these stamps whilst laid up and scouting round for nice bargains for the Playground toy box. There was a little hiccup with one of the Clearly Besotted orders and they were so quick to put things right. During our email exchanges I mentioned that the reason I buy two of so many of their products is for the Playground - purely as it can trip sellers up when I order two of things. And guess what - ping - back came another email with a gift card code for £15 worth of Clearly Besotted goodies to offer to you girls as a prize. So - rather than adding something else to this little stamp set from the toy box - the prize now is the stamp set AND £15 worth of Clearly Besotted goodies for you to choose for yourself! I might even enter as well this time, snigger :)

How great was that then, such a lovely gesture. I would like to offer both parts of the prize as one complete prize - betcha all love those dear little pandas anyhow! So you would receive the panda stamps directly from me and I would also forward the Clearly Besotted email onto you for you to use at your leisure - I've checked and there's no time limit on the validity of the gift card code.

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 27th April. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry and please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you're wanting to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're playing only for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list.

Mr Linky is below - please let me know if you have any problems linking, it's easy for me to sort out so don't struggle on alone ☺

I'm still having a few leftover aches and pains after the dreaded gout - but nothing like it was and each day generally brings a step forward - so to speak, basically it's probably the long term arthritis having a moan!

And, as Dudley is having what might be more of a trim than usual - I took a few photos on Thursday late afternoon when we were in the garden with him:
This is the routine - which I look forward to each evening. First of all, a couple of treats from Mama. It's the big brown eyes they can't resist :)
And then, doing my impression of a baby polar bear - and dancing as well - for treats from Daddy too. I can dance on my two back legs perfectly - a throw back to the days of my ancestors being street entertainers
No harm in lying here looking soulful in the hope of more treats is there? What? You're gonna wash my face when I get back indoors? I'll have you know, I worked hard to get it this grubby!
OK, point taken. Not too many treats at once - so now I'll just curl up and have forty winks. BTW, I know it looks just like a fluffy rug but it really is me - head with peachy ears nearest the camera and tail at the far end. It's my 'isn't he tiny and doesn't he look cute' look! 
It's true, Dudley does look tiny when he's curled up asleep - on the other hand he looks just the opposite when splayed out on a cool tiled floor like a starfash! And yes, he really does feel as soft and silky as he looks. Len says he's a great accessory for a chap out walking with him - all the ladies stop to coo and make a fuss, of Dudley of course!

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley and of course me - 


  1. Oh you've made me smile--can't get enough of that puppy! The big brown eyes are indeed impossible to resist--Fritz knows that, too--haha! Unfortunately, his treats aren't on his diet now, so that's a big bummer. It will be worth it, though, if we can get off the "frequent flyer" list at the vet! Hoping all goes well with the trip for a Dudley trim. Your card is really adorable, Di, & how incredibly sweet of Clearly Besotted to add a gc to the prize! I'll just play for fun.

  2. Your card is so cute, Di, the pandas are nearly as cute as Dudley......but not quite! So pleased to hear that Dudley won't be going off for a short back and sides.
    What a lovely gesture from Clearly Besotted to offer a gift voucher. I'll be a Yes Please for the prize this fortnight. xx

  3. Hi Miss Di, Wow! I am first through the gates at the playground today! Dudley does a great impression of a baby polar bear! Your card looks great with all the bright colours and how very kind of Clearly Besotted to give you a gift voucher to offer as a prize. Count me in... Have a wonderful week.. Megan

  4. VERY cute panda card & very nice gesture from CB.

    Also lovely to see Dudley. . . Growing up fast. He looks so big when dancing & so small curled up in rug pose! Xxx

  5. FAB pix of Dudley, Di.

    Fab card too ... I'm off to the Table of Craftiness to see what I can come up with

    Happy Sunday


  6. Dudley is adorable and I'm glad you're feeling better too!

    Such a cute card and a very generous gesture from Clearly Besotted too. I would love a chance to win the prize, please.

    Kath x

  7. Adorable card and it has been so generous by the vendor adding a gift card code to your order!! I will enter later in the challenge, but surely I will say yes! :D
    You will have to be very busy about going to the new groomer's location... and the yodels will be much more :D LOL ...but surely is a good thing take Dudley to the same person that seems very professional and love him too :)
    Dudley really seems a puppy of polar bear standing only on his two feet, and so little when he is down to the floor! Such adorable brown eyes he has, they speak, really!! :) And the words you said for himself made me laught :D Ah, what to do for some treat! LOL :D
    Make him some cuddles by me (and also to Parnsnip, of course... LOL)

  8. Your card is just too much fun with all those little pandas and their antics! What a kind and generous thing for Clearly Besotted to be as giving as you always are! I'll have to say yes to the prize this week!
    Dudley is just the most lovable dog, and I'm so glad he came into your lives. He's giving you more joy and fun with each passing day and he sure is one beautiful pooch too! Have a great week ahead!

  9. I think you should enter, too. That was very generous of Clearly Besotted.

    Dudley looks so cute all curled up. I'd love to see the "starfish look". ''

    It's a yes, please for me on the prizes. Thank you.

