Saturday, 23 August 2014

On the way to a paperless society

I defy you not to laugh at this,  but put that coffee cup down  before clicking on the link!

Told you! Sorry this is just a link peeps, I tried to embed the video but it wasn't playing ball - unless I was doing summick wrong - which is more than likely :(

SQUEAL - at midnight we just saw TWO baby hedgehogs at the feeding station! They're healthy and very hungry - Mum and Dad were there earlier so we were right that there were previously those two adult hedgies cosying up now they brought their new little Prickles :)) Hopefully the little ones will fatten up nicely in time for their hibernation - there's still time before late Autumn we hope.

So funny - Len just scampered out to the garden to refill the feeding bowl (and I suspect put a second bowl out 'cos I can hear chinking outside) - he's like a proud Grandad :)



Carol L said...

That's a great ad - Mom always knows best, right ? :)

Glennis F said...

hilarious! I have popped onto my fb page

Mrs A. said...

Now do we know the sex of the babies den? Hugs Mrs A.

ike said...

Hahahahahahaha - soooo excellent. LUV that vid :-D

How cute with the Hedgepiggies :-D What do you feed them on ??? How marvelous. xxxxxxxxxx

Annie said...

So funny - love it
Ann xxx

LesleyG said...

Ha ha so funny! You are so lucky to have all those prickly visitors xxx

Kathyk said...

Serves him right too!!!

Baby hedgepigs? Lucky you - we've not seen any for several years now


Sarah said...


debby4000 said...

Oh what a chuckle, thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

That was just so funny, Di. I've emailed it to my everloving, I think he'll laugh too. Thanks for sharing.

Delighted to hear you have a couple of new little boarders - I'd love to have a Prickle or two in the garden and I'm doing my best to encourage them ... maybe next year. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Irene said...

Brilliant Di, giggling away.


Kathleen said...

Serves him jolly well right.

Kath x

Sandra H said...

" Fantastic Di" x

Liz said...

Love the video clip!

We were only saying the other day that we don't seem to get hedgehogs around here any more. How lucky you are to have a whole family! xx

Vicky Hayes said...

Screamed with laughter Di - it could have been a scene from our house! Love that you have baby hedgies. You'll have to lie in wait with infra red cameras! Vicky x