Wednesday 3 August 2011

WOYWW 113 and unclaimed Ultra Fine Promarker nibs

What a night! The hedgies came out to play and kept triggering the security lights, it was so hot despite a fan going full belt in the bedroom, and to top it all my OH and I lay awake in the early hours having a discussion about the card making masking I want to expand on! He's an inventive kinda chap and came up with some ideas I'll try out.

My OH has now gone off to archery leaving me to play in here for a few hours - and this is what's going on:

I'm currently trimming the new LOTV Christmas stamps I got last week. I was very good and didn't go TOO mad. The first task after trimming them is to stamp the images onto paper so I can tuck a copy into each little plastic holder they come in with the name written on for reference. Am still debating about the big re-organisation of unmounted stamps and how is best to sort and store them.

I've already trimmed three stamps and one is already sitting patiently on an acrylic block. I'm too mean thrifty to mount all of my rubber stamps onto Eazi Mount, although I used to before the bug really bit me. Instead I use a bundle of acrylic blocks in all shapes and sizes, ready covered with Tack 'n Peel made by Tsukineko  . It works for me and even if the tacky lessens they just need a rinse in cold water. Ha, first time I did that I patted it dry with kitchen roll - not a good move, bits of paper all over it, they need to just be left to dry naturally :) Being a bit OCD I do have a whole bundle of acrylic blocks without Tack 'n Peel on as well, that's why I keep these separated by a poly bag in the storage box. But, I bet you could get away with just one block in each size with one side left uncovered and the other one covered in Stick and Tack - that's known as Monolithic Duo-Avicide BTW. Think about it - answers on a postcard......or scroll down to the end of this post!

Next up is a swing to the right - stuff reasonably tidy ready to put away. Need to do that next as I'm working myself into a corner yet again - you kinda know that when you have to craft with your elbows tucked in dontcha?!

The plum coloured ribbon is  staying out, I think I'm making wedding invitations (no Moira, you do NOT need to buy a hat!) and want to play round with some ideas. The proposed colour scheme currently features aubergine, but this is the best I could find locally to have a try with.

In front of the ribbon is one of my all-time 'must have's' for stamping - my trust stamp positioner. I know that SU do one now (think it's called a Stampamajig) but I've used this one for years and years - just a flat piece of acrylic measuring 5" x 6" and an L-shaped thicker/chunkier piece. I guess most folk either know about these and already have something similar or are clever enough not to need one. The principle is that you stamp your image onto the flat piece of acrylic, tucked right into one corner of the L-shaped piece so the acrylic stamping block or your wooden stamp touches two sides of the inside of L-shaped piece. Then place the flat piece of acrylic first where you want on your card - inky side up of course - and you can see just where the image will be when stamped. Re-ink your stamp, wedge the L-shaped piece against the corner of the flat piece as you did before, then holding the L shaped piece in place on your card or project remove the flat piece with the stamped image on. Make sure you don't move the L-shaped piece and just stamp as you did before, making sure the edges of the stamp or stamping block touch the inside corners. Works for me every time :) 

This is becoming a marathon post so I hope you're good at speed reading else you might have given up by now - but one last thing. I had a blog candy draw last month for some Ultra Fine Pro Marker nibs. There are still some unclaimed ones patiently waiting for their new homes so if you entered then please hop down to this posting here. It's worth checking the results out - trust me! 

After that, make sure you also hop over to Julia's to catch up with what everyone else is up to - and the answer to the cryptic expression is below. Have a great WOYWW everyone!


Monolithic Duo-Avicide - monolith = stone, duo = two, avicide = bird killing
So it's 'killing two birds with one stone' - I hear groans!! Don't blame me, it's one of my OH's expressions, any issues take it up with him, right?!!


  1. Looks pretty organised to me Di!

    I must admit I mount my bare rubbah onto kling foam etc after indexing them, then I stick them inside Stampendous Thins here.

    Hugs, Sandra x

  2. O the joy of getting orginazed!!!
    Great ideas and looking good. It's always fun to find something you forgot you had when cleaning up!!
    Check out my blog today, there's a Versatile Blogger award for you there!!!!!