  10. Those pandas are adorable and your card with it's different colors is just so cute. What a great way to show them all off. I just want to come and cuddle Dudley. He is so adorable and I can see he has you both wrapped around his little paws.

  11. What a lot of cuteness in one post - those adorable pandas and the even more adorable Dudley! Yes please for the chance to go into the lucky hat.

  12. Such a cute card Di and adorable Panda's stamps just love them and of course l noticed the background papers too which your right was free l just love them too! love the snippets of coloured card stock used to stamp the images on and the blue strip so effective it is, hopefully your aches and pains will finally go then you will be 100% also nice to see Dudley he's just so lovely and next time we see him it'll be after his hair trim only playing for fun Di so don't include me in the prize one lucky winner will love the stamps and the added £15 to buy some more lovely goodies enjoy your week xx

  13. Great card Di, love the bright and beautiful bold colours, sweet images too.
    Great photo's of cuddly Dudley.

    Kath x

  14. Awww I'd so love to give your 'rug' a cuddle, he's growing so fast (and so is his hair LOL) Our Ruby is off to the beautician on Thursday thank goodness, I must take a before and after pic.
    Lovin your pandas, yes please to be in your draw - that was a lovely gesture from Clearly Besotted too!

  15. What a fun way to use that panda planner stamp set! I love pandas to begin with, but these are the cutest poses and I really like the grid design. Yes please to this prize!!
    Awww, Dudley looks so regal with his long flowing locks but we have had to keep our Toby in a puppy cut because of matting as well. The harness rubs , and they have a tendency to get mats on their hind legs as well. I have a feeling that long haired dogs like this were only kept as pampered pets by people who had staff to comb and brush them out daily!! Of course, Dudley has his own staff (you and Len), but that doesn't take care of overheating on warm days, does it? He'll look adorable in a puppy cut, if you do for that option, but I agree that having him shaved is a last resort. We'll be tuning in to see how he looks after his clip!

  16. Just uploaded my entry and would like to say YES PLEASE to an entry in this challenges draw!

    Happy Monday peeps


  17. Dudley does look so super duper cute. Of course, he's no match for our Bernie (or maybe I'm biased LOL?). Your card is adorable. Such a great way to use your snippets as well as your stamps. Yes please to the prize. I'm about to upload in a moment. Isn't Stephanie a dear? A few years ago, she was very sweet when a parcel seemed to have gone missing in the post. When it finally arrived are 2 months or so, she still offered a discount because it had taken so long. Of course, since this was not her fault, I declined her offer.
    Marianne x

  18. Such a cute cards with all those pandas!!! I would love to be part of the draw with my cards! Thanks for all you do! Hugs

  19. Great card, and I'm sure I'll be entering at some point, so it's an advance yes please from me. Of course, the Dudster is cute too xoxo

  20. Hi Di, your card is so cute. Dudley is adorable and looks so soft and silky. Love those cute pandas. Please include me in the draw. Hugz

  21. Hi Di your card is so cute. I love it. I am here just for fun this time. Dudley looks adorable he must be lots of fun. Have a great week. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  22. Your card is a delight... as are the cute pics of your little dancing polar bear. Love him. I would also love winning the stamp set and gift card. So please count me in.

  23. What a bunch of cute pandas! I'd love a chance to win. Thanks so much!

  24. Those pandas are just adorable! And so is your card, Di. I'd love to play with them, too. :-)

  25. First the pandas are DARLING! I love Clearly Besotted! What a great prize! Please count me in!
    Next, SOOOO GLAD you are feeling better and the gout is subsiding....and DUDLEY you are soooo handsome! How do you keep that hair from getting matted?
    Also, I put a little comment for you in my entry next to your challenge link :)

  26. Yes please to the panda stamps, and yes please to more Dudley!! What a little sweetie, with his beautiful white fur, but I'll bet it's hard to keep him clean and untangled.
    Your card is the cutest ever, and you used those stamps in such a clever way. They look as adorable on a card as on a planner page!

  27. I love what you did with that stamp set - very cute! Love how you've picked up the colours from that DP - I have a few snippets of this paper leftover as well! Please count me in for the prize drawer!
    What an angel your little Dudley is!

  28. Lovely sweet pandas! I think I will play just for fun as I am not sure I could use the gift certificate in the USA. Hope you are doing well!

  29. So glad to hear you're doing better, Di, and delighted with the new photos of the fluffy, little man. :-D Terrific card this week and those pandas are simply adorable! I'll be adding my card on Friday but I'm playing just for fun this time.

  30. What a fabulous card you have made. I love pandas and your project in no exception.. Dudley is handsome.. I dropped off a Panda inspired card, A panda with fairy wings to be exact.. I hope you like it.. Yes I would love to win this Panda Set of stamps.. (^_^) ...

  31. Entered in the challenge as promised, with a tag. :D
    Yes please for entering in the draw!
    Hugs and Happy Easter to you, your hubby, Dudley and Parnsnip :)

  32. Wonderful card !
    Dudley is so sweet!

  33. Hi Di

    Loving your cute little panda card .. .. such lovely bright and fun colours .. .. and how kind of Clearly Besotted to add to your wonderful prize this fortnight.

