Sunday 23 December 2018

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge 342 - and Prize A

Hi there and a warm welcome to the Christmas Snippets Playground. It's time to celebrate both the Christmas and New Year Holiday - plus, it's seven whole years on January 1st since I took the Snippets Playground over from the lovely Jules! I never thought it would still be going strong after all this time - so even more reason to celebrate with the Christmas/New Year draw!

Warning - this is a long post as it sets out how the draw will work in a lot of detail!

This is my snippets card for today:
I used:

- 6" x 6" square white card blank

- snippets of dark red slightly shimmery card stock for backing panels/frames plus a piece of white card stock for the larger white layer

- snippet of white card trimmed to 4" x 4" to fit the larger one of the two Gina K 'Wreath Builder' templates

- then, using the Misti and the Gina K template in a similar fashion to how I did it in THIS post, where I used my own home made template, I stamped a wreath using various Brilliance Pearlescent Dewdrop ink pads (even included a really tiny bit of gold) and a variety of stamps from two stamp sets by Inkylicious ('Mini Branches' and 'Mini Flowers') 

- then I stamped the sentiment using one of the green ink pads I'd used for the wreath and a stamp from Whimsy's 'Country Christmas' set of sentiment stamps.Coloured in the holly berries and also added some gold to the little stars before punching it out using SU's 'Extra Large Oval' punch

- now I had all the bits stamped I could just assemble the card using Collall All Purpose glue. I ran a deep red Whispers brush pen around the two red layers before adding them to the card to hide the white 'core' and a gold calligraphy marker around the two white layers as well as the oval sentiment - just to add a little bit of shimmer but not too much

- I backed the image panel with white fun foam and also added the oval sentiment using a thick foam pad - to add more dimension - finished!

In keeping with the sentiment and the twiggy stamps I used on the wreath I wanted to keep this card looking a little bit 'Country' so I resisted the urge to add a few Josy Rose 'Matt Gold' star shaped nail heads to the wreath.

So, here we have Prize A of the Christmas/New Year annual giveaway - and it's a bit of a bumper one to start us off:
Ooopsie, I also did a selfie reflected in the packaging!
On offer for the next two weeks is a Gina K 'Wreath Builder' template set, two Inkylicious stamp sets ('Mini Branches' and 'Mini Flowers') - and a Whimsy stamps 'Country Christmas' sentiments stamp set. The Whimsy set is on red foam backed rubber and stamps like a dream! And the sentiments themselves are such fun I think - a little bit different.

A little while ago I discovered a UK on line shop stocking the Gina K templates on their own/without being in a set with stamps, so it was a no-brainer really. Making your own template is fun and does save a lot of money but credit where it's due and I felt it was right to buy the real thing when it was obtainable very reasonably.

Anyhow, as in recent years, this is what's going to be going on with the Snippets Playground over the Christmas and New Year (aka Holidays) festivities.

As usual, the Playground Mr Linky which is below will run for two weeks and closing time will be 11am on Saturday 5th January 2018 and this post you are looking at right now is where to add any entries - with a maximum of one entry - over the fortnight. Loads of dithering here once again about whether to allow more entries but I want to keep things as level as possible plus I think you'll be busy enough with friends and family. One entry means you're in the draw - and the more prizes you say you'd like to win in the comments in each 'additional prize' post does increase your winning chances of course. You have two weeks to play (if you want to of course!) as no doubt the Christmas and New Year festivities themselves will be busy for you. Some of you will be busier than others I know and, for those of you who do find some quiet time to craft, it's a chance for you to play along for some rather nice prizes too. It also means I can clear the Playground toy box out of Christmas themed prizes.

So that I don't swamp and confuse you with a load of prizes to choose from in this post, I'll be posting at intervals (most, if not all days) over the coming couple of weeks like I did last year and adding more prizes of varying sizes into the pot as we progress through the holiday.

