Wednesday 23 May 2012

WOYWW 155 - and a little trip down Memory Lane

I know most people have an old button tin - I'm a bit in love with mine:
Teddy originally had biscuits in and my wonderful (sadly late) cousin Alex bought him for me a lot of years ago. He knew I was dotty about all things Harrods - the biscuits were good too :)

This is a quick pic of the contents of Teddy's tummy taken quite a while ago when I was looking for a button to add to the card in progress beside it:
Oh my gosh - so many memories every time I tip it out for a rummage. I can see an old British penny (err, why?!), press studs (remember those, they came before velcro), an upside down old school hat badge (St. Trinians maybe) and those big bright orange buttons in the left side of the tin came from a Mary Quant trouser suit that I was so proud of.

Some day I'll find a photo of me wearing it (way back in the late 1960's) and give you a laugh. Sadly I didn't have the foresight to keep the trouser suit but at least I snipped the buttons off! It's pure coincidence that they're sitting on the top of the contents - I only just noticed that as I'm typing this and uploading photos, bit spooky really as Alex (who was very savvy about fashion) used to tell me not to throw clothes out from that era. Oops, way too late now.

Just back from hols so you can tell from the above I've been scrabbling for something to write about today - and the desk right now? Still an avalanche waiting to happen!

But, here's a photo depicting contentment and one very savvy young cat:
Lying just in the shade, on a fishermen's net at Estepona in Spain, probably having had fish for lunch! The chap sitting mending the net was only about 10 feet away and these little cats live wild in the rocks around the harbour, just scavenging for what scraps they can find or are given - so cute :)

Make sure you go and hop around to see what everyone else is up to over at Julia's. She writes a really pithy post each Wednesday before sending you off round the World to other desks - so please remember to leave a comment for Julia. She's waaaaay too polite to ask I know :)



  1. Hello Di,

    It's Tuesday night here so I'm getting a jump on WOYWW posts. The cat looks quite smart, lounging on the fish nets in the shade.

    I hope your trip was wonderful.

    The button tin is precious -- interesting that your cousin told you not to throw anything from the 70s away -- forward thinking of him. I wish I had some of my peasant blouses and bell bottoms.


  2. I love your button tin. Reminds me of my gran's - which I always enjoyed rummaging in. Happy WOYWW. Ali x #43

  3. I love your button tin Di. So many memories in one small place eh?
    A x #62

  4. What is it about button tins?? I find them completely fascinating, even when I don't know the 'stories' behind each button. I really can spend ages just riffling through...weird, I know, but there we are!
    Glad you had a good holiday - I am enjoying the lovely weather here, using the time to catch up with my much neglected garden. Thanks for all the love and support,
    Hugs, LLJ #57 xx

  5. Hi Di

    Welcome home!!

    Hope you had a lovely time away .. .. thank you for bringing the sunshine home with you for us.

    I love my button tins. I have my own and also the one I kept when we cleared my late MIL's house.

    Funny what you find when you rummage .. and the memories a button can bring back.

    Love Jules xx

  6. I have a tin that has similar contents.. but not cookies originally... M&S boiled sweets lol.
    Great pics and thanks for sharing too
    Happy WOYWW day
    Lisa #16

  7. Fab pics, cute cat and a super button tin! Take care on this wonderful sunny WOYWW day. Zo xx 78

  8. A fab button tin, I love rummaging in button tins! Hugs trace x 35

  9. Do I recognise that stamp from a while back when you gave me some cards for the cancer charities? Love the teddy, so cute. There's always a penny in the button tin - it just has to be! Love the kitty, so cute as they always are! Have fun on WOYWW. Karen 110 x

  10. Happy WOYWW my friend.

    Good to have you back . . . please restore order in the Snippets Playground . . . there's someone right behind me!

  11. happy woyww. I have a big soft spots for teds, he is lovely

  12. Love the cat photo..... if you took the cat away (!) the rest would make a wonderful background! Trish #51

  13. Lovely Tin Di and l reckon those biscuits tasted gorgeous too! love the cat so cute have a great day:)x

  14. Love that button tin, I'd have kept it too, very sweet. I already have about five Stickeroo sheets. Everything was on sale at JoAnns with free shipping but I was surprised to see that they only had three of the sheets, one I had, one I didn't like so that only left the one to buy! I think it's one you've got too now that I've seen it properly!

    Brenda 123

  15. thanks for the heads up on the snippets thing. I will try to take part when I can.

  16. Welcome home, Di. I love your button tin and the memories it evokes for you. I wish I'd hung on to all the gorgeous sixties fashion I wore in my salad days ... those were the days, my friend ... when I had the legs for mini-skirts ... gone but not forgotten :)) Fab photo of the basking cat. Hope you're having a great WOYWW. Elizabeth x #127

  17. Ive got an old cigar box full even old army buttons, full of memories

  18. Buttons are so precious!!! I always find it difficult to use the ones that have memories for me. They have to be worked into something equally special. I love that cat pic. It would make a great collage. x Jo

  19. Someone has done a whole book of stray cats in a beautiful fishing village. Your photo looks like it could have come from a page of that book. I inherited one of my grandmother's button jars. She had buttons in all sorts of containers all over her house. I got a big glass peanut butter jar full of buttons, mostly not very exciting buttons, but still fun. I did eventually buy a different jar for them as the lid wouldn't secure well on the p-butter jar and after you knock that sucker over a few times you learn what a pain that is to pick up.

  20. i have a button tin that belonged to my nan and i used to spend ages as a child sorting them all out,keep it separate from my crafting buttons though,have fun using yours
    have a fab woyww
    kay #33

  21. Love the button box.. fabulous card with a lovely dressform on your desk.. it's gorgeous.. Hugs May x x#30

  22. Love your button box. I would keep that forever.
    Trouser suits, I had 2 that I loved, a tourquoise one, that was more suitish and a black one that was more a tunic type, which I wore with a gold chain type belt round the waist (yes I had one then) and I went to see the Hollies one night and we went backstage to meet them and Tony Hicks the guitarist (my favorite)said Oh Cleopatra, and gave me a really big hug and a kiss, I had Kathy McGowan hair style by the way. My biggest mistake was that I didn't say Oh Anthony at last I've found you. I had not been married long but heyho.
    Least you have some good weather to get all your washing done,all mine's done..nah, nah, na, nah na.

    Kath xxxx

  23. I may be behind Sandra a little way, but behind her I am staying!
    There is something about button tins isn't there! Like to imagine what clothes they were on and what adventures were had wearing them!
    Not had the go-kart out while you were gone, too much fun to be had with the pogo stick!
    Any stilts in the cupboard? Always wanted to be tall!
    Glad to hear you had a good time!

  24. I so love button tins, I still have my Nanna's old tin and wont part with it. I used to have a button blanket that my Nanna made me but it is gone now, long gone. Thanks for sharing, Oh and love the marmalade kitty in the nets. Different I like different.

    Eliza #49

  25. As a teddy bear fan and one who as quite a collection this tin instantly appealed, love it. I haven't got a button collection really just some odd ones that I have remembered to remove. I can remember sitting with my nan as we removed buttons from my grampy's shirts before making them into dusters. She certainly knew how to recycle. Hugs, Amanda x

  26. I love your teddy tin!!! Your card is quite fabby as well!

    Jeannie #75

  27. Such a stylish button tin Di and pleeeeeeeze can we have a pic of you in the Mary Quant trouser suit?! Vicky x

  28. What a gorgeous button tin and such great memories. That is a very clever cat on the net.
    Have a great week.
    Von #22


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