    Can't believe how quickly Cuddly Dudley is growing. I bet you can't imagine life without him now.

    Love Jules xx

  34. Those pandas are very cute! I specially like the one turned around showing off his little bumm! How lovely of Clearly Besotted to add a gift card for the prize!! I would love to win, thanks! Dudley is looking super cute these days!

  35. I love your card with those sweet little pandas, but guess who stole the show?! Dudley is the most adorable bundle of fluff and he certainly gives Parsnip a run for his money in the 'handsome' stakes.
    Just playing for fun xx

  36. Oooh...this is so cute. Love the sweet pandas.
    Yes for the prize please.
    Valerija xx

  37. Yes, I love getting the prize. Thanks. Thanks too for updating Dueley's pictures. Love seeing them.

  38. Your card is lovely as always and Dudley just gets cuter with every photo, playing just for fun as struggling to find crafting time at the moment, lol live just keeps getting busy.

  39. Aaaw, so much cuteness here, first with the pandas and then with the adorable Dudley! I love your cute card and gorgeous colour combo you used! Dudley is growing up way too quickly but he is still so cute! I just linked up my card and I'm a YES for the awesome prize! Big thanks to Clearly Besotted to making it even sweeter! Very nice of them to do that! Thanks for the Snippet Playground, Di, I enjoy playing here!

  40. Your panda card is so cute and pretty....but Dudley still is stealing the show!! :)
    Yes, please, to the prize pkg this fortnight. How nice of CB to add a gift voucher, also!! They are a great company.
    Thank you for another fun challenge.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  41. I squealed at your cute card, then squealed even louder at those adorable Dudley pictures. I can appreciate the effort that goes into keeping a Havanese's coat nice and smooth and knot free, as I have a little ball of fluff here.....who is quite a challenge to trim, as he always needs to see exactly what's going on, and try to help!!! I'd love to be in on the draw on the adorable Panda Stamps....and how very generous of both you and Clearly Besotted to offer the gift card!!! Take care and hopefully you're right up to full speed soon!
    Susan Sudbury

  42. What a bundle of fluff!!

    Happy Easter Di!

    Love the pandas...

  43. Yes, I'm in for the awesome prize.

  44. Fab card Di - love all those little Pandas!
    Dudley is adorable!
    I'm a 'yes please' for the prize draw.
    Helen x

  45. Love your card with the colours and cute pandas and what a lovely gesture from CB too with their voucher. I will be a yes please for the draw. I just love your pics of Dudley, he is so irresistible! x

  46. Your card is adorable Di! Those little panda's are just to cute!! I love how you placed them on colored blocks and then on the card base, they just crack me up! That Dudley sure is a cutie pie!!! And a ball of fluff! I can imagine how soft he feels and how much attention he gets from everyone. When he is standing up, he does indeed look like a polar bear. lol Too cute! Glad to hear the foot is going forward, now for Mr. Arthritis to behave!!!

    Enter me in the drawl Di, I'm playing along for once! lol

  47. Love your vibrant panda design, Di! And, of course, I saw these cute photos on FB of the adorable Dudley! We had Easter here yesterday, so I got to have my fix of Cisco!! Hugs, Darnell

  48. I'm so sorry I am so late this time Di, a combination of being really unwell, Jack's birthday etc so many apologies. I love your sweet card and such a fab prize, how kind CB were and yes please to the draw for me! Dudley is such a cutie and I am sure lots of people stop to admire such a darling boy. Hugs xxx

  49. Hi Di, I’m joining Jane in being late an dpartly same reason, not Jacks birthday tho 😆 just not been great but like you I’m hoping to be on improve.long may it remain.. although mine will have a hiccup next week. Can’t be helped, Drs do tend to interfere!
    Love fluffy Dudley, just the cutest and am sure he was glad to see auntie Steph for his trim rather than a shave!!! Lovely card, cute panda, but must confess it’s the gift card that draws me rather than them alone, as do like clearly besotted. So yes please...thank you.
    Must move along very tired so prob should be in bed soon here.
    Happy snippets Di and a treat from down under for Dudley!
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  50. Cute card Di - the little pandas are so cute and I'll enter the draw. Dudley is taking the show once again. TOOOOOOO CUTE!

  51. Cutie creation and a lovely stamp set for the lucky winner -- yes please if I end up being the chosen one.

    Dudley is soooooooooo cute!


  52. These pandas are so colorful! Simply adorable! Very happy to be back to playing.

  53. this post is super cute with your panda card and with Dudley, ahh ...
    yes for the lovely prize, please.
    have a great weekend.
    crafty hugs xx

  54. Love the photos of Dudley and the narration you provide.
    Sharing my card with a surgically altered image as well as snippets.
    Just playing for fun.

  55. Nearly missed this one Di, thought I had already entered and commented...phew, panic over!
    I would love to be entered into the draw please, many thanks.
    Love your panda card, it's so is Dudley!
    Janice x


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