Wednesday 24 August 2011


Ahem - a very clear desk here today....and a blurred photo I fear, it's making me feel a bit woozy looking at it:
The desk is pretty clear, apart from umpteen cables in the background that is! My mobile phone (pink of course) began shouting during the night to be charged - now, can anyone tell me why it's ALWAYS in the middle of the night huh?!

Usual cup of black coffee to hand, some beautiful cards from friends in the background - Sandra of Stamping for Pleasure is still on a roll with her duster brushes - doing clouds now on the super chicken card, they came bearing chocolate truffles too! Yummy!

And the lovely pink card on my baby pink notebook/laptop is from Lavinia who enclosed it with some great stash this week - thank you both so much :) Amongst the stash from Lavinia was some gorgeous wired organza pink and silver ribbon which will match a card I've got half done just perfectly! Brilliant timing. This is a close up of what I've been doing with it:
I made a flower kind of following Bernie's tutorial here. I kept the ribbon single rather than doubling it, removed one side of the wiring but kept the outside edge wiring in and then followed what Bernie had posted on her blog. I think it's important to cut your lengths of ribbon to twice the width of the ribbon if you make a single layer flower like this one, I didn't realise that trick but it's still passable for a first attempt. The glue gun is poised ready to stick the flower onto a small circle of card so that it's all ready for when I finally finish making the main card. 

To the right on the glue gun mat is one of the silver brayered and embossed backgrounds I showed last WOYWW. Sandra suggested a 25th Anniversary card and, not having a nice single white rose, I made up a little posy and had just stuck it down with hot glue onto the background when I took the photo.

As I said, such a tidy desk for me....and here's the reason why:
Gotcha!!! I couldn't see the wood for the trees so decanted a whole heap of stuff this morning onto our bed in order to work! I made the beehive shaped card and posted it on here ages ago - the little white flowers need to be glued on properly while the glue gun is out and then I'm honestly going to sort the piles of stuff out.

One question, which I've been reminded of by the external hard drive lying there also waiting to be put away after doing some backing up the other day. My in-house IT chap berated me for not being more conscious of the importance of back ups. How do you folk back up your blogs? Online or what? I know there are options and would be very grateful for any opinions please - the thought of losing a whole blog doesn't bear thinking about.

That's me for WOYWW - to join in do go to Julia's here - her desk is remarkable this week :) It's a sort of 'use your imagination' one!

Time to do some blog hopping then sort out the stuff piled on the bed so we can actually get in it tonight!

Happy WOYWW!!



  1. I leave G to do our back up - I would hate to lose all my pics!

  2. Gorgeous little flowers today Di.
    A x

  3. Hi Di I love the ribbon flower very pretty, I'm going to have a go at doing those. Thanks for the idea. I'm impressed with the tidy desk lol. My desk isn't very tidy at all. I don't back my blog up I've never thought of doing it. I'll keep checking for any ideas. Hugs Jenny x

  4. Such a pretty white on white card. Just gorgeous!

  5. Yep - very neat and tidy DESK. . . now sort out the dumping ground, I mean BED!!!! Naughty girl! Tut tut - you'd never catch me doing that . . . but then, I don't have a spare bed in the craft room!!!! (Otherwise I WOULD!).

    Happy WOYWW xxx

  6. Oh, and I don't know of way to back up my blog . . . never considered it!

    Monthly back-ups of home pooter though!


  7. I wondered why you had such a nice and tidy desk! Love the sneak peak at your bed!

    We back up onto an external drive and my hubby keeps it at work so it is not at home if anything untoward happens.

  8. Love the pretty flower. Thanks for the nosy around.


  9. Di....Love your flower, the down side....I was planning on getting some housework done look what you've done...I'll be checking out Bernie's tutorial and maybe there is a flower in my future! It's always it's fun checking out your desk....I had to giggle when I saw the last photo! Have a great week.

  10. I've never thought of doing back-ups! But, as you say, it would be upsetting if all the back blogs were erased. Will have to consult my Mr Fixit :) Like the little pink rose very much but the white on white is beeyootiful - and very classy! Like your good self of course!! x

  11. Lots to see today - very pretty flowers to work with.

  12. Hi Di, such a neat desk glad to see mess else where, my desk is always a mess, Happy Wednesday x

  13. Hi Di, love the ribbon flowers very pretty, and a lovely white on white card, i see your coffee cup on the table that's a must have!! i do backups with Norton to an external drive so hopefully my blog will be backed up at the same time....... Hopefully anyway!! :) Sandra H

  14. very tidy... nice friends that send cards and goodies. Any truffles left BIG GRIN
    How do you lose a whole blog???

    I've got something called Clickfree that's attached to one of my USB plugs and it backs up my computer every day. (can do it more or less depending on your preference), but I don't think it backs up my blog, since that's not on my computer.

    PS thanks for commenting on my blog post today. Have a great and creative day

  15. Hello Di, another interesting post. The ribbon flower is just gorgeous. Now you have me in a panic - I never even thought about backing up my blog, wouldn't know how! I'm okay with backing up my pc but that's it. If you are passed any great methods do let me know. Elizabeth x #60

  16. Love the flowers and a very tidy desk this week! Happy WOYWW

  17. Very tidy desk, thought I'd come to the wrong blog for a mo! Love the flower, very you Di! Enjoy WOYWW!

  18. I can tell you like pink! Nice flowers and I went to the link, too. Right now I don't have a very good way to back up my art, just my blog. I need something offline or maybe online, so should invest in something. Have a great WOYWW.

  19. Wow Di those flowers are beautiful. I totally forgot to fix the pix on that tutorial. Better hop to it and get it done.
    Things are always sneaking out of the closet and climbing up on the guest bed. DH says I should call it the craft bed instead of guest bed. :)

  20. Hi Di

    Personally I think you are a very good girl in only utilising the guest bed .. .. .. I use the guest bed, our bed, drawers and a side table in our bedroom, the top of the bookcases on the landing, the dining room table .. .. .. and the kitchen at the moment is housing my big shot pro!!! LOL!!!

    Strangely enough hubby never, ever moans!!! Bless!!!

    It would seem that other people in blogland would have given me your award if they had got it .. .. it is as though I enjoy spending other people's money!! Tee hee!!

    Have a good day.

    Love Jules xx

  21. That's a clean desk :-) Di. And these cards from friends are really lovely. Like your bee-card very much.
    Thanks for visiting me.
    Bye, Franka

  22. Oh I've never though of backing up my blog... I guess I though blogger did it for me for some reason... I'll have to check into that too!!!
    Love your holding area so you can work...!!!


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