If you see a prize you'd like to be in the 'pot' for then please leave a 'Yes please' (or similar) comment in the same post where I show you the prize. AND, don't be shy about wanting each prize as it appears - that way you'll have more chances of winning something. So for today's prize, leave a comment below. For me, that's going to be a lot less confusing than me having lots of little lists here and there - especially as there are so many prizes coming up!  It will mean that if you would like to be in with a chance of every prize, then you need to comment on each one as it comes up - and please don't leave it right until the end and nip through all the prize posts adding 'Yes please' to each in one fell swoop. Remember, they will show up serially on my dashboard if you do that so I will notice and wouldn't feel that it's in the true spirit of the Playground. So, if you want to play then do try to pop in over the festivities plus the first week in January to see what's on offer :)

Also, just saying here on this post 'count me in for all prizes that are offered' doesn't count I'm afraid and will mean you don't go into the draw at all - other people are taking the time and trouble to check out the individual posts and prizes and leave comments so it wouldn't be fair to them. Again, this worked fine last year.

As I already said, there will only be the one Mr Linky for all entries - which is at the end of this post of course. I'll remind you where to go to link each time I post a new prize on the blog. Also, I'll run the prize draw using this Mr Linky as a basis for the random number generator and will then look at the relevant post on my blog to find out who said yes to the particular prize I'm running the random generator for.

I hope I've explained how the coming two weeks will work in the Playground? Please just say if it's left you confused.

The Christmas and New Year Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 5th January 2019. There will be a new Mr Linky on Sunday 6th January 2019. The picks and also the results of the multiple raffle/prize draw will appear one week later on Sunday 13th January.

Maximum of one entry and please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Remember, there's the prize today and others will appear over the next two weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

Do say in this post if you want today's prize. And, as it worked so well throughout the year, I won't be splitting any of the prize bundles. As the fortnight progresses you'll become aware that at the end of all this I will have a LOT of packages to post!! The packaging let alone the postage is going to be a considerable task/cost for me in January after the draw results are published. So, do feel free to play along for a prize if you really only want part of it and then spread the love by gifting what you might not want to a friend at your end of the line - I don't mind if you do that, although I've tried to select the stuff in the bundles to compliment one another. And please also remember to link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Now, this is important girls, you can leap in throughout the whole giveaway and say 'yes please' to as many prizes as you like .... even if you haven't already made and entered your snippets make into Mr Linky at that point in time.

Your 'yes please' will certainly be in the pot when it comes to the grand draw, so long as you've entered into Mr Linky by the point at which is closes. At the end of this I'll be using today's Mr Linky as the focus for the random choices so please feel free to squeal with delight at as many prizes as you wish and say some 'yes pleases' on the way through the festive season - just remember to add just one snippets make into Mr Linky below to be in with a chance. 

Oh, and a few of the smaller prizes on offer will have three chances to win as I bought three of the same item a few times! 

Also, I think it's only fair that the way I do the draw is from A onwards. If your name comes out again later on and you've already won a prize then I just re-run the RN generator. I've thought long and hard about this and possibly also written about it before. Much as I like the RN generator there is a kind of biased good chance of repetition because of how the algorithm works. For instance, our UK Premium Bonds worked on sounds years ago and some sounds in any location will pop up regularly. Plus, although it ramps up the postage for me, I really do want as many happy dances as possible from winners! Any strong objections and I'm happy to listen but this is meant to be about spreading the love remember :)

Please let me know if you have any problems linking, it's easy for me to sort out so don't struggle on alone.

Sorry this is so wordy but I didn't want to leave any issue not covered!

Merry Christmas from Parsnip, Dudley and yours truly. The 'boys' are so excited about the imminent arrival of Santa - fun times ahead I can see :) Parsnip has asked for a smart new apron and chef's hat (he's been watching too many TV cookery programmes!) and Dudley truly doesn't much care so long as it can be played with, licked to death, chewed or eaten!

And here's the first photo we've managed to take of Dudley recently actually with his mouth open in that wry little smile that's developing (thanks Len!) - so a very special Merry Christmas from Dudley - and the doorstop doggie in Len's study, known as Woody and under close watch as Dudley has his beady eye on him as a chewing companion!

