Friday 1 August 2014

Wrestling with embossing paste

I decided not that long ago it was time to try out some new (to me) techniques. At the Newbury ArtStamps show I was entranced at the Poppystamps stand and their stencils plus embossing paste and came away with some new goodies. The other day I had a first play - out of four attempts this was the final successful result:
I used:

- A6 black card blank

- a snippet of matt black card stock, embossed using a Poppystamps stencil called 'Christmas Holly', embossing paste and then sprinkled with fine gold glitter after the stencil was removed but the paste was still wet. After it dried I trimmed it down and ran a Sakura Calligraphy gold pen round the edges

- a piece of patterned paper from Papermania's 'Elegance' paper pad (thanks for pointing me in the direction of this luscious paper Sam!)

- Josy Rose black nail heads

It looks very simple but trust me I even had embossing paste in my hair (mental note not to sweep hair behind my ears before checking hands for paste!)

And why pray tell did it take Dumbo four attempts? OK, laugh your socks off if you must - the first three goes were on Clarity black glossy card stock. Mostly 'cos I was too impatient to hunt out matt black card stock. Think about it, glossy slippery card stock, a stencil and embossing paste - impossible not to get smudging no matter how much I taped the stencil down and no matter how carefully I removed it. Finally I twigged!! Sigh - we live and learn.



  1. Oh Di, you'll never know how many times I have been through the same type of thing.....LOL We are a very persistent bunch of people for sure.

    Well all your efforts turned out a stunning card!

  2. I haven't jumped on the embossing paste bandwagon yet because I hate having a mess like that! UGH! In spite of the problems, the card turned out beautiful!!

  3. ah Di you are right it is the glossy card must admit it is good but you do need matt.. not that I am an expert buy a lon-nnng shot!
    love this effect though looks really great result minus the paste int eh hair of course :D Shaz in oz.x

  4. My sweet friend I indeed had a good laugh because of the way you told your story. Since all your effort is so much rewarded, this looks stunning. I have my first pot gesso ready to take my first attempt using it. But today I will first use for the very first time ever Rangers Perfect Pearl powder. How that will work out the way I want it. LOL LOL We'll see about that won't we ?
    But this just looks amazing.
    Lots of love and greetings, Veerle xxx

  5. Isn't learning fun. I love the finished project. I need to get me a Sakura pen. As always, wonderful creation.

  6. I like this stencil. I am a fan of embossing paste but don't have many stencils to use it on. Instead of plain paste and then glitter, I would recommend Imaginations craft Sparkle mediums. The same method but they are far easier to use and more sparkly than anything else I've tried. Plus there is a wide range of colours. That said, what you have achieved here is lovely, so Well done! Kate x

  7. So sorry to hear you had to have a couple of goes before achieving this beautiful result.

    You should try sparkle medium too - it's FAB-u-LOUS but DOES work best on glossy black cardstock! Very twinkly

    Happy Friday


  8. Love using embossing paste though not done so for a while...messy yuck...great may like to join my birthday candy which you will find on the top of my blog list...♥aNNie The Journey is the Start

  9. I've had some embossing paste and stencils for ages - still unused! LOL! You've given me the inspiration to have a go. Fab card! x

  10. I haven't broken down and purchased any paste yet, but I will mentally file away the "don't use glossy paper" note. Really, four attempts to conquer something new is not excessive, and the final product looks really good.

  11. This is so pretty and sparkly. You did a great job.

  12. Di, this is gorgeous! I love the look and although I've not gone in that direction yet, I think I will be soon. The results are simply stunning and I don't mind getting messy. Heck if I got it in my hair it might hide the gray LOL :)

    Em x
    Creative Em

  13. This is a beautiful elegant card, well worth all your attempts to get it right. I love the sparkle, and too would recommend the Imaginations Sparkle Medium.
    Jean x

  14. It happens to us all Di, how else would we learn what not to do??? I've watched demos of the Poppystamps on C&C and thought the end result was beautiful but not been tempted just because I know I'd get in a mess with it :) Anyway, your card is beautiful, the stencil is lovely and I like the backing paper too. Oh, and the wee spinning birdie is just sooooo cute :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  15. Yeah . . . but this card is a FAB result. Remember what Edison said about inventing the lightbulb . . . and he tried for a lot longer!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  16. Hi Di, Oh stunning make l just like all of the sparkle too!

  17. Beautiful stencil there Mrs. I was showing my friend how to do these last week and before I put the stuff away I did some of my own. Addictive!

  18. Brilliant, I love it, beautiful design, simple but very elegant.
    Will keep your escapade in mind when I eventually get round to trying stencils and embossing paste!!!
    Have a great weekend

    Patricia x

  19. Helli Di,

    Thank you for the little titter, I can just imagine your with past in your hair loL. But honestly your card is brilliant and well done on your persistance with the embossing paste.

    Yes, the bird is for real.


  20. Hello Di,
    ooh, thanks for the link to your cabbage layer recipe. It looks fab. I would never have thought of making a lasagna using the cabbage. Sometimes, I crave a huge bowl of pasta so I will definitely give this a go.
    Your card looks stunning - worth your perseverance. Seeing all that gorgeous glitter makes me want to start my Christmas cards.
    Caroline xxx

  21. This is gorgeous Di and I love the SP stencil and adding the glitter over the paste gives it a beautiful finish. I want to buy some paste but haven't got there yet. How naughty of me - I forgot to say thank you for the lovely 'shout out' last week. There were lots of lovely makes as usual. x

  22. It looks wonderful!
    I have never used this product but must give it a try...sounds like the first couple were trying till you figured out the problem!

    Looks fab now.

    Thanks for your kind offer...that would be fabulous and she will be over the moon.
    Perhaps it will even arrive in the 8 days we will be home. We head home on Monday or is a Long Weekend here so may wait till Tuesday just to avoid the
    crowds hurrying back to work.

    Could you add the bit of cardboard as my postie fold everything in spite of countless requests not to!

    I owe you a long catch up email but summer is so crazy busy for us. I promis by the start of Sept to send it off.
    It was 37 or 38 degrees yesterday and DH went golfing...I went shopping in the larger town near us...on foot and using the bus...I am still recovering from walking in that he golfed is beyond me!!! I am such a wimp about high temps.

  23. me again...that spinning little fellow is priceless!

  24. I am in awe of your wonderful embossing. I've not been very successful with the product myself, so this looks super good to me. I like the stencil motif and you chose really pretty colors to work so effectively with it. Also find your new little action graphic just delightful. TFS & Hugs

  25. If at first......
    Beautiful result.
    Linby x

  26. I've got quite a lot of embossing paste and other similar products, having watched on TV and seen 'how easy' it is ... but I still haven't used any - I must try - and I bet it will take more tries before I'd get anything like you've achieved here. It's gorgeous (and it could be entered into my CHNC challenge extra for August - would love to see it there - and it would be inspirational for others too) xx

  27. Well, your playing paid off as you got a lovely card in the end, Di! I have to make time to use my stencils & paste--thanks for the nudge!


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