Friday 11 December 2015

The Playground - an update

Just a quick hello to apologise for the time it's taking me to get around the Playground entries and comment. I won't go into all the details but suffice to say this 'back to back/rebound' gRout flare up is absolutely evil and, after a week, I only just managed to get downstairs for the first time today. Of course I can be on line whilst in bed (without ANY covers resting on said foot needless to say!) but am also very tired and nodding off easily. It's the unrelenting pain that's so, so wearing.

However, even though I've had to pull back on my usual number of blog posts during the week and for the foreseeable future, the Playground will still keep running so long as I'm able to have on line access - even without me making a snippets card there are prizes still to be won and lots of fun to be had. This coming Sunday's card was thankfully already made and a new challenge will start at midnight Saturday.

I have a lovely pile of special prizes lined up to celebrate Christmas/New Year, as well as four years of the Playground since I took it over from Jules - just hope I can manage the logistics. If not then we'll celebrate as soon as am more able to spend time blogging. Watch this space. 

And most of all, do please send love and supportive thoughts/comments to our lovely little friend Brenda in IN (inkspired to stamp). Her much loved husband passed away on Wednesday morning, so very sad although Bill is now at peace. We all send our love Brenda and family.

News like that puts everything much more into perspective - being unable to bear to put a foot down to walk is nothing by comparison!



  1. OMGoodness, Di, I had no idea this is still going on with you, and with such severity. I hope this heals soon and that you will get some relief. It sounds almost unbearable. Sending hugs and prayers your way. Also sending my deepest sympathies to Brenda.

  2. Oh Di, I'm so sorry to hear you're still having painful problems like this! Don't worry a bit about blogging and just take care of yourself now. Wishing you a speedy recovery and hopefully they'll find something soon to ease your pain.
    Deepest sympathy to Brenda too.
    Hugs, Lynn

  3. hope things improve for you soon Di, I'll pop over to Brenda's also, take care, Cathy x

  4. Oh, my god, you poor thing!!!! Gout is evil, no doubt about it! Are you keeping a strict diet and are you taking your meds??? I sure hope you'll get better really fast! Just rest up and keep it easy! Sending healing thoughts and a big hug, Cornelia

  5. Oh Di, I'm so sorry for the flare-up of that nasty gout again. I know you'll take the reins of the playground when you're feeling up to it, but why not consider taking a holiday break like everyone else does? Maybe it would help to close the playground gates until the new year, and hopefully by then your foot will improve. I'm sure we'd all understand if you chose to do that!! I send warm wishes for brighter days ahead. Hugzzzzzz

  6. Sorry to hear your suffering so badly with gout Di..Paul gets it too and he always puts a 3 foot no go zone around whichever foot its in..I really feel for you . Take care and look after yourself huggles Sue xxx

  7. Oh Di! Sorry to hear about your painful problems. Hope you will recover soon. Sending prayers and hugs in my thoughts!

  8. OMG, Di, I'm so sorry to hear you're still having painful problems. I hope you will get well soon. Take care!
    Sending hugssss for you and for Brenda.
    Valerija xxx

  9. I was hoping you must have recovered by now. Sad to know you are still struggling :(. Hope you get well and the earliest and you would be in my prayers. Will pray for Brenda as well.

  10. Oh dear, that is so awful. I was hoping that it had gone away but I hope you can get on top of this horrid thing soon.
    Much love

    IKE xx

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  11. Dear Di,
    take time for your self
    I am thinking of you, sending you positive and healing toughts
    big hug with love and suport

  12. So very sorry to hear
    You're still battling that gout!!!
    That's enough to make me fear
    That Santa will see you pout.

    Here's some love and cheer
    To coax the nastiness out
    And make your foot feel clear.
    All ready to walk about. are some foot jokes for you. Actually they are centipede jokes, but they have lots of feet. :)

    Q: Why was the centipede late for school?
    A: He was trying to tie his shoe laces.

    Q: Why was the Daddy centipede late for work?
    A: He was playing "Little Piggy" with his baby.

    Q: What has 50 legs and can't walk?
    A: Half a centipede.

    (Okay, that was a little bit gross. Try this one...)

    Q: What do you get when you cross a centipede with a chicken?
    A: Enough drumsticks to feed an army.

    Q: What do you get when you cross a centipede with a parrot?
    A: A walkie-talkie.

    Q: What did the boy centipede say to the girl centipede?
    A: You've got a lovely pair of legs, You've got a lovely pair of legs,You've got a lovely pair of legs,You've got a lovely pair of legs,You've got a lovely pair of legs,You've got a lovely pair of legs ....!

    Hope this has brought a smile to you today. Hugs and prayers!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

    1. Snigger - you litle scamp! Loved these :)


      Di xx

  13. So sorry to hear that your foot is still causing you such a problem - sending hugs to you and also to Brenda.

  14. Sorry to hear about your still going situation. I also know what pain can do to you...I am currently suffering from a severe spinal pain, well it is actually nerve pain, and just started a new medicine 2 days ago (the previous one got me such an awful side affects, yuck!). Not too happy to be 24/7 on meds but that is the only way to even somehow cope from everyday life.