NB - at the moment it appears that thumbnails aren't showing up on Mr Linky below, either on my post here or within the relevant Mr Linky widget which only I can get to. They've also disappeared from older challenges on here as well! PLUS, I also checked a couple of other people's challenges and they are also affected. I've raised a ticket with Mr Linky as I think the problem is at their end - especially as older Mr Linkys are also affected. We can carry on and do still link your relevant images as I reckon with a tweak of  some code by the Mr Linky boffins they will all suddenly pop back up as thumbnails - but I thought I should mention it in case anyone is wondering!


  1. Wow Di, love the wreath card, then when I saw the stamps you used to build it, double wow. I've used a home made template, but like the look of the GinaK one. Doubt that I could use it as well as you, but it would be great to try with my Stamparatus! Triple wow with your generosity in time and toys running this challenge, thank you for the chance of winning, it's a yes please from me. Merry Christmas to you, Len, Parsnip, and adorable Dudley, and everyone in the Playground xxx

  2. Hi Miss, you’ve excelled yourself with the wreathcard, well done you!!
    Love it all, but will say no thanks to the prize here, I’m so needing to use my stash more. No doubt however there will be temptations along the way. 😁
    Sending you and Len, and the mischievous boys a very happy Christmas.🎄🎁🙏🏻
    Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

  3. Hi Miss Di, your wreath card is really fabulous and the photo of Dudley is super. Hope Parsnip is behaving ready for Santa. No thanks to the prize today but I'll try to keep checking in. Merry Christmas to you all and also to all the playmates xx

  4. Oh just look at all those toofies! Of course Dudley wants to put them to good use--haha! He looks like a stuffed toy except for the bright eyes & open mouth--so, so cute! I do love wreaths & have been using my homemade template, but please count me in for the prize as it would be sturdier & mine is starting to wear. The stamps are wonderful, too--love how you used them for your card with the beautiful Brilliance inks--some of my favorites! Merry Christmas to all of you, Di!

  5. Di... you are so very generous. Thanks so much for that. You are amazing. I have been wanting one of Gina K's wreath makers for a while... so YES PLEASE to this prize.

  6. Oh goodness, I just love sweet little Dudley's smile...with his adorable smile and know that you will have a fun-filled Christmas with this bundle of energy! Get your running shoes on because he looks like he's determined to give you a whirlwind of activity!
    Yes please for Prize A, as your wreath card design is just gorgeous. These stamps look like something that can be used all through the year!

    I sent you a card this week, but it will arrive late (sigh) so I like to think that it will just extend your holiday celebration.

  7. What a lovely card Di, those mini stamps are gorgeous for creating wreaths. Would love to be in the hat for it, as long as I have time to make a snippts card when I get home. I’m away over Christmas but will try to drop in every day. Happy Christmas to all of you

  8. Your wreath card is beautiful, Di. From the look on Dudley's face, it looks like he loves it too! Thank you for your generosity in running this challenge again during the festive season. I'm a Yes Please for this prize. Making my own template from your instructions is still on my list of things to do, so I would love to win the real thing. Have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2019! xx

  9. Your wreath card is a delight Di...very clever too. Wow 7 years running this blog, I take my hat off to you and also want to thank you for your incredible generosity and kindness. I so appreciate all you do. Little Dudley looks so cute, what a fun Christmas you are going to enjoy with your little family. Wishing you, Len, Dudley and Parsnips the happiest of Christmases. Huge hugs xxx Oh PS yes please count me in for today's draw and all your explannations are crystal clear, thanks so much again xxx

  10. I love your wreath card Di, so pretty. The colours you have chosen go so well together. Like Liz, I’ve still to try making your version of the template, so I would love to be entered into the draw for this fab prize, thank you.
    Congratulations on your 7th anniversary too, and a big thank you for this very generous Christmas-time fun draw. I look forward to seeing your posts over the next two weeks.
    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Janice x

  11. Wow - that post took some reading (and writing too of course) but you've explained it all beautifully. I've posted my card for the challenge and would like to take part in the bumper draw and will be visiting to see what else pops out of the toybox. Running this challenge must be a mammoth task and you are so generous with your time as well as bearing the cost of the postage and packing - I reckon your local post office must know you well and they ought to give you a discount although sadly they don't work like that do they. I hope you find time for a relaxing break along with some nice walkies with Dudley.