  3. Well I don't have problems with elbows when crafting on the bed! Loadsaspace!!!! LOL!!! Love the card from Gill, so cute and thanks again for the nibs - great fun when it cools down later...! x

  4. I read your post, thought what I was going to say and then forgot in all the excitement of winning some promarker nibs. lol!
    I must try that Tack n peel stuff as I hate mounting stamps!

  5. So much going on in your space today Di. My life is full of MDA tasks at the mo :-)
    A x

  6. Thanks for the peek! Love that pink ATC gun! #76

  7. Thnaks for sharing today, I have some Tack stuff i must try that with mine, save a fortune in easi mount! Have a geat crafty Wednesday x

  8. Hi Di - our Promarkers arrived today so think of me and Wipso have a real good colouring session on Funday monday!! lol x Jo

  9. Looking nice and neat and you share lots of good ideas with us this time. I went away from Eazi Mount for a while but I'm back there now but I DO HATE cutting out and all that sticky gunge

  10. Your desk is lovely. I am inspired looking at it. You seem very organised do you fancy coming around and doing mine lol.

    Laura #62

  11. Hi Di, i recently puchased some unmounted stamps from lotv and came across some wood at my sons house today and thought yes that will do nicely for my stamps so a friend was at the house doing some work so l got him to split it in two and l now have my stamps mounted ........thank you son:) Sandra H

  12. I love seeing your desk. Although it does make me long for a larger one of my own. Good luck with organizing your stamps, it's just something that we all have to work on till we find a way that works best for us. Gotta love your OH. Had me going.

  13. Looks like you have been having fun. Good luck with organising your stamps.
    Diane :-) xx

  14. Very helpful of you to explain the stamp positioner like that - I keep meaning to get myself one. And yes, I'm groaning...;D
    Helen S

  15. I love that Tack n Peel. Would never buy the mounting stuff now.
    Like you I have lots of blocks, some with and some without the TnP on. I suppose one would work but not when they have as much ink on as mine do!
    Also have the same stampeyjiggerylineitupstraighery thing as you!
    We must be twins!!
    P.S. Jealous of you with Hedgiehogs. Haven't seen any near my home for a long time.

  16. hi Di you look very organised my desk at the moment is very messy and likely to stay that way for a few days yet. Anne x

  17. Hi Di

    Your desk looks a hive of activity .. . which is what mine is just about to become.

    Have a great day.

    Love Jules xx

  18. I thought I had my craft space sorted out but not as good as this. Must try harder. Is that a 'mug tree' acting as storage for scissors? Brilliant idea! I'm gonna get me one of these to help with the scissor chaos :-))

  19. Great post ...thanks for the tip on tack and peel ...I shall be on the look out. I think those fine tips are fantastic ...I was given 3 and now I need to get more.

  20. thanks for the peek. You're toooo funny.
    PS: I keep for my an indexing journal (divided by theme) for all my stamps, so I double stamp my stamps if they are unmounted and not in packaged sets. All the unmounted stamps, I put in the pockets of Sports Trading card sleeves with the second stamped image. I store those by theme also in 3 ring binders.
    Have a great day.

  21. Hi Di
    I came by last week to visit you on WOYWW, got side tracked by your lovely nibs and then forgot to come back and I've not had another chance until today. So sorry about that but I'm here now and have enjoyed catching up with your lovely blog.
    It has been a hot week hasn't it. Thank goodness for bedroom fans!!!
    I love the fact that you talk craft in bed. I think I'd send my Hubby to sleep!!
    The new LOTV stamps are gorgeous aren't they!! I'm hanging on to the Papercraft fair at Harrogate to stock up for Christmas and like you I've given up on u-mount. I use a glue stick now, it just wipes off with a baby wipe and sticks the stamps really well.
    Hugs Lisax

  22. You are so fantastically organized. And very creative. Love the chicken breast dinner. Olives what a fantastic idea!!
    Sometimes it pays to be late.
    Keep smiling and creating


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