    I also wanted to thank you for hosting and keeping up this challenge. I am a snippets-lunatic so this is always the one challenge I _must_ participate with almost every card I make.

    Hope you will have a nice holiday season on the way and hopefully you will have pain-free times coming.


  15. Oh dear! I'm sorry you are still suffering Di. I never knew much about gout, certainly not how painful it is, until You said.. I've since heard two other friends are suffering this. As you say, constant pain is so wearing so I really hope things improve for you very soon. Big hug Dee x

  16. Oh you poor thing Di I really thought you had turned the corner. So sorry to hear that it's flared again. Please take are such a trooper with your blog but distraction really helps too! So sad for your friend too especially at this time of the year. Huge hugs xx

  17. Sending lots of love, healing and positive thoughts to you Di, and also to Brenda. Keep your chin up mate.

    BIG Hugs, Sarn xxx

  18. Oh Di, I'm so sorry to hear you're still having painful problems! Please take care of yourself now, blogging can wait.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and I am sending deepest sympathy to Brenda.
    Hugs, Tina

  19. Morning Di, So so sorry to read your pain has returned resting can only be the answer along with the medication hopefully though this will ease quickly for you sorry to hear of Brenda's loss so young too! l called at Brenda's blog and placed a comment hopefully all will be comforting for Brenda and her family it is surprising how they do help....take care lots of love xx

  20. Aaaah bless you hun and i'm sending you wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Sorry to hear about Brenda's loss too, Luv Sam x

  21. Sorry Di to hear you are still in pain and thus feeling miserable with your foot. I do hope it resolves in time for the festivities for you. Also so sad for your friend with her loss at this time of year especially......thinking of the both of you. Hugs xxx

  22. Oh Di you poor thing! Sending big hugs rest up lovely
    Lucy cx

  23. Hello Di, I'm not sure what happened to the comment I sent a few minutes ago - it seems to have dropped into one of those black holes somewhere out there in space!!! Anyway, the gist of it was that I'm so sorry to hear you are still suffering with the gout but hope with rest, and medication, you will recover soon - preferably before Christmas so you can enjoy the festivities. Sorry, too, to hear of Brenda's loss - I immediately left a comment on her blog. Take care, keep taking the tablets and do what the doctor tells you :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  24. Oh Di, you poor thing still suffering with that foot. Just take it easy, rest up and get plenty of sleep as constant pain is no joy. As for the Playground... I think no one would mind if you took a break over the christmas and new year. But just a thought.. if you want to keep the gates open then how about a month long challenge with NO commenting or top picks and limit to one entry xx

  25. So sorry for your healt, Di, I haven't understand all you said, but it seems as you have some bad problems at your foot. I wish you feel well soon!!

  26. Di, I hope that you find some relief soon. Best wishes for healthy, pain free days ahead!

  27. I'm a firm believer that rest is as crucial to healing the body as any medication, so PLEASE don't be too stubborn and do more than you should, no matter how much you want to do it. We all care much more about you than the Playground, I hope you know that!! Mwah and big hugs, Darnell

  28. So sorry, I hoped you were on the up. I've been feeling rather low about a few things but I'm pulling myself together and, as you said, getting things in perspective. Take care and feel better soon. x

  29. So sorry you're suffering so much sweetheart. Please listen to your body and get as much rest as you can.
    Love, hugs and prayers,
    Em xxx

  30. Hi I am so sorry to hear that you are so ill. I do hope that you start to get better soon. My husband has a broken wrist but he isn't in too much pain now. I was sorry to hear about your friend to. Things like this make you think. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  31. Thank you for the update, Di... I hope things start improving for you soon. Take care, my lovely friend. Donna. X

  32. So sorry to hear about your bathroom problems (gRout!) Honey and do not worry about visiting. Look after yourself. And make sure Parsnip is running errands for you.
    Sorry to hear about Brenda's husband. Thanks for letting us know.

  33. So sorry that you are still suffering so much pain with your foot, I do hope you get some relief soon. I guess rest is really the best medicine so do take care and perhaps take a little break from the blogging as others have suggested.
    Jean x

  34. Sorry to hear you're suffering this week Di. Hope the pain eases and you are soon feeling much better.
    In the meantime, relax and look after yourself.
    Janice x

  35. Oh my goodness so sorry to hear you still have footy problems. Hope Parsnip is running up and down the stairs with lots of chocklit and soothing goodies for you. Thankyou for my meeces. I am so glad to see they are not rattys. Painting is finally finished and moved my crafting stuff back into the room today. Take care. hugs Mrs A.

  36. Poor you.... sure you don't want a loan of the saw???? xx

  37. So sorry to hear of Brenda's sad loss and also sad that your gouty foot is still plaguing you!! Do take it easy because it is important to us all that you soon feel better. x

  38. Get well quick Di!Sorry to hear about Brenda's loss,also.

    Hope you have a restful weekend!

  39. Take care of yourself Di. xx


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