  12. Dear Di, you are so very generous. Thanks so much for that. I love your wreath card, those mini stamps are gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2019! Majda
    And ... yes please for this prize.

  13. I love your gorgeous wreath, Di! I really need to try this! I like the cute sentiment too! I'll be back to join your Snippets linky at some point over the holidays, and I'm definitely a YES, PLEASE for this awesome prize! Thank you so much for your generosity! It's been a rough year and I could use some cheer! Dudley is so cute and must bring you a lot of joy! Happy Holidays to all of you!

  14. This is a beautiful card Di and I love the idea of using the wreath builder with these pretty stamps so I am a 'yes please' for this great bundle. I went back to have a look at your original post and commented that I would make the template, which of course I never, so to win one would be wonderful, and thank you for your generosity. What a lovely photo of Dudley, he is growing fast. I would like to wish you, Len, Dudley and Parsnip a very Happy Christmas and a healthy, happy and crafty New Year. x

  15. What a gorgeous wreath with those little poinsettias and twigs. Congratulations on your 7th anniversary. That is a lot of hard work as well as the challenge coming up. You are a sweetie for doing this. I love the picture of Dudley. How do you stand so much cuteness! Have a wonderful holiday and give Dudley a pat from Molly.

  16. I love your card Di and the photo of Dudley is so so sweet! Yes please to today’s prize!

  17. First things first I love you card, and Dudley is just the cutest thing he just needs a squish lol. Thank you for your running this for the past 7 years as I love playing along and hate it when I miss a fortnight. I have already posted my card this time and would love to be in chance with todays prize.
    Secondly and most importantly Happy Christmas to you and all your household I am sure you will have a magical time and may all your dreams for the New Year come true. Love Nicky

    1. Chipolata will be fine. Stanley favouite thing is any thing sausage related. For Christmas we even buy him dog gravy from pets at home to go with his bits of turkey and sausages. Honestly his not spoilt lol

  18. Firstly, BIG CONGRATS for the challenge anniversary!!! Seven years!! Wow! Thanks to being here e for all your hard work and kindness!! :D
    Then, your wreath card is a delight, love the sweet colours and the beautiful stamps! The topper with the sentiment is so cute!
    I surely say YES for the prize A - how much fabulous items!!- and I will upload a card in the next days. Finally I'm on Christmas holidays and will find some time for me, YAY!!! :D
    And last but not least, LOVE Dudley's smile, he is an adorable little guy! Make him some cuddles on his cute nose by me!
    Have a Fabulous, Peaceful and Joyful Christmas!!

  19. Happy Blogaversary! (almost) Congratulations on your 7 years. A lot of fun in those years, eh? Your card is very pretty and I love the sentiment and the way it's framed. Cute pictures of Dudley and Woody. Woody's nose might not last long........

    I see your Christmas card counter on the side of your blog. That's a LOT of cards and a LOT of happiness to spread.

    Yes, please, to the prizes. Thank you. [Bunny]``

  20. Congrats on seven years with the challenge. Time just creeps up on you, doesn't it?
    After a very, very busy fall with little to no time for crafting, I have a break and want to get back to my craft room. This is a lovely incentive that I had totally forgotten about.
    I'm saying yes please to this generous prize.

  21. A fabulous card and I would love a chance to win this prize please. We're in our campervan in Cirencester for Christmas so I'll be in the playground later in the week. Love the cute photo of Durley. Have a lovely Christmas.
    Kath x

  22. You are a star! Thank you for your time and efforts, I have read and digested all the information. Yes please to this prize. My card is in progress, I'm escaping now and again to do a bit of crafting. I wish you a brilliant holiday season and hope your tree stays upright. Dudley is the cutest and must be so much fun though I don't know how you get anything else done. xxx

  23. Merry Christmas to everyone! Wow Di - 7 years!! You are amazing. Dudley is just the cutest! Love to you and Parsnip xx Yes please to super prize! xx

  24. Phew, must have taken you a week to write the post. Love your card, a fabulous design and lovely images and colours. You have put the wreath together superbly. Great photo too, he looks to be laughing.
    Can't believe it is seven years, very well done to you.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2019.

    Kath x

  25. Your wreath card is beautiful! I love the colors you chose. Yes please enter my name into the prize drawing. Thanks you so much!
    Pam Sebring
    Aka craftyhairlady

  26. Ooh Di, your wreath card is wonderful! What a start to your Christmas posts! 'Yes Please' I would love to be entered for the chance to win this awesome prize. Thank you so much. I love Dudley's smile. Merry Christmas and a cool New Year to you all! Hugs xxxxxxx

  27. Dear darling Di, Merry Christmas to you and everyone at the playground. Hoping to get a snippets something made soon and yes please I would love to be in with a chance at this prize. Hope to be back soon to check out the festive fun. Gotta make dinner for 21 today so probably no crafting until tomorrow. HUgz

  28. Such a fabulous idea!
    Yes please for the draw

  29. Di you are so incredibly generous with your time and the prizes - I will say yes please on this comment, and link a card up later.
    Christmas blessings to you and yours
    p.s., this confirmed cat lover likes your sweet bundle of fur called Dudley!

  30. The little angel on my card is wishing you, Les and Dusley a very Merry Christmas!! Enjoy the days!
    And I say YES to the very generous prize!
    Lia xx

  31. I love these type of wreath cards and never been brave enough to try one yet. Yours is so pretty with gorgeous colours. I will be "yes please" to the wonderful prize and thank you so much for your generosity. Hope you, Len, Dudley and Parsnip have a wonderful Christmas x

  32. Congrats on your 7th year of running the playground! It's been such a fun challenge to look forward to each posting, not just for the prizes, but for the inspiration from all the entries.
    Your card is just amazing done with that great template and again, I am floored with your generosity in providing prizes and shipping costs for those who play along. You are truly a shining example of giving back and I for one am grateful for all that you do!
    Merry Christmas wishes to you, Len, Dudley, and of course Parsnip. Thanks once again for another fun Playground challenge!
    Yes please to prize A :)

  33. Loving the new photos of Dudley, Di, and how wonderful that you managed to save one of his baby teeth. Great card! I'll be doing an entry in a very short while and I'm definitely going to play for the prize this time. :-D Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  34. Beautiful card Di and congrats on your 7 years!
    Hope Dudley has been a good boy for Santa ;)

  35. I love the clever way you built your wreath, and the natural colors that could work for more than just Christmas. Yes please to this awesome prize...and I just love Dudley's cute little grin!

  36. Wowie, congrats on 7 years, Di!! And I've only just found you this past year! I love your wreath - I just love wreaths! I'd collect them if I had a place for a bunch. lol I hope to upload a card tomorrow morning before our Christmas festivities begin. And I'd love today's awesome prize bundle - count me in, pretty please! Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  37. Yes please for the prize. Love the card. I made my own template for the wreath builder since Gina K products are not available in my corner of the world. But I have to give her full credit for coming up with a brilliant idea. Would definitely love to add it to my stash sometime! I love the Dudley pic. He is so cute!

  38. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Ours was nice but very quiet and casual, since DH had another surgery on the 3rd and only came home last Wednesday. I hope things will settle down over here so that I can slowly get back to creating. Hopefully, I can manage to play over here. And if I do, I'd love to be in the draw for this fabulous prize. Congrats on keeping this challenge going for 7 years already!
    Marianne x

  39. Congrats on 7 yaers. Love the photo of Dudley.
    Hugs, Chantal S

  40. Beautiful card Di - love that layered stamping!
    Huge congratulations of seven years of playground duty - and many thanks for all of the time and effort you put in to running the challenge, and keeping us all in order!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas!
    I'm a 'yes please' for this prize.
    Helen x

  41. Very nice card!
    Dudley is so cute!
    Happy holidays ! 🎄

  42. Great wreath card Did. Happy senventhaversary! (You're too good - such a long time to be keeping all the Playground in check....!!)
    Big hug for Parsnip and a cuddle for the fur-ball....
    and yes please to the prize. x

  43. I have finally added my card for the challenge, and something rather strange! None of the thumbnails are showing properly. How do I fix this?

    Yes please for the prize

  44. I think there's a glitch Glennis. Hopefully it'll fix itself ......

  45. I love your wreath card, so delightful! Congrats on 7 years! Dudley, your fur baby is looking so cute too!
    Hoping you had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and Wishing you a very Happy, healthy and Prosperous New Year 2019.

  46. It's my first day back to blog reading and I'm so happy to catch your posts. I would love a chance to win, yes please. I will be commenting on the remainder of your posts right now as I have the time. Thanks so much!!

  47. Hugs to you all! Thanks so much for the chances in the Holiday prize draws. What fun seeing all the goodies and reading comments by fellow crafters.

  48. Beautiful card Di, your wreath is gorgeous with all that layering, and that is a very cool sentiment set.
    Thanks again for another year of snippetting and for this very generous Christmastime challenge : )

  49. I'm so happy I had a chance to enter a card for the challenge. Thanks so much!

  50. What a fabulous festive giveaway! I would love to take part!!

  51. Hello Diane! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!
    I always thank you for wonderful challenges and amazing prizes.
    Your all prizes are so beautiful! Yes, please the prize! Hugs, Gloria

  52. Wow what a wonderful prize so yes please. I hope you had a great Christmas. I am just getting back into the swing of things. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  53. Love your card. Great festive candy. Yes please for the draw.

  54. Happy new year, Di! Hope your Christmas was wonderful and Santa spoiled you rotten! Love that adorable pic of Dudley. My sister just got a new puppy and the training is a bit of a learning curve. Dudley looks so well behaved. 😉

    With this busy season, you are a star to host this annual challenge. You are so generous and kind. Thank you and I plan to get my one entry in. Your wreath card is beautiful... so yes please!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Hugs, Trina 💙

  55. Yay! I just linked up my Snippets card! Thank you for the inspiration, Di! Happy New Year!

  56. Beautiful card Di love the wreath hope you and Lens Christmas went well and Dudley's of course as l am sure it would of done wishing you all the very best for 2019 take care sending lots of love x

  57. Hi Di. Your card is fabulous! You are so creative!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you and your family all the best in 2019!
    Yes please for your amazing prize. You so generous! Thank you!
    Hugs, Valerija

  58. I thought I'd responded to this amazing giftstravaganza [look, I've vocabularious] but don't see my post so must have gotten distracted with holiday stuff. So... yes please. [And your wreath card is amazing]

  59. Gorgeous card, Di. It's a yes please from me as I'll be linking up on Tuesday xoxo

  60. Hello Di, for some reason I can't see any of the thumbnail pics here though the links are working fine which means I'll be able to check out snippeteers entries as and when I can. Love your card - almost as much as I love Dudley and Parsnip!- so it's a 'yes, please' from me :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  61. Such a gorgeous wreath card! Definitely yes please to the prize. I will be back with my entry. Happy New Year!

  62. Your wreath is just gorgeous!! Love all the little stamps you used to create this. I have looked longingly at these wreath builders, so "Yes, please!" put my name in the draw!!
    Now I have made it clear back to the beginning of the prize I better get a card made!! Yay!!!
    Thank you for your generosity, Di. You are the bestest!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  63. wow, congratulations on 7 years of your challenge, this is stunning!
    I love your wreath, it so clever and beautiful.
    yes for the prize, please.
    crafty hugs xx